March 20, 2013

What Wizardry is This?

 What Wizardry is This? is the single liquid sand nail polish from the OPI Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Collection.
 It's a matte brassy brown with hints of gold shimmer.
 It's the only dark nail polish from the collection which makes it special.
 What Wizardry is This?
 Each coat applies beautifully and dries quickly. Liquid Sand nail polishes don't require a top coat either so it's a great polish if you're on the go.
 At first, I wasn't in love with this polish but after an evening of wearing it I've grown to like it a lot because of the little bit of gold that sparkles in the polish. I feel it compliments my skintone and it makes my hands look good. :)
For some reason this color reminds me of a safari. I'm inspired to go on a safari adventure now!
 You can see the gold shimmer better in the last two photos. :)
Have you tried any of OPI's new Liquid Sand nail polishes? You can see my swatches of The Impossible Liquid Sand polish from the Mariah Carey by OPI Collection here.


  1. Oh sweetie really cute color of nail polish!


  2. I don't like the textured polishes, but this color is really pretty!

    1. You can apply a good top coat on the textured polish and it smooths out. :)


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