May 11, 2013

Beauty: Abeeco Pure New Zealand Bee Venom Mask

Magical mask that combines natural elements of New Zealand Bee Venom and Manuka Honey.  It has been considered as natural alternative to Botox where it organically works in sync to plum, lift and firm the look of the skin.
Bee Venom Masks have been creating a buzz in New Zealand, Australia and UK's beauty and fashion world. 

The mask is now available in the US and I was given the opportunity to try it out and share my thoughts here on the beauty blog. The packaging is really nice; the products feels very luxurious.
The Abeeco Mask retails for $79.99.

I always remember my grandma and mom be really into using bee products. Maybe it's always been more popular outside the US.

The Natural Bee Venon stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to create a smoothing effect shortly after application.

I agree with the smoothing effect, I use it at my night time face cream and wake up with smooth skin similar to the feeling of my SKII serum. Every since I started to focus more on skincare, I have not woken up with dry skin. :) I also drink a lot more water before bed.
I really like the ingredient list because I've heard of every ingredient!
I've read a lot about Manuka Honey and all of it's benefits.
In college when I worked in the cosmetic department of a factory I actually put the plastic lid on each face cream jar like the one above. It was one of the tasks on an assembly line with a team selected to work with luxury skincare products. You know the product is nice when they include the lid!
The beauty cream itself is very smooth and applies really easily on the skin. You can feel the product on your face similar to the La Mer cream except it's not as thick, but it gives you the same feeling of having a light film of product on your face.
I have had this since February and I recently started using it more regularly, so far it's smooth sailing.
Have you heard of the benefits of Bee Venom and Manuka Honey?


  1. This looks interesting! My mom is into bee products too and we always have honey in stock in the house.

    1. It's a really nice product. I'm glad I got to try it out!

  2. I was stunned by the words "bee venom" as it sounds really toxic for the skin. Then after reading about its properties, I understood why. This cream sounds really promising. I haven't seen anything remotely similar to this in my country.

  3. i know a lot of people who just use real honey on their faces as a moisturizing mask treatment--and it works!

    but i love that you say this is like a lighter version of the La Mer cream :)


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