June 26, 2013

Nicole by OPI’s two new neon mini kits!

 Hi everyone! I have swatches of the neon shades from the two new kits by Nicole by OPI. I preferred the white base in these two kits much better than the one from my previous post about the OPI Neon Revolution set.

 Along with white base, Notorious! Neons includes: Green Neon (this gossip-stirring green is the talk of the town), Fuchsia Neon (this fuchsia is famous for being unabashedly bold), and Orange Neon (this outrageous orange doesn't know the meaning of meek).

 Nicole by OPI Announces Two New Limited Edition Neon Mini Kits, the Brand’s First Neon Lacquer

Nicole by OPI launches its first neon nail lacquer with two limited edition mini kits. Scandalous! Neons includes vivid shades of blue, purple and pink while the Notorious! Neons includes vibrant shades of green, fuchsia and orange.
Each Neons kit includes a special white base coat, to be applied before adding color, allowing true neon pigments to pop. “These kits offer the hottest hues in a mini size to complement summer styles,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “Think of your nails as a blank canvas.  With these color combinations, there are endless options for creating works of art.”
 In addition to the white base, Scandalous! Neons includes: Blue Neon (this blatant blue is deliberately belligerent), Purple Neon (this attention-seeking purple is a real publicity hound), and Pink Neon (this pink's purpose is to provoke your senses).

 “The shades included in both sets are perfect for accessorizing fingers and toes with bright pops of color,” adds Weiss-Fischmann. “The first step is to apply the white base coat followed by the desired neon shade; finish with one coat of Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus to achieve intense neon color with a glossy finish.”


  1. These are amazing colors! So vibrant and smooth, I really like the fuchsia and plum color.
    <3 Carolyn

    1. Those two are my favorite from the collection. :) Purple is my favorite color.

  2. OMGGGGG i love the 2nd set!! the scandelous neon colors are so so pretty!!

  3. nice set of neon colors :) i can imagine the nail arts that you can do with just one set.

  4. These are gorgeous...perfect for summer...love your blog..just subscribed xoxo


  5. your nail colours are so bright and colourful, i love them! :)

    alysia x

  6. sooo pretty,love your nails too! :)

  7. omg wow. Your nails are awesome! So well-groomed and the polish is applied perfectly! My nails only look like that if I go to a salon! Teach me your wayyyyys! lol.


    1. THank you Jo! :) I love Essie's cuticle pen! It's a nice non greasy cuticle oil that prevents the skin around my nails from drying and hang nails! It's a life saver or should I say nail saver! ;)


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