August 23, 2013

Dog Blog: Good Day Dog

Wally & Timmy photos ahead!
As they say at Good Day Dog, "Let the cuteness begin!"
  Good Day Dog is a monthly dog collar subscription. ^^
 The package felt more like a gift because of the stamped personalized name tag. :)

Joanna is the kindhearted creator of this charming company called Good Day Dog. She created GDD out of the love for both dogs and fashion. ^^ She's obsessed with dogs just like me! I loved reading her About page so definitely check it out. She started her professional career in buying and product development in the fashion field. (I studied retailing & buying in college so I really admire her!) I feel so cool to have had the chance to talk with someone as amazing as her through e-mail. 
Be sure to visit Good Day Dog to see what it's all about!
 The boys' new collar was shipped to me through USPS in a recycle friendly package. :)
     We received a pirate themed collar! How cute!

"As a Good Day Dog subscriber, each month you will receive a carefully thought out collar based on the time of year and/or trend. Whether you are a monthly member or were gifted a subscription, Good Day Dog collars are always a fun surprise. And if you're as in love with your dog as I am, I'm sure you can understand how fun it is to switch up your pup's collar every so often."
For $15/month (shipping included) you can style your dog with a new unique collar each month (talk about what GDD calls "unlimited happiness." You can also gift the service to your dog loving friends. ^^

I can't say enough good things about this subscription. 
It really is hard to find cute dog collars for a reasonable price. The specialty doggie boutiques usually charge an arm and a leg for any of their dog accessories. If you're a dog lover, you know you've probably spent that $35-40 on that printed dog collar or harness at the doggie boutique! I'm guilty of it x2, x3 even when Nickel was around!

Watch the Good Day Dog YT video above to see other fun collar prints and patterns.
 Look at that face! Timmy's eyes are looking more and more Chihuahua everyday. He's only 1/4th Chihuahua too!
 His underbite is part of his charm. ;)
 His dad gave him a hair cut the other morning. :) I was so surprised, he did a great job!
 Wally's wondering who's making all that noise outside?
 Boy, that's a big yawn!
 The best part, the boys can share their collars because they're almost the same size. :D


  1. omgosh i know this is about the dog collar which is is so cute!! your dogs seriously stole the show!! timmy and wally are so adorable!!


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