August 17, 2013

OPI: In The Cable Car-Pool Lane & Alcatraz...Rocks

It's the prettiest sparkly liquid sand polish from OPI yet!

 In The Cable Car-Pool Lane
It's a gorgeous deep berry plum polish but it took me 3 coats to get the polish to look "perfect." The formula was on the thinner side and applied similar to a jelly polish. It took some added effort to get a clean looking manicure. I kind of get impatient with dark toned nail polishes. : /
 We had an overcast day when I decided to paint my nails so I apologize for the picture quality. I usually plan my nail polish painting sessions around the weather and when the sun will come out. lol I just wished we would move to California where there will always be sun for amazing nail swatch photos!! :) I'm jelly of all you CA people!!
 Alcatraz...Rocks is the prettiest of the 3 liquid sands in the OPI San Francisco Collection. Trust me, you'll love it for Fall/Winter 2013. In The Cable Car-Pool Lane is a vampy plum, which is very Fall/Winter appropriate but it doesn't wow me. It's almost standard and expected. I do, however absolutely love First Date at the Golden Gate red from the collection. I will definitely be painting my nails with that color again for the upcoming season. That's my must have color from the OPI SF Collection. I should have swatches up soon for you, but you can definitely google image it!
 Out The Door Top Coat
I decided to give this a try since I heard it buzzing around the beauty blogosphere. :)
I really like it! It's really is quick drying thanks to it's thin formula. You don't lose out on the glossy shine either. I found this at Sally's Beauty Supply with my friend Marisa, who also uses this top coat.
It's around $4-5 so the price is more affordable than Seche Vite which goes for around $6-9 from what I've seen in retail stores.
I love this base coat! It doesn't stain or yellow my nails, and the best part it prevents my nail polish from chipping. :)
 I've been studying, can you guess what for? ;)
 My new "dream team" Out the Door Top Coat & Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat.
The staying power is awesome, my nail polish does not chip at all with this Essie base coat.

 I'm using my new Dell future work laptop to write this post. It's kind of weird since my MacBook is my baby (she's almost 6!) for blogging and fun, creative online stuff. I'm trying to get used to this Dell for my next business venture! If you haven't already guess from the text in the pictures' background, I'm studying to take the Washington real estate exam. I've spent the past few months studying to become a real estate broker. I think it also is the reason why I've been slacking on my blog posts. :P More on real estate later. ;)

I'm kind of excited, nervous, and extremely anxious for my big exam this coming Thursday. Wish me luck! :D

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  1. omg I'm so excited for you!! I know you'll do great! Now if they ever have a Million Dollar Listing Seattle, you'll be ready!! haha =)



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