September 24, 2013

Amoda Tea Tasting Box

 I've always considered myself a big tea drinker. I really enjoy green tea, jasmine, and chamomile teas. I don't remember where I discovered Amoda Tea, but it was a subscription box I knew I wanted to try asap. I reached out to Amoda Tea and they offered to send me their April box to review. It's taken me a whole season for me to finish all my teas for this review! :)

P.S. I love my Bodum Bistro Mug! I accidentally dropped and broke 2 of my precious Bodum mugs this year. :'( It was so painful to break such a beautiful cup. They're also around $15 each too. :-/
I love gifting my family with Bodum glassware around the holidays because I think it's the most perfect tea or coffee cup ever!!
Amoda Tea $12/month to discover amazing new teas with the monthly tasting box.
I enjoyed the tea discovery! And if you like tea, you will too!

"We search for premium tea importers and artisan tea blenders from around the globe. Our tea tasters try each one and select the three most outstanding of the bunch to be included in each month's Tasting Box."
But back to tea! I like variety in tea and I don't often drink the same kind of tea everyday. I'm also really into unsweetened ice teas from Starbucks. My go to is the Venti iced black tea. Sometimes, I get creative and ask for half green tea, half black tea. Or half black tea, and half passion tea. ;) I'm also one of those drink hoarders who always asks for a Venti ice water to go with my drink order. lol Drinking water is good for you! So why not?
 The Amoda Tea packing feels really special, like a gift! I love gift wrapped goodies!
 My Amoda Tea box arrived from Canada with three unique blends of tea for me to enjoy.
 Peach Matcha, Nutty Enough, and Citrus Earl Grey
You can order your favorites at their website.
 Peach Matcha was my second favorite from the tasting box. I appreciate the information and instructions on the package on how to prepare the tea. I love the name of this tea blend too! I have a best selling bracelet called Sakura Matcha (named after the Japanese Kit Kat flavor). I am inspired to create a bracelet and name it Peach Matcha after this tea!
 Nutty Enough was not my cup of tea. lol 
I didn't really care for the nutty fragrance nor taste. I tried my best to finish the bag, but I couldn't do it with this one.
 Citrus Earl Grey was my favorite of the three teas. It was just so well done and I've never liked an Earl Grey tea more than this one. I took pictures of the back of these tea pouches because they're see through. You can see the tea blends, but I can't find the SD card with those photos on it. I will update this post when I do find them.
I just checked their website and thought I would share with you what their September teas included.
I see that there's only 24 hours left to sign up to receive their October box. These subscription boxes are always a little tricky. If you sign up too late, you'll have to wait for the month after before you receive your first box so plan accordingly! They ship to US and Canada (If I remember correctly, I believe they're from Canada). Amoda Tea is a great way to discover new teas without a big commitment since specialty premium teas can get pretty expensive if you buy them in stores...cough cough, Teavana. I've spent too much there. >:O


  1. hahaha I always ask for a water too! I swear, their water is really delicious! I've even asked before if it was filtered and they said no!? But only the regular Starbucks' water is good. The starbucks inside Targets have awful water lol

    The peach matcha sounds amazing. I've been so tempted to buy the Bodum mugs for an embarrassingly long time now. Bed Bath & Beyond has these glass mugs for only a few dollars and I thought my Bodum urge would die but of course it hasn't. I think its finally time now, haha.

    This post inspired me to make some starbucks tea! :) Have you ever made milk tea at home? Black tea always reminds me of boba milk tea!

    I always sound so ADD in my comments to you! This is why I don't comment often!! lol :P

  2. What a great gifting idea of the Bodum mugs (which I'd never heard of), but I love the look of it. I do love tea, but don't really drink it that much. I have no idea why. Great review and I've never had Earl Grey tea before...I should try it.


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