October 12, 2013

OPI "Ski Slope Sweetie" & "My Favorite Ornament"

 These two new polishes from OPI have delivered me holiday cheer even though it's only October!
Ski Slope Sweetie & My Favorite Ornament were the two polishes from this new 18 polish collection that really stood out to me the most. I'm completely blown away by the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection. I can't wait to post more swatches as we get closer to the holiday season. :)
 OPI "Ski Slope Sweetie" is a gold opal-esque polish. I thought it would be sheer from the looks of the color in the bottle, but each coat applied beautifully and opaque. I love it!! It's such a pretty soft color to wear to welcome the most magical time of the year.
 Am I having a good nail day, or what? ;)
 "My Favorite Ornament" is right between a gold and silver glitter nail polish. IT'S COMPLETELY GORGEOUS, and such a joy to apply. Each coat is perfect. I was a little bummed out last year when I missed out on L'Oreal's holiday glitter polish and I'm absolutely thrilled to own this similar beautiful shade by OPI. I can't wait to try a glitter waterfall or glitter gradient look with this shade! It will fit in perfectly with both silver and gold glitter polishes.
 OPI "Ski Slope Sweetie" & "My Favorite Ornament"
If you like the lighter color polishes, I highly highly recommend checking out "Ski Slope Sweetie."
It isn't often the perfect coverage iridescent polish appears on the market. :)
 They're so perfect! They make me happy. :) I'm keeping these polishes out for display. :D

 You need to get this polish!! It's just perfect in every way possible for a nail polish. It looks like a fancy million bucks on the nails, in my personal opinion. ;)

Ski Slope SweetieThis golden pearl is everybunny’s favorite.
OPI has the best names for their nail polish! I wish I was part of their creative nail polish naming team! *Dream Job*

My Favorite Ornament
Make this champagne glitter your new personal favorite.

I'll be sharing LOTS more OPI nail polish news with you in my next post. There's so many great new things going on with OPI, stay tuned!! :)

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  1. Wow, this is really pretty. Love "My Favorite Ornament"


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