November 13, 2013

Dear Diary: November Life Update!

It's midnight and definitely past my bedtime! How things have changed. I used to be such a night owl and now I am normally asleep by 10:30-11pm. :) My awesome friend Anita is coming back to visit us again this Thursday!! Yay, she lands at 9pm and will be bringing us treats from LA!! The treats include the very best croissant donuts or "cronuts" from California Donuts (my fav fashion designer/artist/online friend Steppie's family owns it!:)) and famous cheese rolls from Porto's! I'm looking forward to trying the cheese rolls because I've only heard talk about their deliciousness. lol I can't wait to go back to LA! I hope to make a trip out there again soon and meet some of my favorite beauty blogging girlfriends!!

I caught up on tonight's episode of Shahs of Sunset. The drama between Lily and MJ was intense! I'm currently watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian's I haven't seen yet. My evening isn't completely unless I get to relax and watch some TV!

Every since I started working as a real estate agent, I'm out and about all day driving from here to there. If I'm not out meeting clients, viewing houses, or at the real estate office then I'm at the law firm. I'm still trying to balance time for my jewelry making. I really enjoy keeping busy, it reminds me of being back in school. I love feeling a sense of accomplishment once I complete a task! It's a great feeling and I feel so happy I decided to take on the challenge of real estate.

I spent the day working and then spent time with my friend Marisa. We spent some quality time out and about, which usually always includes a trip to Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's! I don't need to go on any fabulous vacation to have fun, I have plenty of happiness from walking around Trader Joe's. I love the simple joys in life. :)
Timmy with my friend's son.

I bought the dogs, dog food and treats from Trader's Joes for the first time. I hope they will like it! My dogs are definitely my world right now. My friend T had a baby boy 2 months ago and her life is all about her baby! My dog Timmy also is obsessed with her baby. He won't leave the baby's side. He would cry if her and I left the baby in his cradle to sit on the couch nearby. It's so interesting to see his behavior around a human child. Wally, on the other hand could careless about the baby. lol He doesn't even notice him anymore.

I was reading Makeup Artist Catalina Su's blog earlier today and now I want MAC's blush in Lured To Love! I love a good peach blush and I need that one in my life because I love her taste in beauty products. I'm slowly starting to get back into makeup, but I wear a pretty simple face day to day. I don't wear eyeshadow anymore for some odd reason, I guess it's just an extra step that I took out of my weekday daily routine. Instead, I wear Lancome Artliner black eyeliner. I'm a winged eyeliner (or cat eyeliner) kind of girl, have always been and will probably always be that kind of girl. It's just my preference, if I'm wearing eyeliner it has to be winged! lol

I really want to start updating my beauty blog more with my makeup looks like old times! I need to rekindle that flame. lol

I fill in my eyebrows with Anastasia's Eyebrow Pencil because it's the best!! I recently picked up a new Brow Wiz pen also by Anastasia. I don't love it as much as I remembered, but I use that one more on weekend because I have more time to "play" with makeup. I'm finishing up a Lancome Definicils mascara which has been my mom's favorite mascara and I still love it. I prefer Benefit They're Real mascara but I'm trying to use up what I have open. I line my lips with my new MAC Soar lipliner and use a L'Oreal lip balm/gloss on top as lipstick. My blush of choice has been MAC Pinch O Peach and my FAVORITE bronzer is Hoola by Benefit. It is amazing and is so flattering when you contour with it.

When I want to feel extra good about myself, I blow dry, curl, hairspray and then brush out my curls. I love it when my hair feels full, and polished. :) Hair, nails & makeup are definitely a girl's best friend! 

In other news, I'm so ready for my own Apple iPad Mini!! I can't wait for the new version with Retina display to debut in December. I saw the iPad Air and it was nothing special, I was really disappointed. I think I will continue to wait! We currently have the first generation The screen quality is SO bad now that I look back at it! The Retina display is life & color enhancing! I think the iPad mini is such a great size to throw into a bag for on the go. I look forward to December even more now. :)

It's already 12:53AM, I'm getting sleepy now so I will catch up with you all later. Good night!


  1. I love your 'life updates'! You seem so happy!! You're so inspiring in your posts! I remember we both used to be major night owls.. I thought I was hopeless but you're making me think I can change!! Makes me want to go out and do something exciting like you!! :)

    I definitely gained a few lbs after discovering Portos though. =( 85c was tough on my waistline, I can't imagine how it'll be after I try California Donuts!! =)

  2. I was just shopping on Sephora online looking at the Anastasia Brow Pencil! Which color do you use? I like it to be more natural to my brown/black hair. I'm also thinking about getting the tinted brow gel as well. :)

    I love reading your life updates! More please!!

    xo - Sheila

  3. @Sheila I think I have Ash Blonde & Medium Ash, I don't like my brows very dark either. :D

  4. @Gjee California Donuts is the best!! I'm obsessed with their cronuts. lol I can't wait to go back to LA to get more. :D

    Can you pretty please update your blog?! I have no idea what's going on with you!! <3

  5. OK fine :) I've been meaning to but every time I go back to my blog, I'm so embarrassed lol I'll try to update soon. I used to be a regular blogger but it was so time consuming, I quit after a few months =( The stuff I blogged about back then was the issue though, I had to constantly update so hopefully I can make things better this time around!

    I changed my username so hopefully you'll remember me haha :)

  6. @heyxgrace Yay!! :D I can't wait!! How can I ever forget you? :P You're my favorite blogger bag buddy!!


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