November 19, 2013

Sephora Dior 500 Point Gift!

Hello! I just wanted to quickly update you all on the new Dior Sephora VIB 500 point gift. :) It's such a cute set and if you have some extra Sephora points, definitely stop by your Sephora to pick up this cutie! I learned today that you do not need to make a purchase to redeem your gifts with points! 
 Ever since I discovered 500 point gift from Sephora, I started saving my points instead of using 100 points here and there after every purchase for a deluxe beauty/makeup sample.
This year they have this super cute Dior Addict set which includes a perfume, lipstick, and an adorable charm necklace! Now who wouldn't like that? The box is really nice too! (High five for amazing packaging!)

I love this time of year because the Sephora VIB 500 point gifts are usually pretty good.
I was able to pick up 3 sets with the points I've saved all year. :)
The charm necklace is really pretty and I love that Sephora has such a nice reward for their customers. Last year, I used my points and picked up this adorable NARS gift which I really liked too!
Go use those Sephora VIB points!!
 Since our last post, I received a brand new iPad Mini with Retina Display from my fiancĂ© and his law partner!! :) They picked out the 32GB for me. I think they just want me to work more! JK, but I think it will be a great tool to use for my work with real estate. They're sweeties, and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.
In other fun news, our friend Anita came to visit and we had so much fun!! I will update you on our mini adventures in my next post. :D She did my makeup for me while she was here too! Will definitely be sharing pictures soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now go get this super cute Dior gift from Sephora! 


  1. thats an AMAZING Sephora reward!! I remember the last time they had a Dior reward, instead of the necklace, it was just a small star on a ribbon so a charm necklace is 10x better. And its so cute!

    And I LOVE your idea for my next blog post!! I'm already working on it! =) I wish writing came easier for me though. I'm one of those people that take hours just to write something small because I'm always deleting everything lol I hope it doesn't take me forever :P

    Btw, your FIANCE and his law partner are just too amazing! I love that they got the cover too lol

  2. @heyxgrace Let me know when you update your blog! xoxo!

  3. I finally updated it!!!!!!!! I'm still working on the 'ultimate list' post though. I realize I have a VERY long list lol Blogging is tiring lol


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