November 26, 2013

Food Blog: November Bestowed Box

  I am very happy with November's Bestowed box!
 Hello Yum!
My box was filled with goodies. I can't wait to try everything. I'm really interested in the Eat Green Tea packets. You can sprinkle the tea leaves on your food almost like a spice for added antioxidants.
 I've always wanted to try the Chocolate coconut water!
 Bestowed delivers healthy snacks, food, and beverages to your door. I have reviewed Bestowed in the past so check out my review of my very first Bestowed box here.
 Chocolate Peanut Butter QuestBar!! Now that sounds delicious. I feel like I need to go hiking just so I can eat it. lol

The Nectar Honey Crystal packets are amazing in tea!!! I've been searching for them in stores because it tastes amazing with FixHoller Austrian tea. :)
 I'm taking this on the road with me tomorrow! We're headed to Vancouver, WA to spend the holidays with Minh's family. :)
 I've never heard of this Life Ice before, it's such an interesting idea. They're mini frozen treats, like popsicles! I definitely approve.

Bestowed is having a special promotion for the holidays!
You can get your first Bestowed box for $10 (instead of $19), only valid through 11/30. In case you missed it, that code is HELLOTEN105 and can be used at checkout.
p.s. They make great gifts. ;)

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  1. I love zico chocolate coconut water! so addicting! :) have a happy thanksgiving steph!


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