December 9, 2013

AngelContacts GEO Nudy Brown

Hello everyone! 
I am reviewing a fabulous pair of GEO Nudy Brown circle lenses from Angel Contacts.
 Nudy Brown GEO lenses are what I consider the "classic" of all circle lenses in both style and color.  I wore my classic CC earrings to emphasize classics! lol jk I do love my earrings though! I can't wait to see what Chanel has in terms of stud earrings. I would love to get a pair to celebrate holiday 2013! :) Anyhow, these pretty brown contacts help brighten up and enlarge the eyes.
 Angel Contacts reached out to me and I'm so glad they did! The quality of their packaging is outstanding! They offered me two pairs of lenses of my choice, and a Jitterbug! 
 How perfect are the little boxes?
 The contacts were packaged neatly with a complimentary contact case.
Love my eyes with these lenses! 
 The Jitterbug!! It's a contact cleaning nifty device! You simply set your contact case on the Jitterbug and press a button. It shakes and shakes your contacts clean. :)
A huge thank you to Angel Contacts! Please check out their website to see all they have to offer: 

I do have another pair of lenses from Angel Contacts to share with you in an upcoming post!
 The Jitterbug even comes with cute pouch for storage!
 I'm so glad I got another animal lens case!! I love the pink bear. ^^ 
 It's such a cool invention!
 GEO Nudy Brown are a great pair to try if you're new to wearing colored contacts. They're one of my favorite and this is my second pair. :D
 I love lightening my eyes with colored contacts. They're especially fun when you wear them out at night time. They really make your eyes pop in photos. As for comfort, I would give them a 4/5.
My contact prescription is now -7.0 in both eyes 0_O. lol
 I threw on a pair of these mystery false lashes I had in my drawers. I really like them! 
 In other news, I've started to wash my hair every other day now that it's gotten longer. It saves so much time!! I used to hate not washing my hair everyday because I felt like my hair was so oily, but after training it, I feel like it's mellowed out. I curl my hair after I wash and dry my hair. The next day I enjoy voluminous second day curls. :) I'm also still loving my Shiseido Tsubaki Red Shampoo and Conditioner! It's the best!! I love the way it smells too. 
 A photo so you can see my natural brown eyes.
I kind of went a little happy with the PhotoWonder app on my phone. ;) Who doesn't love the "beautify skin" feature?! 

Today, I am working from home! It's been two weeks since I have had a day to work in my cozy little house. I've missed it so much! I need to catch up on laundry, dishes, and cook! Maybe I'll get some vacuuming done too! We will see! We've had so much going on these past few weeks, we've been eating out constantly which becomes not very fun. This week, I'm going to cook all our meals for us to enjoy at home. :)


  1. You look so glamorous in your pictures and pretty in your pictures!! Your Chanel earrings look SO great on you! I think I bought the same ones a while back but they looked silly on me lol The larger ones tend to make me look weird!? I must have oddly shaped ear lobes or something haha I'm hoping to go to Nordstrom tomorrow to see if they have the earrings you just picked up! I hope I'll see them in a blog post!!! =D

  2. @Grace It's the photo apps! lol BLURR GLOWW beautify skin feature!! :D

    I get my earrings tomorrow!! :) I had them shipped to Portland to save on tax. lol My gf just go a medium/large pink flap! It's soooo pretty! You'll be seeing a pic of it soon on IG. :D :D :D

    The ones I have on in the pic are the classic pair, they always get caught in my hair lol. I usually wear them when I tie my hair up. A crystal fell out of my mini's CC's :( I need to go get them repair yet again! Boo


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