March 20, 2014

Miss Dior Bag Update!

Classic Miss Dior Medium $3950 (Notice how the chain is different in the photo above.)
Classic Miss Dior Large (Pink) $4200 (This is my favorite of the ones the sales person sent!)
See the classic Miss Dior Bag in action with actress Jennifer Lawrence! :)
Classic Miss Dior (Red) w/ Gold Hardware, I'm assuming this is also $4200.
Miss Dior Sliding Chain $3400

I asked my friend to help me look into the Miss Dior bag and her amazing sales person sent some photos of the different styles and colors of the Miss Dior bag. I guess the bag I've had my eyes on is the Classic Miss Dior with the rectangular chain. I'm not a big fan of the new style shape with sliding chain. I do like that they're available in so many fun colors!
I wish their chain was more consistent, I'm a bit confused when it comes to this Miss Dior bag to be honest.

I still have a lot of research to do about Miss Dior, but it's been a fun getting my my mind into the world of Christian Dior.

But for now, I will continue to appreciate the beautiful photos of Olivia Palermo and her Dior bags. :)
I absolutely adore her burgundy w/ silver hardware Miss Dior!

 Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in this photo!

 Her dress is gorgeous!

I'm such a fan girl. :)


  1. OMG STEPH!! you absolutely MUST get that fuchsia one! the color is GORGEOUSSSSS! it is really stunning!! i love olivia palermo too.. her style is just amazing. i feel like a lot of times w/ fashion ppl/bloggers/industry.. they tend to wear things.. or style that's a bit much for everyday or is overly trendy.. whereas olivia sticks with what works with her body. sky high skirt and a cute top.. fabulous shoes and an amazing bag and leaves it at that!

  2. @Lisa I really like the pink with the gold hardware! :) I wish Dior bags were more available in Seattle! I have never even see the large size in person. lol I've only seen one Miss Dior bag in my life and that was a few months ago. hehe I have made it my goal to work towards getting a classic Miss Dior. Hopefully, I will get the chance to travel to a bigger city to see the bags in person soon! :D

    Olivia Palermo is so chic, she makes me went to travel to Europe for some reason when I look at her. haha I don't know why. She has a very elegant Parisian look to her.

    Thanks for stopping by Lisa!! <3

  3. UGH I can't get enough of Olivia Palermo's burgundy one!! I'm usually not a fan of red bags but that shade of burgundy is amazing! And the light pink with the gold chain? It's so elegant and gorg!

    I'm so obsessed but not in to the price tag. =\ I remember the first time I asked the SA at Dior about how much the Miss Dior bags were, my eyes went O_O and I just walked out of the store lol I didn't mean to leave so abruptly but I was so surprised at the price! I wish I played it off better lol

    And I agree about the sliding chain. The new bags look sort of frumpy to me? Still cute but the classic ones are on another level. I love the original chain because you never see it anywhere! The sliding chain is so common. I also feel like the sliding chain doesn't warrant that price tag.

    I've been so in to Dior lately! I'll always love Chanel but I'm getting tired of seeing jumbos everywhere. I was actually interested in the Lady Dior bag a few years ago and all this Dior talk has definitely piqued my interest! And don't you love the names of the bags? Miss Dior, Lady Dior. Its all so chic! I can't wait for you to get a Dior!!

  4. @heyxgrace Olivia's burgundy w/ silver chain is super gorgeous. What are the chances of finding that anymore?! lol It's such a beautiful bag and that color would make me the happiest Fall/Winter bag carrier ever. Hahaha

    The prices are no less than Chanel! lol The good thing is since we don't have a Dior Boutique in Washington state, we can phone order w/ free shipping and no tax! Woohoo! I think I wouldn't mind a medium since I saw that one in person. I bet the large size is similar to Chanel Jumbo?

    I have to agree with you the new sliding chain does look mega frumpy and the shape of the bag is so ughhh-ugly. (I'm hatin') lol.

    My girl friend has been collecting Lady Dior bags left and right, she's waiting for another perfect tri-color. I have tons of photos of the Lady Dior and I can write a post about those too! There are some wild designs out there with jewels and everything!

    How do you feel about Goyard? :D I can't wait to visit SF to check out their store!! I heard it's quite snobby though from their Yelp page! Hahaha, I need to take a fancy friend with me or something. I look way too middle class and I don't want to get bad customer service!! lol

  5. I'm totally drooling over this bag. you must get one!!!

  6. @eri We should both get one!! ^_^

  7. LOL @dsk are you 'Unknown'!! I hate that I always forget to check the "notify me" part!

    I wouldn't be surprised if they bring back the Burgandy color! Sometimes stores quietly bring out a few colors here and there or some of the less busier stores have hidden stock - you never know! Its honestly the most stunning color/chain/combo. I just can't get over it! I would even check ebay for that color because it is just too amazing.

    I LOVE Goyard! I used to follow a Goyard blog religiously a while ago. It was the same person that runs "". And LOL about them being snobby!!! I have encountered poor customer service one too many times.. and it was most likely because I'm always in gym clothes lol I'm totally one of those people that wear workout clothes but have no intention of working out. So I totally chicken out going to certain stores sometimes. But in reality, who cares, right!? We're the ones that can afford it, not them! Its really great surprising them though. I walked in to Chanel one day because I was in a major hurry to pick up a last minute Mother's Day gift for my mom and no one really acknowledged me for more than 10 minutes. There was a customer looking at bags but I just went, HELLO, CAN I GET SOME SERVICE PLEASE? I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO BUY SOMETHING, THANKS. And I totally startled everyone in the store lol I would never do something like that but I definitely got great customer service after that lol

    And girl, you are plenty fancy! If they try to ignore you, just start talking really loudly LOL :)


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