June 8, 2014

Obiqo Body Wash + Obiqo Gentle Face Scrub

Obiqo Refreshing Body Wash ($15.99 on Amazon) + Obiqo Gentle Face Scrubs ($13.99 on Amazon)
I finished both of these completely amazing skin care products from Obiqo and I cannot wait to order more! The sea lavender body wash smells so good! It really is such a treat to find a wonderful body wash.

"Obiqo is a luxurious sea-inspired skincare range that combines nutrient-rich sea kelp from New Zealand’s pristine waters and the powerful anti-oxidant properties of French organic sea lavender.

Obiqo's range of marine-derived skin care products provide a touch of luxury at an affordable price. A protected natural resource and the star of Obiqo's unique skincare line is New Zealand sea kelp, which is harvested under license and then blended with proprietary formulations of sweet herbs, natural flora extracts, essential oils and sea lavender to provide a rich sensory experience. Obiqo products are not only great for your skin, they're sensational for your soul. All the marine extracts used in these products are derived from sustainable sources and the methods of extraction are natural, gentle and solvent-free."
Obiqo is an amazing sea-inspired skincare brand from New Zealand and I'm so impressed by their body wash and face scrub (best ever)! I really am looking forward to trying more skincare products from Obiqo.

You can find Obiqo products on Amazon and through Shopping Moa.

I highly highly recommend these two skincare products! They work great for me and I really wanted to share it on the blog. :)


  1. ohh thanks for the recc steph! i've never heard this brand before.. but i'm FOREVER looking for new face products!!! i'm obsessed w/ anything involving sea kelp.. they use that in la mer.. and now i'm always looking for products w/ seaweed or sea kelp in it at a more friendly price point LOLS!!


  2. The price is awesome for the quality!! I love the face scrub so so much. :D

  3. I've seen this brand before, but didn't give it too much consideration, until now! I'll definitely have to try it. Thanks for sharing Steph!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  4. Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Jen at www.JensLifestyle.com


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