July 9, 2014

Dog Blog: DoggieLawn

Hey everyone, long time no dog blog..well any blogging! I have been working and showing my cousin around Seattle. I have so many topics I want to write about but I haven't had a chance to write down my thoughts. I want to share some fun stuff on false lashes (beauty secret I recently learned from a makeup artist!), teeth whitening, my new obsession with flossing, St. Tropez self tanner, Hourglass Primer Serum, and just a bunch of other random tidbits in my life. :D There really isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about sharing this or that on my blog with you all!

Hourglass foundation, Benefit foundation powder are two new fav products to rave about also. :)

Today, I have a review on the DoggieLawn, an LA based company. We were sent a complimentary DoggieLawn for the dogs to review, how could I say no to that! I love blog posts that include my boys. :)
I was sent the DoggieLawn but because of the 4th being a holiday, the package didn't get to me as quickly as tracking predicted. The grass really looked like it needed to breathe, but overall it still looked like normal grass. You're supposed to open the package as soon as you get it so the patch of grass can get air.
The package came with some DoggieLawn info!
  Where was DoggieLawn when I was a city girl in downtown Seattle?! It's exactly the service/product I was looking for for the dogs when we lived in the high-rise. It's just perfect for any balcony. It's nice to add a bit of green in a city of concrete too. :)

I have always strongly felt that if you want to have a dog, you should be caring and have the time for them in your life. Please make it fair to them and provide them with an area to do their business when you aren't there for them to take them outside for bathroom breaks. 
"DoggieLawn provides REAL grass to dogs nationwide. Great for city dogs, which is why we say that DoggieLawn is Your Dog's Backyard in a Box! But this product is also great for dogs of all walks of life, whether they have a back yard or not!"
 Timmy, my little fur child got to be the tester earlier today!
I live in a really cute neighborhood but we definitely are lacking in the grass department.
We have a tiny patch of front lawn, and literally no grass in our back/side yard. We have a garden with dirt and wild flowers. The dogs are pretty used to not having grass because they were raised as city dogs. Grass is a big treat for them! I can tell especially when they go to the dog parks!
Here comes Timmy!
 I've since move the patch to the backyard to see how the boys like it. I have two little dogs so we'll see how each one likes their new DoggieLawn.
 He's definitely curious.
 Sniff, sniff!
Isn't he a cutie?
 He's like okay mom, I'm ready to go inside!
 Can we go in now?
I'm ready to inside and get a treat! (He's such an indoor dog.)
Boy, it's hot outside!
I love you!
Thank you for reading our blog post today!

You can learn more about DoggieLawn at www.doggielawn.com

  • DoggieLawn is a subscription service that delivers REAL grass for your dogs to go to the bathroom on! The subscription has 2 different sizes with different frequencies available. 

    • The Petite size starts at $29 a month. They have monthly, tri-weekly, bi-weekly and weekly plans. 
    • For the Full Sized Fido option, plans start at $39 a month, based on what state you live in. This plan also comes in a monthly, tri-weekly, bi-weekly or weekly plan! 
    • This service is great for puppies that are being house trained, but also for adult dogs that can't get outside as easily for one reason or the other. 
    • DoggieLawn also offers complimentary training 
    • It's easy to use! Just throw out your grass when you get the new one! 

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