July 12, 2014

Smile Brilliant, Teeth Whitening At Home

 In high school and college I went through a phase when I was super addicted to bleaching my teeth. I personally think having white teeth makes you more attractive (it's true and we all know it :P). I also have always felt it was the closest way I could get to looking like people on TV with super white teeth lol. It really does make an impact on our overall look, if appearance is important to you.
These past fews years I have been more laid back with makeup, hair, and overall anything in the realm of being "high maintenance." I think I'm just a really good place in my life or maybe I'm just getting older and don't care as much about my looks. lol I really don't want those days of caring about myself to be gone forever! I think one of the easiest ways to "improve" myself is to whiten my teeth. 

I usually don't smile with teeth because I think it makes my upper lip disappear! Hash tag I have a giant bottom lip which makes my upper lip look super thin. :(  I also don't think I have a very attractive smile with teeth, I wish I was one of those girls who had an amazing smile. I have just a standard okay smile. lol I'm not of those people who probably look better without their teeth showing...you know what I mean?! Haha jk. My friend always gets on my case about not smiling with teeth so now I make an added effort to smile more in photos especially #selfies. :) 
These are some of my before teeth photos of not having bleached my teeth since the last time I used Smile Brilliant whitening gel probably well over a year ago now.
 Look at the evolution of my eyebrows in these photos. Haha 

I've tried a Smile Brilliant whitening system in the past and when they reached out to me again to try their LED System for teeth whitening, I couldn't say no.

 After my first session of the whitening with the Smile Brilliant LED system.  

 My teeth have shifted again because I stopped wearing my Invisalign retainer. That is because I lost them because I'm an irresponsible person. :( There goes thousand dollars of Invisalign on top of the thousands of dollars my parents spent on my braces. :( I'm so annoyed with my left too next to my left front big tooth in the photo. lol. It's just smaller and it always shifts back! The one on the other side is a giant tooth. They're not the same which is really weird. My cosmetic dentist told me that I would have to get veneer to even it out with the other tooth. I really am considering getting something done in the future about my smile. I would love to have even perfect teeth!! :D
I'll be honest, it took me a while to get back into teeth whitening. I consider myself a pretty lazy person especially when it comes to things like styling my hair, waxing my legs, and smokey eye makeup applying lol. So, it's only natural for the present me to get back into whitening my teeth. My upper teeth are still a shade or two lighter than my lower teeth from at home teeth bleaching years ago. I was so obsessed with Crest White Strips that I always focused on my upper teeth for some reason. But it is just as important to bleach your lower teeth just as much! It's just amazing how long the results last when you bleach your teeth. Crest White Strips are great but they did make my gums super sensitive, irritated, and damaged even - it felt like a law mower had ran over my gums at the time!) for a while, but I dealt with it because I loved my whiter smile. 

One of the best things about Smile Brilliant whitening gels is that they don't irritate my gums. But I also don't use it daily. I gradually whiten my teeth once a week or once every two weeks (again with my lack of motivation to potentially be more attractive lol jk.) 

The gel system is really simple with the provided click pen. You just twist and apply the gel to your teeth, put on the mouth guard looking tray then hold the LED light to your mouth. It does get a little tiring to hold the light after the first 5 minutes. I think the results make the system worth the time.

I believe this system starts at $39.95, you can learn more about Smile Brilliant here.

I'll keep you update with my teeth whitening and if I can get them really white! I really do want to improve myself and I think the first step to get back to being the "old" me is a whiter smile! :D

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! My weekend is starting off great! Anita is visiting tonight from LA too. I know we are going to have a blast in this Summer Seattle weather. :)

Stay cool and keep smiling. ;)

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