August 19, 2014

I Bought a $400 Hurom Juicer?! Green Juice Recipe

Hey everyone, recently I've been super into watching healthy raw juice videos on Youtube. I've always liked to drink juice but usually too lazy to make it myself. I'm making it a goal to make my own green juice everyday starting today! I own a Breville 5 Speed Juicer which I purchased for around $160-180 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond thanks to their nifty 20% off coupons. 
I purchased that one thanks to BlendHappy and watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (documentary). 

The Breville is a fast centrifugal juicer which is great for a beginner. I've had that for several years now and it works pretty good. I even bought one for my future sister in law as a gift because I loved it so much and wanted to spread the word of healthy raw juice. lol

 The Breville was great, however it does waste a lot of greens. It doesn't juice kale very well because it mostly shreds it up and spits it out instantly.
 One of my favorite green juices is the Nordstrom's Fruititude (Juice/Smoothie Bar) Doctor's Orders.
I would always order one when I'm at South Center Mall's Nordstrom. :) I think it's on the third floor. The ingredients include tuscan kale, oranges, mint, and limes. It's absolutely delicious, but I also love citrus juices! I used to always juice green apple, regular kale, and ginger with my Breville at home until I discovered Doctor's Order and realized I could easily make it at home! Once I started trying to make the Doctor's Order, I was disappointed that my Breville had a really hard time juicing mint. I would use the whole bunch too! I felt it was really wasteful and I wasn't get the most juice out of my greens.

 After some research aka watching countless Youtube videos (shout out to FullyRawKristina! :)), I came across the Hurom brand of juicers. The one I purchased is the new, 2nd generation Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer, which is a vertical masticating juicer. I've also done my research on the Omega brand of masticating juicers and decided on the Hurom after watching a lot of review/comparison videos.
The Hurom HH Elite is a $400 juicer and completely made for juice snobs. JK
It's great for those who like to get the most juice out of their veggies and fruits!
 My initial thought was "man, this box is heavy!"
 My second thought, "there are so many parts!"
 After 10 minutes of using my brain and motor skills, I failed to assemble the juicer property lol. I had to reference the instructions and even search an Hurom HH Elite Juicer assembly video on YT!
It's not nearly as easy to put together as the Breville but I know I will learn how to assemble it without any help.
My Green Juice Recipe: I used 1 bunch of tuscan kale ($1.99 at my local Safeway), 1 bunch of mint from the Vietnamese grocery market ($1.00). 5 oranges ($2.99/lb at Safeway), and 3 limes (I usually get 5 for $1.00 at the Viet market). I think you could go with only 2 limes, but I like my juice more on the tart side.
 One negative about the slow juicer is having to cut up the fruits and greens to fit down the shoot. The Breville has a large shoot and you can fit a whole apple down it. The Hurom requires your fruits and veggies to be 2" pieces. But as they say, beauty is pain, I can say making good juice takes a long time!
 I love oranges, seriously. I LOVE oranges. I always wipe out any Indian buffet that has oranges in their dessert bar. lol I think the Indian restaurants cut up their oranges slices beautifully. I need to search Youtube to learn  how that's done too. :D
 Based on the number of photos I'm posting of my ingredients you can tell I was proud of the effort I took to clean & cut them up. :D
 Two thumbs up for Asian bowls?! :P
 I was SO impressed with how the Hurom juiced the kale!! 
 The pulp came out nearly dry! I give this juicer 5 stars!
 Look at all my green juice!! That's mostly kale and mint juice (maybe a few limes and oranges too to wash it down).
 Very very happy. The Hurom comes with two cylinder juicer thingies. One is for a fine juice, the second is for a more pulp-y juice.
 I recently learned to start straining my juice to get rid of any pulp and foam. Sometimes the foam just ruins the taste of the smooth juice. I highly recommend you give straining a try if you're going to DIY juice at home. If you like your juice cold, you can shake it in a shaker with ice the same way you would a cocktail. :) The girl at the juice bar once told me not to put ice because it ruins the taste of the juice.
 After 1 head of kale, 1 bunch of mint, 3 limes, and 5 oranges this is what remains of the fruits and veggies. The rest is juice!!
 Strain happy!
  I was able to make 40 oz of juice with my new Hurom juicer! :)
 Cheers to our good health! ^_^

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