August 22, 2014

Aquasana Glass Bottles For Storing Juice!

 Hello again! I ordered the Aquasana glass bottles the same time I purchased the Hurom Juicer from Amazon. My first box came with one broken glass bottle so I had to do an exchange.
Amazon has really great service, the UPS man picked up my package the very next day and a few days later came my new Aquasana bottles.
 I used to store my juice in mason jars, but I read somewhere that they weren't good to use.
I didn't like the lid for the juice either, it would just get old. Over washing the canning jar lid also made it rust, which is no bueno.
 The Aquasana jars were recommended item on Amazon (I'm a sucker for target marketing). They were $40 for 6 bottles. The blue lids are a safe plastic while the bottles are glass.

An alternative to buying glass bottles is to reuse old Snapple bottles or any glass type bottles with an easy to clean cap. :)
 Look at me all using my Hurom juicer again. :D
 The Aquasana bottles have a good weight to them. I intend to juice and store the bottles in my fridge.
I have even used them as water bottles.
 I call this juice my clean out the fridge juice. I cut up all the carrots, celery, cucumber, limes and apples I could find in my fridge.
 Cleaning and cutting up the apples and veggies was pretty therapeutic this morning for some odd reason. I didn't mind it. I think it forces me to slow down and focus on the task.
 I'm majorly impressed by the Hurom Juicer. The pulp comes out so dry! I definitely get my money's worth in fresh produce.
 I have 3 apples, 7 carrots, one full head of celery, 2 limes, and 2 giant cucumbers.
 I call this my clear out your fridge juice. :D
 I had a very easy time assembling the juicer this morning and clean up was a breeze!
 I now have 3 16 oz jars of a refreshening juice to drink tonight and tomorrow! Nothing beats waking up to instant breakfast.
Let me know if you have any favorite juice recipes. This one I just threw together (which is what they usually tell you not to do). I think I will go back to my basic green apple, kale, and ginger next. I also heard kale and grapes make an easy delicious juice too. :) Will keep you updated on my juice journey to better health. :D

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