September 8, 2010

Kae, Call My Cell-ery!

Blogger's nail savvy Kae of emailed me out of the blue one day and offered me her extra box of Lashem
since she read that I've been wanting to grow my lashes (desperately) lol
I've been on an eyelash fix!
That reminds me I have to call Swinks again and try to get an appointment.
I was on a call waiting list, but they still haven't called me..I guess there were no cancellations.
They're so booked! I think it's because they only have one person who does the extensions.
Kae (, and I ended up do a swap-a-roo! :D
Thanks Kae, you're so thoughtful & I love all the fun polishes you sent me!

I've also been in love with those nail polish wipes! They're so easy to travel with! They come individually packed. Almost like a big moist towelette. *two thumbs up from me!*

Be sure to check out Kae's nail blog! She has over 300-400 bottles of nail polish in her collection. :D It's so fun to read her updates & see her new nail polish of the moment :)

She said she included this for me because the name is so funny lol
"Call My Cell-ery"
So clever!
It's such a sheer color, I used up so much of the new bottle for my nails & toes!
Next time I will treat it as a sheer shimmer glitter on top a different nail color
It reminds me of Vietnamese Lime Drink lol
OPI's Call My Cell-ery
My boyfriend said to me, "you look like Shrek!"

I told him, he's an orge! haha

I think it would love very pretty on top of another green polish.
It's a bit sheer on its own, this is at least 5 thin coats!

Yesterday morning, I got up early and went to Everett, WA with my bf.
He works in a satellite office out there a few times a week, so I went along for the ride...
The Seattle Premium Outlet is also only 10 minutes from his office, so I just drop him off and go walking & shopping by myself. Here's my "car makeup"
Whenever we wake up early to go anywhere ~ I just bring my makeup with me and do it in the car 10-15 minutes before we arrive at destinations. : ) It's a great way to keep your face looking fresh and not tired!

Super Simple Eye
MAC Amber Lights e/s all over the lid
Urban Decay Zero Black Liner followed by MAC Rave (Purple) Eye Liner
Urban Decay Whiskey on the water line
& of course, YSL Faux Cils Mascara (again)
As you can tell, the mascara looks more clumpy now...I really think mascaras are only at their ultimate best quality the first few days of use. After it starts to dry and become thicker, boo

I also just had my eyebrows threaded on Labor Day ^_^
I'm addicted to the feeling :O

----->A change of subject<-----

A few pictures of my almost every other Sunday Brunch.
Minh & I like to go out for for lunch every Sunday..and a large Sunday Brunch every few Sunday's.

Usually, we go with visiting guests :)

This picture is from last last Sunday with my Aunt Yolande.
As you can tell, Seattle is starting to get cloudy again.
It is almost fall after all. I'm used to it now. I almost love it.

Ivar's Salmon House
I go for the Oyster Shooters!
Usually a-la-cart, oyster shooters are about $1.95 each
I think Ivar's Sunday Brunch is $25/person.
We always get our money's worth (or so we think) with raw oysters :D
Also, you can't have a seafood brunch without a mimosa (orange juice/champagne).
My Sunday mornings rule.
We need to start trying new places though...we go here way to much!
Seafood is plentiful here in the Seattle area : )
My family from Michigan loves the food here!

A couple days ago I was at In 'N Out Burger with 3 my cousins in Mission Viejo, CA.
View of Mt. Rainier (I think!)
The flight from Seattle,WA to Santa Ana, CA is only 2 hours

Cheese burgers, animal style!
Fries...animal style, my cousin Chuong (age 19) is crazy!
Talk about food vomit.. haha
Sadly, it didn't taste as good as I remembered.
I think having 5 guys, burger and fries really ruined In 'n Out for me : (
Chuong looks happy! lol
Julia, it's our Cousin Trung from Vietnam!

He's 2 months younger than my little sister, Julia. He says he has to call her Chi.
lol, Trung calls me Chi Dong-nghi (my Viet name). I was trying to tell him that we don't really say "Chi or Anh" when talking to one another here. I'm sure he'll get used to it. He's so polite, and well spoken. My cousin & uncle said I speak Vietnamese well for being born in America :)
I said, it's because my mom is a chatterbox!

Both my sister & Trung are 17 right now. He's only been in the US for 3 months now.
He's from Vietnam. It was the first time in my life I met my cousin!
I tried to fatten him up by taking him to get some burgers lol. He didn't seem to enjoy it very much. He says the food here doesn't taste as good as in VN
Thien & Chuong are brothers from CA : )
Cousin Thien is now 11 years old! I still remember him as a lil 5 year old boy.
Julia, can you believe he's 11 now?!

Time flies....!


  1. very pretty eotd Steph!. I'm probably the last person on earth that haven't tried In 'n Out or 5 guys burger yet. lol

  2. Call my cellery might look good over black too! I'm so glad you like everything =)

    I am soo craving seafood and oysters now lol. I could eat $100 worth I bet by myself hah.

    We have a In and Out in our city and I've never seen or ordered the animal style fries, crazy!

    I wore a necklace and earrings you sent me on Monday so I will post a picture of it soon! ♥♥

  3. Pretty eotd...saw it on Twitter up close and personal : )

    Omg those oyster shooters look divine. I'm a huge oyster fan after discovering them less than a yr ago.

  4. Thien's so grown up now! And our cousin doesn't look like a fob! ...yay!
    stop showing off with food. i can't stand the food they serve in annenberg :(

  5. 5 coats? wow. it turned out nice though :) and yeah, the name is funny! :P

    blogger friends are the best! Kae is such a darling! :) i hope the lashem serum works for you steph.

    WHOA. those in n out animal style everything look erm, evil? hahaha not so sure what to call them. but i have to agree with your cousin, i'd rather eat pho and spring rolls than animal style anything right now (maybe being sick takes out the animal in me) LOL! but id love to try it sometime. just to know what the hype is all about. what would you recommend? :)

  6. Yum, five guys rocks!! I always hear good things about In-and-Out but I've never been to one :V

  7. Your EOTD is so pretty!

    Your Sunday brunch photos look so delicious. I love seafood.

  8. oo i love her blog! and that super sparkly charcoal color looks awesome :D

  9. I want to try that mascara!!! I like Five Guys too! Except, I haven't seen one in my new neighborhood yet >_<
    I know there's one near by. I like that nail polish but I don't have the patience or the steady hand to do 5 thin coats.

  10. I love that OPI nail polish!


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