March 24, 2013

Baby Bump Bundle Review

I'm reviewing the first trimester BumpBundle (for pregnant moms) because my girl friend is going through her first trimester and I think these products are perfect for her. The company is called Baby Bump Bundle and you get a box each trimester.

It seems like a lot of our friends are now married with kids, or expecting their first child. I'm sure many of my readers are at this stage of life and I hope you all find the baby related reviews helpful. The Baby Bump Bundles make wonderful baby shower gifts! :) They also make great Mother's Day gifts too since that is coming up!

Baby Bump Bundle offers hand picked pregnancy products for modern moms, by trimester.
 All the goodies are packaged in vibrant blue and pink tissue paper which is a really cute touch.
I think the combination of blue and pink tissue paper is adorable because I don't think you find out the gender of the baby until after the first trimester.
Bella B Tummy Honey Butter for stretch mark prevention.
Knocked Up Nails Polish called Preggers in Pink.
I can't wait to paint my friends nails with this bubblegum pink. She wanted to paint her nails but was worried if it would be safe for the baby. This nail polish has a special pregnancy safe formula. :)
 I told her about this nail polish yesterday and she was really happy. The formula itself is pretty glossy so I don't think it requires a top coat. I'm sure there are pregnancy safe top coats on the market if you want an added gloss to your manicure.
 Preggers in Pink is a blue based cream polish. It looks a lot more of a lavender pink in the sunlight. It's very pretty. I know she will love it! This polish is made in the USA as well. : ) I had to swatch it for you!
Preggie Pop Drops to help with morning sickness although you don't have to be pregnant to eat them!
My friend is going through a lot of morning sickness and I hope these will help. I'll let you know what she thinks and update this post soon. :)
The flavors include Sour Raspberry, Green Apple, Sour Lemon, and Sour Tangerine.
The Bella Band by Ingrid + Isabel which can extend the life of those jeans for a few more months! Could also be used when you are not trying to hide a bump.
It also came with a cute magnet to remind expecting mommy's how beautiful they are. :)
This Bella Belly Band came in black.
My dog Wally loves to participate when I take pictures for blog. :)
Last but not least, a really pretty pink and black hounds tooth pattern scarf was in the bundle. :)

The idea of the Baby Bump Bundle boxes is really great. It's a bundle to pamper expecting moms. I think it's a great pick me up during pregnancy and if you're subscribed to all three trimesters it's something to look forward to as you reach a new trimester.

They offer individual bundles for $60 each plus shipping per bundle, but if you buy all three trimesters it is $180 and you get shipping free so it is a nice discount!

Baby Bump Bundle also has a new website coming soon, but you can visit the link above to learn more about the Baby Bump Bundle. The BabyBundle is their box for newborn babies.

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Handpicked pregnancy gifts for modern moms, focused on each trimester & gifts for newborn babies..perfect for baby showers!


  1. We are so glad you enjoyed your BumpBundle Steph! And congrats to your friend on her pregnancy!!

  2. omgosh is it bad that i'm not pregnant but i want to try and use so many things in this box AHAHAH!!

    i get car sick so easily i want to try those pregnancy pops hehehehe!! i like that nail polish it's such a pretty color and i have to say i'm impressed w/ how glossy it is!! i'm always worried if my nail polish fumes are getting to me and if they're really bad for me.. i may try out that pink one just because if it's safe for a preggo then it's safe for a normal person too hehe :)

    1. Hi Lisa- The preggie drops really do wonders- they relieve upset stomachs,nausea,motion sickness, and even hangovers lol ! But they are great for moms-to-be too! And the nail polish is great since it is child and mom friendly, so you are right- it is safe and has no toluene, formaldehyde, etc, so it is ideal for any women ! If you want to make a bundle with the polish, drops, and a scarf or something, let me know and we can totally work with you and ship out a mini bundle in your budget! email us at!

  3. it feels like all of a sudden, all of my friends are getting pregnant this year! i'll definitely have to forward this post to them.


  4. Wish we had baby bump bundle in our area when i was preggo. I always had a problem with my jeans cause my belly was too big so i would loosen the button but was embarassed that people might see so that belly band would be great to hide it.


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