March 23, 2009

Dear Beauty Blog

Dear Beauty Blog & Beautiful Beauty Bloggers,

I've missed you SO very much!

My very first MAC Collective Haul (span of 3 weeks, and 3 states)

I feel 100% happy to be typing in this very text box.

I've been missing in action for a few days now for many reasons.

1. Minh's visiting and he is my boyfriend (3rd priority, blogging be 2nd, eating being 1st) lol
I'm just kidding, but we've both been busy packing the rest of his things to ship back to his home.

It costs $50-$60 to sent a 40-50lb box through FedEx..I don't understand my boyfriend sometimes, why doesn't he just buy new stuff! He sent a bunch of random stuff..I got pretty mad! Anyhow, enough about him after my next paragraph about him.

He's been a big sweet heart though, as most of you know my paternal Grandmother passed away a few weeks ago (why I was in LA), and Minh has been helping me put together a DVD & slideshow of her funeral for my family and relatives. We're still finalizing the DVD. It turned out great, I know my aunts and uncles will really appreciate the video, and photo gallery.

2. I've been playing catch up at school! I missed a full week before Spring Break, and I had and still do have lots of work to make up. (It didn't really help that Minh and I constantly went out to the casinos!) We've learned our lesson though. We are down 4 grand (but we did win a total of 9 grand over winter break & 2 weeks ago, so we're still up a lil bit..after our spending habits), but hey..he's leaving Wednesday, and we both won't be gambling at ALL when we're apart so it's worth it? lol, I'm a terrible person. I do not encourage gambling, but I also do NOT discourage you from testing your luck =P
(DSK's Gambling Technique post coming to a DSK blog near you very soon!)
Dead serious about this post too!

3. Minh makes a puppy sad face when he thinks I'm about to blog lol. I've spent almost 3 weeks straight with him ?_?, just playing~ I've enjoyed every minute we've spent, make that every second we spent together.

We're both currently at my parents house since he's shipping out his car from my parents house (Grand Rapids, Michigan to Vancouver, Washington). The car shipping cost about $700, it's relatively cheap now compared to 5 years ago. Minh loves his car, he named it Diablo ~ beacuse it's a super dark car, Volvo S80 T6, all black, with tinted windows and darker tail lights. I used to loathe the car since it's basically an old person car (when I first met him)! I saw Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles get out of a silver S80 in a documentary..doesn't get more old people than that haha ..well maybe a Buick. But I've gotten used to it, it's comfy and a huge car, I love driving it on the highway especially when I hit the turbo, and VROOOOOOM I got super fast while he's asleep in the passenger side ^_^

I drive a more beautiful car, but not really. I have a gold/tan Lexus ES 300, which I've had since 16. We both really really want to get sexy hot cool trendy young looking sport cars. I mean..we don't have any baggage (right now, knock on wood!!)..I need a hot sports car now. Just so I can drive around and justify my "vroom vroom" noises I make sometimes in the car. Minh thinks I'm a big retard when I start making screeching sounds as if I'm braking or turning really fast. I don't even know why I got off on a car tangent. I'm sorry. This is not a car forum!

But I'm DEFINITELY going to see the new Fast & the Furious on April 3rd (day before I turn 22!!) I just need to recruit some movie goers. VROOOOOOOOOOOM!!

Time for some revealing MAC photos, rated MAC Addict.
I don't really like the title "MAC Addict," but it works for now. I prefer MAC enthusiast, or MAC aficionado, MAC appreciator. What do you think?

Give Steph money & she spends it on mostly MAC...
Well, I picked up Emote & Fafi Quad #1 for some of you girls who missed out when I had a blog sale last.
Who doesn't love the best MAC quad ever? Fafi #1!

EMOTE Blush x 6.. how did I do that? I was really nice to the sales associate & she allowed me to come back later and pretend that I didn't know her and she rang me up again but I had to use my bf's credit card or cash. Of course I opted for the cc.

Several twitters have asked me to hold Emote for them, I'm not having a blog sale for another few weeks, so e-mail if you're interested, I only have 2 left. And warning: I'm selling for top dollar (which is also the name of a slot machine at the casino!!)..........

I told the sales associate Emote is highly sought after, and she put 3 away for herself! haha
They're only 2 Emotes left at the CCO in Birchrun (1.5 hrs from my dorm room).

I'm pretty sure she's going to Ebay them lol.
She says she also is only allowed 3 of the same items per day, but she comes to work everyday.
You all know one of MAC best highlight e/s right?

I basically hoarded 3 since it was in Emmanuel Ungaro Packaging!!
1 will definitely be put up for sale, if anyone wants it.

Heatherette Smooth Harmony! I've always wanted a Heathrette compact This beauty powder will make me beautiful, I just know it!
Another Beauty Powder (Nordstrom Exclusive Collection)

Mimi asked me to look for the MAC Fafi Makeup Pouch, and I found it!
They had one tote left, but it was almost over $50..I thought that was just too much for plastic. even if it's MAC plastic.
The Fafi Dolls Mimi was looking for! I found them!

Iridescent Powder --I forgot the name, something with Stars, it's very sparkly.
I've never owned one of these before.

Random note (while I wait for my ginormous photos to upload), I think I'm going to start shipping DSK Jewelry through USPS Priority Mail. I just think it will make life easier. They provide the flat rate and the box. I also think it's safer because they're probably less likely to lose a USPS Priority Box say over a bubble wrapped package.

I dunno..I've just been weird, and having dreams about Priority Mail Boxes..
SERIOUSLY, that and slot machines.
Sneak Peek of the Nail Salon Earring Rack haha lol.
I'm replenishing an earring stand at a local nail salon ~about 30 other pairs have been made this past weekend. Stay tuned!

Has DSK Jewelry taken over Steph's mind? Perhaps!
Thank you all for your orders by the way, I appreciate all your support, even though I've been slacking at launching new goodies for you to look at while you surf blogs.

Asides from selling on my blogspot, I also have DSK Jewelry at a boutique, dentist, and several beauty salons. I charge higher prices than I do at my blogspot. I try to keep my prices a lot lower on blogspot for all you girls who are just like me, saving money to buy make up hahaha.
Plus, you all are my blog friends MAC Myth l/s
(I remember reading about Myth somewhere, so I knew it was a keeper)
I just want a MAC lipstick collection, they're so beautiful and last forever!!

I was eyeing this plushglass like crazy when I was in you finally are mine!!!
I paired it up with Lavender Whip in the pic below, what do ya think?
No lashes, just V-ed out eye shadow (MAC Pandemonium Quad)
My new MAC eyebrow pencil Spiked
L/S Lavender Whip!
That purple gloss that I forgot the name of, on top!
I will look when I get back to school.
Haha I'm so repping my high school home coming T!!
Where did all my hair go! I'm stilling loving my bob, it's so easy to wash and dry.

Steph Blog's for Minh Section
I went shopping at Banana Republic (outlet) and saw these ADORABLE, I mean look at them..DASCHUND BOXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi wants to know if Charlotte will be her friend M!

I have a Daschund ^_^ named Heidi. I actually commissioned the ever so talented and beautiful KT, to make me a Heidi doll. Isn't she cute?! Shout out to Tia! Thank you babe! I can't wait to get Helllllooo Heidi in the mail. ^_^ & the lil mouse for my nephew. Thanks so much!!

Doesn't get much cuter, KT, you'll definitely be hearing from me again very soon.

OPI My New Skates
I got my nails & toes done at Venetian Nails the day between classes, lol.
I like to go to nail salons and let them guess my ethnicity.
They're always excited to find out I'm Vietnamese My FOB FLOPS! LAWL.
These are my shower slippers compliments of my Aunt Diep from Cali.
She bought them in Vietnam! hahaha
Hey..they work okay.
Minh took the picture for me after I got back from taking a shower with the dorm community.
I adore this nail polish color <3
Many more things to blog about, especially all my love, hugs, and care packages!!
I must update now. I've been promising my buyers and I must over deliver them with jewelry PORN.

Successful business people: Always under promise and over deliver. I will ellaborate more next post, thank you for stopping by. Leave me a comment because I definitely want to stop by your blogspot to say "hi!"

Edit* I forgot to post my Sephora Haul for yesterday In the box!
BE Prime Time (if Fuz says it's good, it has got to be good)
Anastasia Brown Pencil in Ash Medium $21 (had to snag it before their prices go up)
Nars Turkish Delight (that Kim Kardashian influence..)

Man..I have this pic of her at the gym and she had on the coolest looking Nike Shocks..I wanted those for weeks!!!

Taken out of the box !
Cute sample, of the clinique lipgloss key ring
& Urban Decay Sellout lipstick sample
Several goodies from Sephora, and 2 more headbands from H&M, I got the last 2 in Novi, MI!!
But already have one..I'm saving them for future swaps ^_^ they're too dang cute!

Also, Sephora gave me a little lipgloss set since my birthday is coming up!
How sweet of them!

Note: those hair clips suck!


  1. d-d-dayummmmm girl. that is some collective haul. geez. lol. i just wanna look at everything LOL.

    OMGGG i missed ur blog sooooo much! i only subscribe to like 10 or so, urs is a staple! lol.

    ohh man i wish we lived looking for someone to see it with. :o(

    i still have to do a blog about u and ur so lazy. all my posts lately are just the pics, what i used. and thats it. but for urs theres too much to talk about with all the loveliness! lol.

    anyways...okay this is a long post. blahhh. im a rambler. lol.

    good to have u back.

  2. YAAAAAY you're back to blogging!! so happy :)

    giiiirl, when you haul, you HAUL! i lave it :)

    and when you say you adore this color, do you mean the gunmetal or the babyblue?

  3. hahha yeh u read that right. you know ive been heart broken since stray rose is no where to be found. I NEED A LIGHT/BRIGHT ROSEY PINK BLUSH!

    hahaha. i dont usually wear blush unless im goin out or takin pics. idk i prolly should though cause my face is fat. LOL.

    ohh man i def. dont look good with NO makeup at all. I'll post a pic with just foundation on though. or something along those lines...well see how brave i am. lol. idk i'll be self concious about my brows too. lol. theres hardly anythin there! lol.

    well see. lol.

    (sry this was too big to put in the cbox. id be there for like 5 days. lol. but yehh i def. look like 16 without makeup. hahah as i get older ill just wear less and less, ill never age. hahaha.

  4. long post! yay! I like reading your posts its so interesting unlike my uneventful life lol >_<

    Man that is some crazy hauling right there!!! I would love to buy some things >_< damn only 2 emotes left?!?! How much how much!?!?! I want I want I want!!!

    Aww you and your bf are so cute...And wow he ships all his stuff back and forth?!?! That's crazy! How come he lives all the way in Washington? hmmm...

    My bf just went gambling yesterday and he lost like 60 bucks and gave up haha! We're not big ballers like you and your bf =P So You must teach us how to be!!! <3 Lol I do the randomest stuff in the car too! I sing really loud and I like to drum my fingers on his dash board lol >_< or sometimes I put make up on so I have to have the mirror open and he complains because he's so tall and can't see lol

    anything else you are selling from your haul!!? And I can't wait till you post the new stuff you have for your jewelry line! I love all the heart things <333

  5. This was such a fun post!

    I hope this dont sound dirty or pervish, but you have cute feet! LOL I am jealous!!! hahaha.

    Your new do is very cute! I had a tad shorter bob a while ago and loved it but have grown my hair out. It def is very quick to dry and easier to style!!! You look real cute with it!

    U got me interested in that EMODE now!

  6. Huge haul! loving it! so jealous! love those headbands! U seriously need to model them :p
    It so unfair that sephora doesnt ship to nz! grrrrr

  7. Omgosh Steph! This is the most amazing haul I've ever seen!! WOW!!! I cannot wait for you to post all of these up for sale! I'll def take a look of all your blog sales!! LOve them!! YAY! :D

    I love my PRIME TIME! :) Fuz is right, it is amazing!! :)

  8. OMG! SO THIS IS WHERE ALL YOUR MONEY WENT! WOW! IT WENT BIG AND FAST FOR ALL these MAC PRODUCTS! This is sooooooo cool! U got like mad stuffs here. I can't wait til u use them all.HAHA! SOoo lucky!!!!!!!!Ugh!

  9. That haul is crazy!! Totally jealous! :)

  10. FUZTAZTIC!! You're heading into Tai Tai territory!

    Your doggie is soooooooo cute!

    I'll be home on Saturday and can't wait to open your package!!

  11. Dang girl now that's HAULAGE! And how nice of you to think of your fellow bloggers while buying! Do you have any Sugar Trance lipgloss from the Fafi collection? If so are you gonna be selling them?

    I can't wait for the gambling post! I swear I wanna keep you in my pocket for when I gamble next! LOL!

    And awww Heidi real & Heidi yarn are toooooo adorable!! :)

  12. nice haul, at first i thought it was all at once XD
    your weiner doggy is so cute, i wish i had one

  13. omg girl! i'm swooning just looking at all this haulage.. hehe.

  14. Damn girl! Someone had some fun shopping!!!! I wonder how big the damage would be if we were to go shopping... *wink. I have lots to tell you Chi! I missed you!

  15. ok, let me take a deep breath

    you are overwhelmed me, girl!

    you can almost open up a mac store ;)

    awww, the 2 fafi dolls =) dont worry i will own you soooon (= just wait for me

    did i see it right, because first 2 top pictures the fafi bag looks smaller than the third picture

    too bad they dont give out the paper fafi shopping bag =/ that way its cheaper instead of that insane $50 plastic bag

  16. baby baby baby!

    You&Minh are sooo funny. I actually want to see that puppy face.. hehehehe. And Im still expecting to hear about your gambling !! That levander lippie look soo good on you! I dont think I can pull it off with that =)

    YAY for Sephora & MAC !

    Have fun getting facials today.


  17. WOW, Steph! Massive hauls you got there! That looks like heaven though! hehe Yay for MAC and Sephora!! XOXO

  18. i was reading up on previous posts about your winning streak! :) im glad youre back and those are amazing purchase and luck you. you got to go back and purchase MOOORE. :)



  20. daaaaaaaaaaamn now THAT'S a haul!!
    Well welcome back! Glad to see you're back blogging again (:

    I really like the flip flops youre wearing with the blue bow & the heart. How freakin cute!

  21. OMG I want I want I want. What a great haul! I hope you didn't spend TOO much money!

  22. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! and am blown away by your huge mac haul!

    you look very cute in the pic, and i think lavender whip totally works on you!brings out a mysterious yet cute vibe

  23. dangg someone went on a makeup shopping spree :D lucky u! i need to look for a cco around my area to go shopping! i never been there and i hear really good things about that place. :D talk about gambling.. my boyfriend was gambling last night at reno, nv. and he won $2000 :b maybe he'll take me on a shopping spree! lol.
    well anyways.. love the stuff u got & love reading ur post.. it kept me occupied while i wait in the hotel for my boyfriend to get out of class. :D i'm glad your back and updating ur blog :D

  24. Hahaha! I like MAC appreciator, it sounds the funniest!!! :P You're such a MAC appreciator! LMAO.

    Mel is actually going to take me to a CCO this weekend... O.O Me at a CCO? What could I possibly buy???? Hahahaha.

    I've missed your posts, but this one def made up for all your MIA! Tell Minh to stay busy, hahahaha.

  25. Wow, nice hauls. Welcome back. I've missed your posts.

  26. OMGGGGGG you have a daschundddd. charlotte sends corgi kisses!

    dude you look like you own a cco with that haul

  27. Sweet haul!! And yay for Sephora birthday gifts. =)

  28. So much makeup! I am drooling. I think i need to wait for the gambling post. I am a gambling virgin, yet I eat at the casino with my dad every weekend. They have dim sum at thunder valley!

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  30. ajajajja :O*

    amaaaziiiing haul!
    now you wanna make me try emote blush. :P

  31. WOOOOOW! That is quite a haul! I'm planning on going to the CCO next week, but I doubt I'm gonna haul as much.

    Looking forward to your gambling technique post! I need mula!

  32. Steph!! Your haul is so hot! I swear you are my lifestyle soulmate. It doesn't get better than dreams of MAC makeup & sports cars...lolz. That is the hottest haul. And hun....that lipstick is soooo killer on you. I haven't seen it look hotter on anyone! So loooove it on you! Wait until you try Myth & Turkish Delight...they are both so sexy! And the Heatherette & Fafi & HK!! OMG... And Phloof. OK. I need to stop. lol I'm too excited about your haulage!

    I'm going to keep praying for you hun and hope that your sorrow passes & you keep getting better.

    Hugs & love!

  33. nice MAC goodies you got there! I would like to know some gambling tips =X hehe...can't wait for that post...if your serious about it!

  34. Interesting content.

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  35. so many stuff! Hauls are fun aren't they? The lavender whip looks really good on you!
    Haha you were a falcon in hs too?
    omg. stupid gel-nails comment! they posted the exact same thing on my blog!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. was wondering if you have any mac stuff you are selling ....its so hard for me to get any mac stuff for sale cause our cco doesnt carry mac stuff only a few lip glosses and stuff...erhhhh so mad! anyways i was just wondering thanks and have a nice day!

  38. I bet you had fun shopping for those nice items you have there.

    A nice haul and I have the mac kitty too. the packaging loks so cute =)



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