July 19, 2009

Minh, YSL, Cargo, Japanese Beauty Products

My Blackberry's battery died for the 3rd time!!!
So Minh sent me a new one (b/c he thought he could get a good deal at Fry's in Portland, no tax)
little did we realize that I could have got it cheaper!!! LOL

It was still nice of him to get it for me ^_^

Well..Minh has this thing for holding onto old socks (with holes!)
He decided to wrap his external hard drive for me in his sock lol

His note was funny, lol
"I put some EXTRA FREE goodies.."
hahaha emphasis on the FREE

FREE GOODIES = Green Tea Latte Candies, which were really good!
He says he found them at Fry's Electronics

He's a dork!

He even included a beautiful drawing for me of myself at work.

I've never seen such a small external hard drive before !

Now to YSL!

I finally made my first official "fancy department store cosmetic!"
I ordered YSL's #7 Lingerie Pink & a lipgloss from Cargo from Sephora.com

I also got Minh a big men's care sample baggie from Sephora too, yay for Reward Cards!

It's a lot like MAC Angel lipstick, but the formula is superrrrr smooth.
I will post a picture with it on soon. My lips are ugh-and chapped right now :(

My "hauls"
I couldn't believe how fast the Japanese stuff I ordered arrived!
I found the seller though Eki's blog, she talked about the Fiberwig Mascara and total sold me!

I also bought an eyelash serum, I've tried it once already and I will keep you update if I notice any changes :)

I also picked up the Tattoo Eyeliner because KT said it's good. lol
I'm so easily influenced!

The only reason I bought this Cargo lipgloss was to reach $50 to get free shipping from Sephora..hahhaha I did the same thing on the Japanese Beauty product site!!!

The color does not look like the picture on Sephora.com!!!
But it's ok, it probably will still look pretty.
I haven't opened it yet, becuase I'm saving it for when my lips are lipgloss ready.

I had did buy a whole bunch of make from Msfili, I just haven't had the time to put it all together and take a picture!

I think I now own 15 eyeliners from her! Chanel, Dior, MAC
I love themmmmm

Misfili's blog sales are the best! And they're all on youtube, so it's very QVC ; )

I also got a beautiful box from Rina! That's my next post ^_~

Happy Sunday!



P.S. Colby O'donis commented on Frank & his friend Kevin's Video!

AHHHHH, not only does Frank, but Holly's Steve knows Colby & his friend was a dancer in the music video for "what you got"!!! OH THE DEGREE's of SEPARATION


  1. haha, the drawing is so funny and cute, and the videos are hilarious :)))

    I've been wanting Lingerie Pink for the longest time, it looks so pretty I'll have to get it soon! My first YSL is #2 Sensual Silk. It's more tone done pink, a perfect nude!

  2. Hi Babe~ that is such a CUTE note from your hunny!! love that drawing!! candy sounds yummy too~ yay you got the fiberwig! I hope you like them let me know its working for ya~ <3

    oh and have you heard of this place?

    total rip off of DSK she even uses the same material and style and say she thought of this jewelry idea blah blah.. man I wish you could get your stuff branded :P

  3. that is such a cute drawing, how sweet! and i've always wantd to try eyelash serums, i have NO eyelashes. i rely on falsies to look normal.LOL

  4. hahah the sock! i need me an external hard drive for pics!

    OOHH i love how smooth ysl lipsticks are, but theyre soo pricey!! I want all the colors but then again I have so many lippies already *sigh*

    haha cute drawing by ur bf. :P


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  6. Aww the YSL lipstick looks to die for!♥

  7. Omg Minh is so cute! hahaha But why did he make your flat chested?! O.O haha. You need to do a FOTD ASAP w/ the YSL Lingerie Pink! NOWWWWWWWWW. ILY <3

  8. awww thats so sweet of him! cant wait to see a pic of your YSL lipstick! oh and tell me how the eyelash serum works out for you cause ive been thinking about buying one =)

  9. ooo ysl~ you baller! hahahah :) nice buys! and i minh's note is pretty funny too :P

  10. Work the 6 degrees of separation angle to meet your man! LOL! That is cool though!

    Awww Minh's soo cute!! With his drawing and FREE candies!! And his extra special wrapping! LOL! He just wants a piece of him with you! ;)

    But YSL damn Steph!! All high end on us now! LOL!! THose are great colors though!! I know how you feel on having to buy that ONE more item just to hit the free shipping! LOL!


  11. the YSl packaging is beautiful!!!! ahh you got the limited edition fiber wig! I want that too!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. haha.. wrapping it up in a sock is pretty creative :P

    the drawing of you was pretty cute too <3

    gawsh.. the YSL packaging is so gorgeous..

  13. that note is way too adorable! how sweet of him! :D

    i've been thinking of getting the fibrewig mascara too so pls do a review when you can! :)

  14. Hello Pretty!! :)

    That note of Minh is just too cute! so thoughtful! and he even drew a pic! aawww! heehee! <3

    FREE candies! ahahah! i wonder who he got it from to give free candies {looks at you] ahahah! :)

    i have the same hard drive! yay for toshiba! I have the red one! its full of my YT videos and nonsense. ahaha! i always carry it around :P

    YSL! oohh baller!!! :) i love it!! lingerie! Sexxy!

  15. wow I like your lipstick, where can buy ?

  16. I love the drawing of you hehe.. looks like you are busy there..

  17. Minh is so sweet :D I like his drawing of you.and I do think ysl makes a really high quality lipstick,too bad it's so expensive here X(

  18. that is so sweet and cute of your boyfriend =]

  19. oh my gosh

    i love how minh packed our pkg with candies, it reminds me of a certain ice dealer i know -- that loads up candies and lip glosses in my packages *cough*

    and btw -- u bastard... u got the last LE fiber wig mascara, remember how i told i wanted to order it -- well she emails and goes, "KT im sorry, someone bought the last LE Fiberwig mascara last nite from the imomoko site" I'm like OMG I KNOW WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMMIT.....

    so you lucky betch, u better love it. and REVIEW that ish....

  20. I didn't know you had a crackberry!!! Actually I'll AIM you my PIN... Make it a little less public.

  21. you're right. the ysl lippie packaging is pretty : ) & the video is addictive lol.

  22. What a great post! I always love to see what's up with my Swarovksi dealer of choice!!


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