August 26, 2009

La Mer Lip Balm ; )

My first full size La Mer thing! lol

Special Thanks to Fuzkittie for her review on her HG lip balm :P Also, special thanks to my Minhers for the gift! He wanted to get me something else from Seattle, but it was sold out =/

I sent her a my Aquafina HG chapstick to try, I can't wait to hear what she says!

.32 oz of awesome in a jar!
I've used it once, and it is very good!
And looks gorgeous!!!


  1. I have read so many great stuffs about La Mer Lip balm!!! they said its the ultimate best lip balm of all time!!! :)

  2. Lucky you!! :) LaMer user now! :) How sweet of the Minh'ster! :)

  3. ooo La Mer! lucky girl. he's a keeper! =)

  4. oh my gosh...i've been contemplating this purchase ever since fuz started raving about it. it's just such a high price for lip balm! i'm eager to hear what you think after using it for awhile!!!

  5. Yay for La Mer! I also love their hand cream. I got it for X'mas once and now M'm hook.

  6. nice!
    and look at the packaging! ah!

  7. omg i've wanted to try it since i read her review... but i cant spend the money!! xP

    i'm gonna go out and look for your aquafina chapstick too! my lips always get so chapped and they peel (gross, i know) =(

    hope you're doing well girly!


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