January 12, 2010

Going to Work w/ Minh!

Seattle, WA

Minh has to go represent a client in Vancouver, Washington on Wednesday at Noon. Vancouver is 3 hours away from Seattle taking I-5. He asked met to tag along. Conveniently, that's where his parents are from. He was planning on going down there tomorrow night after work, so he doesn't have to deal with morning traffic the next day and be late for court. I figured it was a good idea because I haven't see his parents since Thanksgiving! Plus, I want to visit them before I leave to go back home to Michigan. Minh's parents are really young. They're in their mid-late 40's! Minh's 27. lol Too bad, I won't ever be in my 40's when my kids are 27!

Minh is kind of scared of ever being an old dad. He says he doesn't want to croack before they graduate high school or college. haha makes sense! He noticed that a lot of attorneys he works with ..all have grey hair, but their kids are only babies & infants. I think that scares him. lol
I don't know what kind of mom I would be. I'm pretty good at taking care of pets. But that probably doesn't count. Minh & I were talking about his co-worker today who's a workaholic. She came to the decision that she's going to get a surrogate to have her children. She says she cannot work & be pregnant at the same time. It's too much of a pain for her. I think only a workaholic would say that. I think you would miss out on the bond you'd have with your baby.

ANYHOW, enough about kids. ~ Those are for the future.

The court hearing is at noon...so that gives us the morning to head over to Portland, OR to do some shopping (tax free style!). I want to stop by LV and pick up the Art & Architecture book. I'm dying to go through it! Plus, I'm hoping to see a few pair of earrings in person. I noticed that they were added to the website. I have the heart hoops in purple, but the pink ones are so darling. I definitely wouldn't mind getting them ...for myself for Valentine's Day. lol

Check them out in more detail at www.louisvuitton.com
Where I spend lots of time browsing! & drooling & desiring...sighhhh

I dunno though, it is a lot of money for Fashion Jewelry. But I know they will lift my mood. I'm thinking about going to return a few things I had dragged home from Nordstrom Rack ~ I figure I should save my moo-lah. Minh asked me earlier tonight, "do you think it's worth it to book a 2-day ticket to Michigan?" I was like, why are you planning on going with me? He looks at me. "No..I mean for you." I LOL-ed. He's a dork. I told him he's welcome to escort me to Michigan, then fly back to Washington. Then fly back to Michigan to take me back to Washington. He actually wouldn't mind doing that. lol He said, "We just have to pick the weekends when I don't have to work." He's a silly goose. I just told him, "it's okay, it sounds like a lot of work for you."

Also, on Sunday after lunch we were walking past the shoe department at Nordstrom Rack, and Minh goes aren't those Christian Louboutins? (They were Kate Spades but they had a red sole). I said, "No, those are Kate Spades, trust me I've already look at them last week." hahaha He goes Oh, but they have the red sole/" I said, they're just pretending, lets go. He said you know, I wanted to get them for you. I went to Nordstrom (He works right across the street from Nordstrom Downtown Seattle) to buy you a pair for Christmas. I know you want them because you always look at them. I didn't know there were so many styles. I got confused. The sales associate tried to help, but I didn't know what to buy you because I know girls are picky with shoes. (His female friend in college was a shoe fanatic, so he knows). I laughed SO hard as we were walking to the car. I said to him, "Honey, that's so thoughtful of you, but I'm glad you didn't get them because it's my personal goal to be able to buy my own pair." He says, I just wanted you to know that I knew you wanted them so I could get them for you. He's been so good lately. lol I think ever since he read my post about how I do his laundry. (He thanks me everytime I fold laundry). I do laundry a lot. I don't know why, we always have clothes to wash!
I'm really picky with towels...I like to have a fresh one everyday...pretty much. Well..fresh 2...one for body and one for face & hair. How often are you supposed to wash towels anyway?!?!!? I like to wash my pillow cases & sheets often as well. I'd rather not bask in body sleep aroma. lol

So yeah...
I think there are somethings that we should just buy ourselves. Especially, if it's something we always research & look at when we're shopping (or browsing). It's wonderful to get a gift from your boyfriend, but it's more rewarding to buy that "goal" item yourself. :)

Our Sunday Fun:

Minh & I did go to two open houses on Sunday. We felt good after touring two 800K homes. Well one was $750K, the other $800k. It's just beautiful to know that we are capable of affording this home together if and only if we get approved for financing hahaha. (It requires 2 mortgages, and monthly payments of $3700 (feasible), but you have to account for all the bills that go with a house!)

Lets see, requirements included:

10% down payment of $80,000
1st & 2nd mortgage
Total monthly payments $3739

My mom told me not to buy a big house until after I'm married. lol Minh & I just think about the investment part. This 800K can be worth over a million in a few years! I just started investing some money with help of my mom. In 3 years, I'll have a nice chunk waiting for me :) Thanks mom! I've been calling her a lot lately since I've been puzzled. She really helps me organize my thoughts & goals. She reminds me that I can't cheat a timeline --as much as I have already, she told me to slow down. When ready get engaged, buy a small place, save, get married, sell that small place, and then use that money as a downpayment towards a beautiful big house. (Where I want to raise a family!).

I'm hoping that my little sister will move out here this summer before she heads to college. I think she's deciding on Stanford just because she loves everything about California (lots of our family lives there). I don't know how I feel about it. I feel that she should go to Harvard. It's not everyday someone gets invited to attend Harvard! Plus, I wouldn't mind wearing a "Harvard Sister" shirt, hahaha jk, I dunno if they even make those! If they don't, I will wear the "Harvard Mom, and or Hardvard Dad shirt" JUST BECAUSE I CAN. (just like we all can if we really wanted to!) hahaha

My mom and dad remind me that they're proud of me for working so hard away from home. I'm trying not to let my current mood affect my creative spirit. There's so many things I want to accomplish in the next month.

But Minh can't stop thinking about that house...waking up to a view of Lake Washington justifies buying that house! We drive by it everday. I think I will be sad the day they put up a sold sign lol. It's unrealistic right now for us, we'd probably struggle so hard to pay the utilties & property tax each year. hahaha


  1. OOH! LV and Big Houses!!

    Do enjoy your break in Michigan, but please think about everything your have with Minh...he's a gem!

    Sounds like you both will need big incomes for that big house, lol!

  2. Ooooh buying homes is scary business esp in this unstable economy!!! But think BIG my dear I know you will achieve great things!

  3. That's a beautiful house ! The neigbourhood looks sooo american (I'm not criticizing it^^) , French streets don't look the same at all, it's funny how houses are built differently in different parts of the world !

  4. I love the first earrings =] I don't own anything from LV though. lol. and whoaaaa, that's a big house! Well, no durr. It's 800K. lol. I wanted a house for 600K but too bad, there's no way I can invest now. Plus, it's all the way in Boston, MA and I don't know if I want to stay there for career and family yet.

    I'm glad Minh appreciate you doing his laundry. Not all guys appreciate their girlfriends doing the chores at home, cook, laundry, etc. To most guys, living with their girlfriend is like free maid work -__-

  5. That's a bomb ass house!! Glad to read that you and the bf is doing so swt =)

  6. OMG that first pair of LV earrings!!!! I have to restrain myself. hahahah

    My BF refuses to buy clothing and accessories for me. He says it's "too personal" and that there's too much of a risk that I won't like it. I really want to see what he'd pick out on his own, but I guess I'll never know. haha

  7. first of all- thats so cute that he wanted to buy you shoes. i mean, that really is one of those situations where its the thought that matters.

    secondly- i fell in love with a huge house here too when i was house shopping, but we ended up with something smaller/more affordable for now- just because we are just starting out, and we didn't want to be house poor (even though we still are a little, but we can still afford an occasional vacay and whatnots.)

    and i totally feel you on the parenting thing. i am 29! eek. and the manfriend is almost 32. and we aren't even engaged yet! i am going to be 100 before i have a kid!

  8. Have fun in vancouver! Lucky for tax free shopping haha! Oh man those LV earrings are so beautiful, especially the heart one!! Minh is so thoughtful....about everything. I mean he has his little part sides, but the good sides totally overshines! hahah and i love how you guys spend the weekend going to open houses, definitely unsual! That house is so big and nice! Does the decor come with it? probably not eh. I would suggest to go for that big house for investment if you guys can afford it without any stress on other expenses. Like if you guys are putting more than 50% of your monthly income in it, then it's not worth it.

  9. Good luck on finding a home, this one looks awesome and the view!

    Gotta love Oregon!!!

  10. Awwww, Minh's so thoughtful in wanting to get you some Loubies! I brought my bf to Holt's last week (similar to Neiman Marcus in the U.S.), showed him a pair of $1000 Loubies, and he almost had a heart attack. LOL.

    Anyway, those LV earrings are fab. You should TOTALLY get them!! (ROFL, people tell me I'm an awesome enabler. ;) )


  11. my parents married and had kids young too but that wont be the case for me! especially with my bf being 10 years older! i hope he can still run and play with our kids when its our time! =S haha ! ;P

    awww, enjoyed that convo with you and minh about the shoes! so thoughtful of him :)

  12. LOL I love you're open house vid! Very nice! It's very rewarding to hear that you and Minh could actually afford this. You two work hard and deserve the best!

    Have fun on your little road trip with Minh! Even if it is for work. LOL Tell Minh not to worry. My dad turns 70 in a couple week, he's still working hard as ever, and shows no sign *knockonwood* of croaking anytime soon. He's 40yrs older then me, my mother had me when she was 37. So there's a giant gap between us! LOL!

    Ahh How sweet of him to even THINK of buying you the shoes! Wish 'Cheese' would do that! LOL! At least you know he's paying attention, but you're right too. Sometimes getting them for yourself is a lot more rewarding!

  13. WOW i don't even dare to dream about a house like that =0
    i'm so happy that you guys have such a nice plan
    but i blanked out when you started talking the money && numbers ...

    a tip to keep minh young...
    pamper him w/ spas!!! lol
    && a really cute korean couple thing i've seen is...
    you guys can do D.I.Y masks together!!!
    it would be so cute =]

  14. I really like the first pair of LV earrings xD I know what you mean about the whole buying things for yourself feels much more rewarding than having someone buying it for you =]

  15. I am so happy that you and Minh are in a situation where you can afford such a lovely home! Sean and I are moving in. We'll take the master bedroom. You guys don't mind, right? LMAO!

    We purchased our first home in 2003 up in the Issaquah Highlands. It was just a townhouse, but we loved it. We have since sold it, which at times makes me sad, but we profited greatly from our sale. It was the best investment we have ever made! I can't wait to see where you guys end up! :)

    P. S. I love the first LV earrings! They're so cute!

  16. Hey Steph~ When you come back to Michigan I'd lovelovelove for you to come visit me on the beach. Now that I'm working on finding a different job, I have free time during the day and we could stroll along the frozen beach (& take more fun pics) and go shopping in Grand Haven and Holland and eat yummy food etc.

    Let me know when you'll be in MI because you should come seeeeeee me!

  17. Well, have fun visiting Minh's rents again! Oh, and deff have fun in Vancouver. ;D

    Those LV earrings are way cool. So pretty, but if only I could afford them. LOL.

  18. Well, have fun visiting Minh's rents again! Oh, and deff have fun in Vancouver. ;D

    Those LV earrings are way cool. So pretty, but if only I could afford them. LOL.

  19. Awww.. Minh is too too sweet!
    I always look at the million dollar homes around here and dream of one day picking up a rich husband to buy it. I'm studying to be become a teacher and teachers aren't so ballin. :T
    Anywho, you're doing awesome for your age so live it up to the fullest I'd say! Woo woooo~

  20. Hi Steph,

    Wow, you've got your housing facts down to the T! Good for you. You always seem so organized and on top of things. Very admirable quality. My fiancee and I have been thinking of getting a house together too. He wants a big one and I want a small one (since we're not planning on having kids anytime soon). I'm so excited just thinking of house hunting :)

    Good Luck with everything

  21. I just had to say... I'm going to Seattle for the weekend tmr!!!! :)

    Those LV earrings are SO gorgeous!



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