January 14, 2010


Have you ever came across something and instantly fell in love?

I fell in love with a the Precor Stretch "machine!" lol, I remember discovering this interesting contraption with Bonnie our Sophomore year in college at the IM West Gym (at Michigan State University). They had two so we learned how to use it together. It seriously relieves all your stress when you stretch out your muscles. I remember how wonderful it made me feel to stretch and just breathe.

My all time favorite is stretching out my back.
I hold a lot of stress on my shoulders, arms, and back.
If I can stretch my back, I know I will have a better day instantly. Nothing is more refreshing apart from a glass of ice cold water when you really need it.

I've been reading that most chiropractors have this, "chiro" for short. lol
I've learned that today from the world wide web.

Too bad I just don't have the space to get one of my own.
They do have 1 at the gym I go to now ~ I was so shocked to see it because I had never seen one before college.

Price tag for the Precor Stretch Trainer: $895 (That's the sale price I found)
They have other brands starting at $499
A bit steep, but it's still more affordable than an LV speedy. lol

One day, one day
I wouldn't mind having this, but for now I'll just visit it at the gym.
It's the only reason why I'd enjoy to go.

Gloomy World
In unrelated news, I've been looking for a place to move ~
I just don't know if I want to commit to purchasing a home in the state of gloomy Washington.
It's probably smarter to find a nice place to rent, or to stay in this one after our lease is up (of course without roommates).

I really am too lazy to move out, I'd rather just sign another lease without the roommates.
I can handle the rent myself, plus that way the master will remain my bedroom, the other 3 rooms and entire house could be DSK Jewelry's space to rent. Well, actually I'm not sure. The landlord does want more money if we have a dog. I'm sure that can be negotiated. The only reason we don't have one right now is because the landlord wants to charge us a bigger deposit, and an extra $50 / month for the dog's rent. lol

My cousin had a talk to me the other day. I was telling her that I was looking for a property to buy since the market is down. She asked me if I really wanted to stay put in Washington?

That really got me thinking.

She suggest just to continue renting, save up money and then get the hell out.
The winter here is just miserable.
I thought Michigan snow was miserable, but no sunlight & a shit ton of rain is the DEFN. (definition) of miserable.
You see direct sunlight every 2-3 weeks if you're lucky in the winter time.
Everyone I've talked to said the sun will come back in May.
Are they serious? lol

How can someone be happy without the beautiful sun?
I've gotten a lot paler, which is not bad, but my foundation shades are all messed up.

So yeah... it's an overcast everyday, it rains almost everyday, and it's the earth is always wet & damp. There are way too many evergreen trees..that blocks out any ounce of light (not sun) that we get everyday.

I can't see living here for the next 5 years.
(so I'm not going to)

The only reason I'm here right now is for my business, and for Minh.
Nothing else. No wonder Washington is an income tax free State. It need an incentive to keep people here. Maybe I'm bias right now since I've never seen this place in the Spring & Summer.
But I will see it in the coming months ~ I just need to witness it to believe it.

I'm not going to say Michigan was the best place on Earth, but Washington is not as happy of a place in my heart.
Maybe the California sun is calling.

You know 7 million families in Orange County live in a gated community. lol
(Can you tell I watch the Real Housewives of Orange County a bit too much)?
No wonder 75% of my relatives bask in the sun down there.
I should have followed my own plan to move out there after college.

I should have known that this wouldn't work.
I live in the wonderful Bellevue, where the shopping is fantastic. YET. I find myself not one ounce interested.

Minh said he knows I'm unhappy.
We just have to figure out an arrangement that will work out for the both of us.
I think I can be happy having a long distance relationship lol

Our relationship was long distance for about 6 months before I moved out here.
A part of me was unhappy - 25% unhappy, 75% happy.

I was happy to have my family.
I was happy to share laughs with my cousin. lol
Playing with my dog Heidi, and holding the cat Tobey put a smile on my face everyday.

I could talk on the phone with Minh, video chat ~ I can't do that will all my family, friends, and pets.

For those who were interested in an update of my Living Situation, lol I had a few people ask about that & for an update.

We all exchanged e-mails, hahahaha
It seems like we're all on the same page.
I think Minh's sister is not too happy about the situation.
Minh said to me, she can be mad all she wants because 5 years from now, what I did was right.
He said no one can blame him for not doing the right thing.
I'm proud of him.

We all will move out in 6 months after our lease is up. I will either buy myself a condo, or rent a condo/apartment for the time being. I'm not sure if I can commit to the land of rain and misery.

Minh can find a new place with his sister.

What parents wouldn't want a brother & sister to not live together especially when they're 3 hours away from home right? I know if I lived away from home, I would like to live with family myself.

HAHAHAHA I know she'll love that.

I know I will be fine living in my own space, with me and DSK Jewelry plus a few dogs!
Minh & Steph moving in together (just us) is a NO NO for me right now.
I don't want Minh to be stuck to me in a lease or something, hahahahaaha
I need an outlet.
Right now, it's fine because we live with other people in the same roof with two room.
So we can ignore each other if we really wanted to, haha
Sometimes he comes into my room to fart (really loud) and then leaves.

I don't want to be engaged to fart boy especially since I dislike 98% of everything Seattle.
The good 2% is Minh himself (apart from loud farting). lol
and his parents and their two dogs.


  1. awwww. i'm sorry to read that your experience in washington basically sucks. yep it's pretty darn depressing during the winter time. hey! at least you can pull out your cute rainboots and put em into use? =/ there actually really nice apartments in kent if you look into it. :) ehhh bell-town is pretty nice tooo (near dt seattle). renton/skyway is pretty darn ghetto. :D

  2. Hi Hun! I'm sending you a mail...I grew up in Seattle and went to University there. I understand everything you're saying!

  3. Hehe, guys and farting :p It seems like they all do this kind of things in public, without shame! I'm happy to know that you're in the process of figuring all that out, good luck ^^

  4. what with guys and their fart-and-run? feels almost like a hit-and-run :p hm..sorry to hear about the gloomy washington, one of my best friend live around that area but he never told me about the gloominess so Im not so aware it is THAT gloomy. I hope your future arrangement will bring more smiles and happiness to you :)

  5. that has to be so hard seeing no sun! i live in new england so it is cold and snowy, but we still get some sun at least...when we do have long periods of clouds and rain though, i get depressed too.
    no matter what you do, you are going to be just fine- you are smart and independent- i have no doubt things will work out perfectly for you!!

  6. I'm really sorry you're having such a bad time. The only similar experience I've had is when I was living in CO and my BF was in SC. It was hard, and I was pretty unhappy. I also took out my unhappiness on him and I would randomly get mad at him and yell at him on the phone. Now that I'm in SC he tells me that if I'd stayed in CO for much longer we probably wouldn't be together, which I agree with... I was just so depressed then. There's just too much of a difference between CO and SC. I am just too used to being in the south.

    Anyhow you need to do what is best for you. It's not healthy to be unhappy. :)

  7. Interesting stretch machine thing.... lol.

    You might want to think the house for others to rent, in case you decide to get up and leave Washington. Just an option if you don't want to rent.

    If you want dogs, I hope you're thinking about pet insurance too! and LOL at Minh for just going into your room just to fart. haha. I know how you feel about not being happy. I am too. I have other roomates in this house but the boo doesn't live here and I don't know.... My heart feel belong here. =[

  8. omg. i always see that machine at the gym and wanted to use it (cause who doesn't like a good stretch?!?) but had no idea what to do! hahahaha. thanks for the visuals.

    yes. rent. don't buy. don't buy in a place where you're unhappy. :( maybe things will get better once the whole roommate situations are no longer an issue? kinda diff. situation, but i used to work at this place i LOVED. then this one girl came to work there, and the place i loved became the place i loathed. it's amazing how one person can change the whole dynamic of a situation.

  9. omg. i always see that machine at the gym and wanted to use it (cause who doesn't like a good stretch?!?) but had no idea what to do! hahahaha. thanks for the visuals.

    yes. rent. don't buy. don't buy in a place where you're unhappy. :( maybe things will get better once the whole roommate situations are no longer an issue? kinda diff. situation, but i used to work at this place i LOVED. then this one girl came to work there, and the place i loved became the place i loathed. it's amazing how one person can change the whole dynamic of a situation.

  10. I love love that stretch machine. My gym has quite a few of them and before I found out they existed, I never ever stretched, but that machine makes it so convenient!!

    && I had no clue Seattle was so gloomy. Everytime I've gone the weather was pretty decent. You should definitely move somewhere sunnier ! I find that gloomy weather always brings me down too, so I can't imagine having that 24/7.

  11. LOL I LOVE THAT machine at the gym! It's literally the only one I'll use every time! haha! It stretches the back & shoulders out sooo good! Even though you look weird as hell doing it!

    I'm with your cousin.. If you're really that unhappy in Forks-ville, rent for now. Save your money for when you decide where you want to be permantly.

    Remember Steph comes first! :)

  12. You should totally come to California and stay in orange county!!!! Plenty of sun year round and lots of great places to see and have fun :) plenty of new housing too! But summer is killer, so freakin hot :p but if U can handle the heat California is totally awesome ;)

  13. @Sam Jang I was watching project runway too today!! I can't seem to leave a comment for you in your comment box I dunno why! But yes! I can handle the heat lol as long as there's sun, I'm a happy camper!

  14. you will like Seattle in the summer. last summer is only rain a few times most of the time it was sunny. i think that is my fave time there. winter and spring is all full of rain and gloomy-ness. i agree is a bit depressing with all the rain. it made me feel sad.

  15. Heeey that machine sounds cool!! I wanna try it! hahaha farting boyfriends...my boyfriend's actually known for his farting...he farts in front of all his friends. He even sat on me and farted on me like only 2 WEEKS after we started dating! (O.o)

  16. wow you have a serious decision to make, I wish you the best. but if you dont live living in Washington maybe you shouldn't buy a condo or anything permanent. research where u wanna go to, check the weather reports, and pricing, if all else fails come to Atl ;) ;) home of the crazy housewives lol

  17. i don't blame you, i've lived in vancouver for 11 years and even i still feel down and out during the winters! but i guess you get used to it... the summers here ARE very gorgeous though... makes up for the gloomy winter months! few more months, hang in there steph! haha!

    i've heard of steppie a few times! i guess the cuteness of pandas and ninja's just can't be helped! ;P

  18. That's why that chic in Twilight is so moody and wishy washy.... It's b/c she lives in Washington...If I could mail you some sun I would... I remember the Real World Seattle.... I think thats why Stephen slapped Irene.....



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