June 2, 2010

DSK Steph's Makeup Collection, New Shoes, Seattle Edition

Now to share with you my beautiful makeup collection, Seattle Edition
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who has the world's best organization skills!
You know who you are : ) You're the bestest!

Minh calls my makeup "lots of crap"
"lots of crap you don't use!"

I call him fart face, game over.

New dresser from Ikea to help me get my life together

Clusters of Joy!!!MAC blushes & eyeshadows
Lots of Cargo b/c of the 50% off sale at Sephora
MAC lipglosses : ) My first obsession
I don't have too many nail polishes because I grew up around way too many bottles of OPI!
MAC & YSL lipsticks that I don't use.... I may be selling my never used YSL lipsticks.
I think they're too soft for me.. the smell is not me either!

Closet Space

I came home & these puppies were waiting for me.
Minh went to Portland (no sales tax!) the weekend I left, and I asked him to pick me up a pair of Reva's with the silver medallion. He got confused, and bought a pair of silver with silver medallion, and black with silver medallion. I told him at least 5 times, that I wanted the black ones with silver.
Looks like I am at a gain! I am normally a 7 1/2 shoe size, but I read all the reviews and they say these run a bit small, and to size up. These are 8's and they fit comfortably. I may go try on the 7 1/2's at Nordstrom just to see how they fit before I wear my 8's out and about.

Where I keep some jewelry supplies
The workroom view : )
Of course I need major light bulbs!
Now I take you into my bathroom : )
I love my shower curtain, it's so pretty!!!
I have a bathtub with shower, and also a separate shower.
I dunno why, but I got the best of both worlds!
I just found these at The Body Shop, can't wait to scrub away the dead skin cells!

My new obsession, Lush!
I'm a fan!
So far, I've tried Honey Bee bath bomb (not pictured)
Do you have a favorite bath bomb?

I've only taken 2 bathes so far, usually I'm a shower person.
But now...after discovering the fun of bath bombs, I'm going to make an effort to take a relaxing bath at least once a week. :D
As you can see, I'm still working on my LUSH collection : )
So much space to fill!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On my sink, you see my new Bobbi Brown Foundation!
I'm in Natural 4, so far I'm loving it! I wore it to my sister's graduation and it stayed all day & night. I'm impressed
Random! Me with my lil sister in Michigan before her big moment : )
WOO for Walmart contact solution!

She even washed my brushes for me!
Friendship at it's best!!!!

I just started taking Maxi-Hair from Whole Foods, I want my hair to grow grow grow!
THE BEST FOOD EVER CREATED! Minh and I loveeeee them!

Random home decor..Minh's selection
Or Kitchen's theme is red
Does anyone know what this says?


  1. ahhh! Loved it! :) I love the way everything's organized. I wish I can organize my stuff like that sometime. ^o^

  2. aww looks like nickel filled out a bit :)

    i'm jealous of your collection! damn! :P

  3. I want to shop in your makeup collection, so awsome!!
    Your view is great, perfect for the work station.

  4. hey hun, would you let me know if the Maxi-Hair works. I'm looking for vitamins to grow my hair as well. Do you recommend anything for nails?

  5. @Tiffany, I will definitely keep you posted on the Maxi-Hair.

    Have you tried OPI nail envy for stronger nails? My friend told me Sally's has a great product for nail growth as well. Look into the bases that you layer on each day for 7 days, the remove and reapply. They really work!

  6. Lol Steph you know I'm in nearby ;] if you ever want anyone to stop by and look through your collection I'm always available *wink wink* HAHA sound so creepy but seriously your collection is out of this world!!!!

  7. I love organizing things in a new place =) Hope you tell us what you think of the bb foundation!

  8. haha round of applause! mannn i have a love/hate relationship with your makeup! TOO MUCH! tell you that everyday! :)

  9. your make up collection just made me die. (: and i have the same light stand as you! haha tory burch<3

  10. Such a lovely place! :)
    man... look at all that makeup! :) awesome collection!

  11. keeps growing and growing. we have to agree w/Minh though, it is crap we dont use. hahaha sigh* for the love of makeup.
    Stephanie, two tory burch flats!! yeee!!! lucky girl.

    ps review on the vitamins!!! i wanbt Rapunzel's hair by winter! =)

  12. this is like makeup porno! i loveee it all! and how you keep most your makeups in their boxes, wish i had saved mine, too..and the wall decor of dream/laugh is extra unique :)

  13. needless to say, your collection is uh-mazing steph!

    but what caught my eyes the most was those cute tissue boxes hahaha! i love cute everyday stuff, it makes life more fun! :)

  14. needless to say, your collection is uh-mazing steph!

    but what caught my eyes the most was those cute tissue boxes hahaha! i love cute everyday stuff, it makes life more fun! :)

  15. HOMG soooo oh oh much cra-... Makeup!!
    Cute kleenex boxes!
    And that asian-y sign seems too messy to read, but seems like it's japanese?

  16. That's like make up heaven!! I love your watermelon tissue box xDD It's adorable! =] Please do a review on the maxi-hair from whole foods. I'm trying to grow out my hair and it's taking a bit long x_X

  17. wow ur lippies are all organized! :) great makeup collection! did u manage to bring everything with you?

  18. LOL love this post! "i grew up around too many bottles of OPI" LOL!! i love your little work room though where do u keep the finished products?

  19. Good lawd steph that is a HUGE makeup collection you have there. I would get lost for hours looking at your make up and sifting through your jewellery supplies.

  20. WowEee~~
    look at your collection!!
    Do you know every single thing you have in there?? I find I know which makeup I have but cant seem to remember things I hear at uni ><

    When I saw the drawers I was thinking she must have clothes in there, didnt expect to see so much makeup!! Love it!!!!!

    You should do a post on your favourite products (probably hard to choose) but would be fun :)

  21. You are so organized! Your make up collection is awesome! So many things!! LOve Love it! and Tory burch!! OMGOSHHH!! i have yet to get me a pair <3

  22. Girl, I must say this.. your collection is f... amazing! I thought I had lots of 'crap', but hell you have even more! XD

  23. Holy moly!!!! That is A LOT of makeup girl! But I wouldn't have expected any less from ya.

  24. you have a lot of make up !!! lol..

    i really like this post.. idk why.. lol.

  25. you have a lot of make up !!! lol..

    i really like this post.. idk why.. lol.

  26. I loved all your photos of your place! Your work view is amazing!

  27. WHOA that is A LOT of make-ups!!! I love the how your friend organized everything, now can I borrow her? lol

    BEAUTIFUL TB shoes and you got two! yay!

  28. Hey babe, I love your make up collection.. it's huge and so nicely organized. *jealous* Mine stays organized for like a couple days then I stop caring and just throw everything into a drawer. =P

  29. Damnn nice collection steph! Thought I have lots of makeup but i am wrong lol...your new apartment is starting to fill up with your stuff :P feel like a home now doesn't it... =P

  30. I'm a Tory Burch fiend, too ^^

  31. DAYUM Steph! But great job to you and was is Marisa(?) on the organization! Looks good!

    Your views are soo amazing! I can never get over that. And yes cute bathroom & love the painting! Simple yet intriguing!

    TrueNorth clusters are the SHIT!! THe one w/ pistachios is good too!

    NICKEL!!!!! :D

  32. ayo! hehe.
    i'm wondering about the Maxi-Hair...
    has it been working for you?
    i mean everyone's body is different, but can you keep us posted about it?
    thankies either way. (:

  33. You called Minh a fart face??? LOL!!!!! U're so mean!! :D

    I heard so many good reviews about Lush products but i never tried them before. There's a store in Santa Monica that i passed by on several occasions, and i just never cared to go in. Maybe one day!

    And look at all that make-up and make-up brushes....time for another blog sale??


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