June 2, 2010


I've discovered Specialty's Cafe & Bakery recent since I've moved to the Seattle side of Seattle, lol. If that makes sense. In my opinion, they have a very diverse lunch menu & they rotate their sweet treats. I've only been to two of their locations, one in University Village, where you have the option of eating outside (we had the dog with us). And yesterday, I paid a visit to the Specialty's in Bellevue Square Mall. I usually don't eat at the mall because it's usually expensive low quality food. But Speciality's is different ~ I found everything to be high quality & fresh. I tried "The Chairman" sandwich yesterday. It cost $7.99 for just the sandwich, and I just got a cup of water fo' free. A bit $$$ for a small sandwich, but I was really hungry and didn't want to eat bad mall food...for example, Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Herb bread
Dijon mustard (the kind with the seeds!!!)

In non-food news, I've been sick since my sister's graduation.
Our dad got sick somehow, and then spread it to all of us. I took muxinex that helped for 2 days, but now it's bad again. You know you're still sick when you can't wake up because your body is tired, and your head is not clear.

While I was gone, Minh moved the rest of the house to the apartment. Now our apartment looks like a tornado hit, twice.

I need to get used to forming my habits.
I need to set up my work space, and get going!
I have a lot of work to do this week.

Random Fact: Balenciaga raised their prices on selected bags by $50-$150 dollars as of May 1st, 2010. I read that they have raised their prices by $245 since 2006.

I know LV raised their prices not too long ago either.
But I have noticed that they have once lowered their price on Men's wallet. They lowered it from $405 to $395. lol The reason I know is because I was stalking a wallet for my boyfriend at the time.

I'm pretty satisfied with my bag collection. I just would like a Gucci & Prada bag, since I haven't ventured into those brands yet.

Are there any bags you're eyeing right now?

I really like this one, although it does resemble the LV Neverfull's.
Mixed feelings now, oi!


  1. I hope you feel better! I'm sick at the moment too lol.. That sandwich looks really good xD

  2. @SY I hope you get well soon too! :)

  3. Get well soon!! Drink lots of liquids and get some rest as well. That sandwich looks delicious and it has avocado too i'm having a avocado crave these days :) i will have to add that place to my list of "to try in Seattle" If you ever are close by to this place call Paseo is has really delicious sandwiches and they are messy to eat so take the extra napkins they give you. after the bf and i tried it we just kept telling everyone how good it was. I can't wait to be in Seattle again.. just a few more weeks!!! Here's the website.

  4. aw get better soon!! lots of water and sleep!! just sleep sleep sleep!
    i was sick last week too and was drugged up on antibiotics.. not a good feeling.. i felt like i was dying..

    have u seen the chloe paraty?? or the miumiu bow bag?? chloe and miumiu have the best bags and the heaviest
    im eyeing the chloe but its double the price here argghhh

  5. drools for both the sandwich and the gucci bag :)

  6. Yum that looks good, I'll keep that in mind next time i go to Bellevue Square, never noticed that place.

  7. Feel better soon!!

    Whoa $7.99 for just a sandwich. WEll knowing me I'd prob get it and eat too, so... But it looks hella big at least! And sounds semi-gourmetish from the ingredients! LOL!

  8. have you checked out the gucci pelham? they placed it into their classics a couple of years ago
    its definitely my absolute favourite bag from the house


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