October 8, 2010

LOTD: MAC Shadowy Lady Quad, Jazzed Lipstick

I pulled out my MAC Shadowy Lady Eyeshadow Quad to use today : )
Lancome Artliner (AWESOME).
MAC Zoom Lash
Anastasia Go Brow Pencil
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
Lancome Nu Powder
MAC Blush Utterly Game
MAC Jazzed Lipstick (Thank you Alexa!!!)
Dior Pink Lipgloss (don't remember which one exactly)

What's remaining of my lash extensions, I made an appointment for October 20th for a fill :D
I love love love Lancome's Artliner, it's just the best liquid liner I've ever tried.
It's officially an HG for me
I don't really think Jazzed goes well with the Shadowy Lady Quad lol.
I always fail at pairing up my makeup!

My Left Eye...less lashes, for some reason I pull them out at night!
My Right Eye = more lashes left

I haven't had my eyebrows threaded in a few weeks, I just started plucking them when they need some plucking lol.
I actually like them more full, it makes me look nicer *high five*!

I'm wearing NARS Sheer Glow in Stromboli with Lancome Nu Powder to set.
Jazzed lipstick, I've been wanting you forever!

Minh and I walked over to the new headquarters ^_^
Check out how historic this building look inside

It reminds me of the interior of the castle in Beauty & The Beast! lol
We're on floor 9, but more about that later :D
We walked over to Westlake Center for some lunch, just a fun picture from the food court.
You can see our apt / home :D
I'm hoping to see Taylor Lautner & RPatz!
Westlake Center
Walking home, Sephora is right behind those trees :D
And ta da!!! I finally got myself some Moroccan Oil! :D
I got the small bottle since the big one was $41 at Regis
$14.00 not too bad :) I'm loving it so far, it smells like an enhanced vanilla with floral accents.

Time for my boys!
Timmy & Wally
Look at Timmy's tail! lol it's so cute, he was wagging it ^_^
Now that Wally can jump up on the couch he's always looking out the window.
It's a whole new world for him :D
Today Timmy & Wally are now 6 months old!

My Banana Republic Online Fashion Haul from last night
They had free shipping & 25% off an entire order over $100
I've been wanting these leopard print peep toe heels!
I haven't had the heart to wear my leopard print Louboutins yet...
I guess I'm saving them lol.
But these..I won't feel bad wearing!

This looked like a good deal! I recently started to fall in love with wearing simple dresses.
Since I work from home it's just super comfy!
I've never had a pair of BR jeans, I figured the sale was a good time to buy. I hope they work out ::crosses:: fingers!

I also picked up a bunch of under gear lol from Aerie & VS.
It's just that time of year to throw out the old, and replace them with the new : )

Ann Taylor has these gorgeous heels for $198..which I think is too much for AT.
They have a similar pair but with a kitten heel for $129 and I think 40% off now, but I haven't been able to find them in stores or available in my size online.
I think I'll save my dollars and invest that into the pair of leopard Reva Tory Burch flats that I've been lusting for...
I need to get them the next time I'm in Portland!
I've always had a think for leopard print flats :D
We'll see ya later!
Minh & I are going to meet up with his brother & lady friend for dinner somewhere in Chinatown/Viet Town. I think it's a place called Vietnam House? Has anyone tried it? (Seattle).


  1. i'm excited for you about the new office! the building looks amazing! reminds me of the building where i get my eyebrows threading back home in nyc. your puppies are so cute! wally looks like my maltipom. i miss when his ears use to stand up lol.

  2. How exciting to have an office! I can't wait when that will happen to me haha but hearing about all yours success makes me jealous hehe :]

  3. I'm going to need to investigate that liner. The line is all kinds of SeXy!!!
    I noticed that the sun is out in the pics!!!
    #teamwally ;p


  4. haha you and i are the same. i havent had my eyebrow threaded in about a month. i keep up with them though, by plucking the little hairs coming out. im so happy to see that you are moving to a bigger office :) yay for success.

  5. I LOVE your eyelashes! I have been debating over getting eyelash extensions for some time now. How do you like them? And are they a pain to maintain or keep up with?

  6. Your lashes are so pretty and I love your makeup today. : ) Yay for the giveaway! I've been saving up for an LV bag to get myself for Christmas. LOL If I win this for Christmas, then I'd be so happy.. ^_^

    You probably already noticed I follow both your blogs & Twitter, but I've just followed your bf's blog. And I've purchased from you three times before. : )

    And happy birthday to your puppies!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. can i just say how amazing you are for offering to give away a brand new Louis Vuitton Speedy that you paid for with your OWN money? not only that but it gives people who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to own a LV in real life to actually have one? crazy. I'm in "forbearance" right now with SallieMae. do you know what that is? Can Minh make it a subject on his blog? =\

    I've been a long time follower of yours but I don't comment often but I guess I should start! haha I think the only times I commented were when you would stop blogging for a while and i'd be like, "wth! where are those long posts of yours?" lol

    anyways, i follow everything. lol i'm "adikim" on twitter and we talked about Chanel purses right after their crazy price increase. I told you that they're going to have another one in November, right?

    i'm "blogger" i'm "MadisonGrace"

    and i loveeeee following your dsk site. i even left a comment on an older picture about how i absolutely gorgeous one of your "everything" bracelets was!

    =) big fan. haha

  8. I love your makeup in this post! :)
    This is such a generous giveaway, I'm looking forward to it ^^

  9. Great finds from BR!! And please do a review on the Moroccan Oil... I've been curious ever since Pink mentioned it! ^___^

  10. your lash extensions look so much better than mine when i got them done :( and some of the lashes were stuck on more than one of my real lashes and it hurt whenever i touched the lash because it would tug TWO lashes -_- do you have that problem too?? they look good though ;)

    PS! how do you like the NARS sheer glow foundation?? i'm thinking of getting it because my paul & joe foundation is too yellow for me :(

    one last thing.... TIMMY AND WALLY!!! <3 that is all hahaha :D

  11. Oh wow, thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway! Shadowy Lady seems to be a very popular quad, it looks good on you, esp. with those lenses! and aah yet another person who creates perfect winged liner, no matter how many time I try, I just can't get it right! hehe your dogs are adorable, I've always wanted a pet :( When I was younger, I begged my mom a million times for a Pomeranian, since she had one when she was little. The closest I ever got to a pet was Peter Rabbit lol. I LOVE BR Dresses, they're always so comfy, congrats on finding those shoes :) supercute!

  12. @griselda lash extensions don't hurt at all, they just take 2 full hours for a full set. It is a bit annoying at first when you shower b/c water gets on the lashes and sometimes into your eyes because you're not quite used to it yet. But overall, I love having them, they're fun and flirty!

    I can't wait to get a fill :)

  13. @The Little Dust Princess you're always been full of support, I appreciate your visits on my blogs ^_^

  14. @Gjee Minh just told me he replied to your comment on his blog. I'm not familiar, but he says it's nothing bad. Check Minh's blog for the reply to your comment ^_^

  15. @thexxsmall it smells amazing! I can definitely tell you know that it makes my hair feel super soft without feeling greasy! I also have tried Macadamia oil, but the smell isn't as amazing as the Moroccan brand oil ^_^

    Try it! They have it at hair salons in the mall :)

  16. @susan. I'm excited for the office. Can't wait until it's ready to move it :) It's something I've always wanted. To share an office location with my bf!

  17. @JeanieOBeanie how long have you been using it for? I'm only on day 2! lol how do you like to use yours? after you shower?

  18. @grace good things come to those who wait! ^^

  19. @Mare do they offer memberships for the eyebrow threading at your location? I bought 7 eyebrows/lips for $65 not too bad?

  20. @Mare do they offer memberships for the eyebrow threading at your location? I bought 7 eyebrows/lips for $65 not too bad?

  21. @reggi yeah that happened to me too! It was annoying b/c when I would sleep I would turn and my lashes would hit the pillow and it would be so annoying! It did hurt/sting a little bit, but now I'm used to it..or maybe it's better b/c they got separated. Make sure to brush them out, I do that everyday now and it's less of a pain. I hate it the most when the lash turns upside down!

  22. I looove Lancome's Artliner too! I've been using it for years now. Congrats on the new office! Office tour?

    You look better with fuller brows. Fuller brows = more youthful look.

    Your blogs always entertain me. Keep it up!

  23. @Angie, it's being remodeled now, official day we get the key is Oct 15th :) tour will be coming soon!

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  25. omg u are soo generous!!! That's awesome what you're doing! That would be so nice to actually own an LV bag I told myself I wouldn't get one until I get out of nursing school haha cuz I want it to be my reward for surviving school ahaa >.<..I really like your FOTD and Jazzed lipstick--its a beautiful color! Take care Steph! And your doggies--so cute!!

  26. awesome giveaway thanks steph so generous of you :)

  27. viet house is awesome! me n my boyfriend r regulars its next to this fancy semi Americanized restaurant can Tamerin tree, also viet but more expensive. Viet house is like a hole in the wall but great food and really cheap.

    U should try Greenleaf, also in chinatown. A friend of mine own it and they make great viet food too.

  28. Wow I think that's very nice of you two to do such a wonderful expensive giveaway for your readers!! (:

  29. Tim & Wally are super cute!! Happy 6 months old!!

  30. Your makeup looks gorgeous, hon! :) I'm getting ready to go to my friend's wedding and you makeup is giving me ideas :)

    Moroccan Oil sounds really neat! Maybe I'll try something like that for my hair since I don't put a whole lot to it :o

    ...wow. Timmy and Wally certainly are getting bigger! They're looking great though! :D Happy 6 months!

    And the bag looks gorgeous! Good luck to everyone in the contest! :)

  31. Hi there, I just became a follow of your blog and I SWEAR I was following you Twitter but I noticed I didn't get any of your updates! I'm still learning, please forgive me ;).

    I learned about you from PAG and frmheadtotoe.

    I would love to be entered! I will add you on twitter (for real this time) too :)


    Curls and Pearls

  32. Congrats on the new office space! At first it sorta reminded me of the King County Superior Court house. haha

    Two very authentic/yummy Vietnamese places you should try (or maybe you have already) is Green Leaf and Lemongrass. One of my friend's mom works as the cook for the Lemon Grass branch near Seattle U (so that's my favorite spot to hit up). The one on Jackson St is pretty good too. =D

  33. congratulations on your new office!!! it's amazing how you accomplished so much and you're living the life that you want :) i really hope i can do the same when i graduate!!! wally & timmy are so cute-- my dog sleeps like that too. sometimes on her back and then she'll bark throughout the night (dreams?) lol. what color brow pencil do you use? I have yet to find one that looks natural on me!

  34. STEPH:
    I don't understand how you will be picking a winner?

    But this is an awesome contest! :)

    <3 a fellow Seattleite,

  35. @Pearls&Politics, I'm going to pick the winner based on their involvement in my blogs on Christmas day

  36. Wow, I'm excited about your giveaway! Your requests weren't hard to do =) I hope I win ;D

    Your lashes still look great! Are you going to still try Latisse? I so wanted to try Latisse but my eye-doctor recommended me not to because of the long-term effect it'll have on my lashes =(

    Your makeup is on point, as always. That Lancome Artliner looks good on you. What's the difference with that and drugstore liquid liner?

  37. Wow, this is a big away! :) I will comment when ever I get the chance. I love learning from you Steph! You tweeted that this is the only month that has 5 saturdays, 5 sundays, and 5 sundays and it only happens in 800 something yrs! hehe, I told that to my hubby and he said what are you talking about? I guess he wasn't interested in it as much as I am. lol, I'm just so interested in the most littlest thing. Also about the owner of LV is also the owner of Sephora if I'm correct. I don't comment much but my eyes are following. If it means to comment and support you starting today, count me in girl. I love the lash extensions you have. I noticed the big difference when you first had them on and now its going away. It sure makes your eyes bigger! :D Since Washington is my home, I know when your posting up stuff saying where your going, I be like oh today she went there. ha ha! Not to be stalker like or anything. lol. Will most definitely will be leaving comments when there are new posts! <33 Angela

  38. Hey Steph!^^

    Congratulations to you and your bf on the new office! Can't wait to see more pictures ;]

    I just started as a follower of your blogs, but I've been reading them for awhile. Hope you don't mind my referencing your twitter through here, just a question about the friction stick for heels that you mentioned you love!

    Do you think that's the same product as the one you mentioned? Hate that US and Canada versions sometimes differ =( Really want to pick one of these up~

    Thanks soooo much for mentioning this product! You've pretty much saved my feet for the rest of my life lol<333

  39. Hey steph:)
    I have to say, that look is the best look I've seen you in. The last picture with the whole face and cute hair is my favorite:) Your skin looks so flawless! I have to try that foundation now!

    Ohhh can you please give updates about your Moroccan Oil? I want to know more about it on real people before I spend money on it:)

    Wow your babies have grown up! They were so tiny when you first got them, as I recall. They're huge now! hahaha:) But cute nonetheless!

    NO!!! Don't enable me to go shopping!! I spent way to much money on skin stuff and cosmetics! However, that is a good deal...25% off entire order AND free shipping over $100....just maybe:)

    So your giveaway really is the Ultimate Christmas giveaway!!! When I saw your tweet, I was so excited to start entering!!! Thank you for giving us readers the opportunity to win this gorgeous bag. I haven't seen any other bloggers who have been so generous! I love supporting a fellow Vietnamese woman who's making a name for herself:) I have been saving up to buy one of your Everything bracelets but every time I do, I'm too late! It's ok...one of these days I'll snatch one for myself! But again, thank you for this amazing opportunity!!!


  40. Im so excited hopefully i can keep up with all the bloggs lol

  41. you're lashes still look good! i've seen some really nasty ones that look clumpy and just like tangled up haha.
    and where do you purchase your circle lens at?! you have so many.. i've been trying to find a good site that sells with prescription. are yours plano or with a prescription?

  42. @Christine I used to get them from prettyandcute.com but they don't sell contacts anymore :/

    I have -6.0 prescription, it's pretty bad lol

  43. wow i had to scroll down SO far to get to here, hahaha. you should get everything on that wishlist! so luxe looking :) and i love the shadowy lady quad on you, then again you just have really pretty eyes too <3

  44. Tim and Wally are so cute!! That's a cute picture with Wally looking out the window, he's so curious. Congrats to you and Minh's on your new headquarters. It is very Beauty & the Beast like! :D
    Would you please do a mini review on the Moroccan oil when you get a chance? I may have to get that!

  45. I absolutely envy where you're living at the moment! The buildings are sooo nice! In montreal we don't have any apartments looking that nice&antique in the lobbies.. T^T

    And thank you so much for holding this giveaway~

    Are you creating any christmas collection jewellery? =O

  46. omggg, your eyes are soo pretty! are you wearing the GEO Angel Brown circle lens? they're SOOOO pretttyyyy. im so jealous. i had a pair once but ruined my eyes. :( its so sad!! i really loved the way it looks on me! lol. anywho, Wally and Timmy are so frickin adorble!! im sitting here looking at your blog and my mom is sitting ryte next to me and goes "omg, co!" LOL. she also thinks they're cute. ^_^

    anywho, thanks for awesome giveawayyy! you are so giving! :)

  47. i'm jealous of your makeup skills! i'm not so talented with eyeshadow ); but i love the way you do yours!

    thanks for hosting the amazing giveaway! i love Speedys! <3

  48. AHHH SPEEDY! So generous of you!

  49. Hi Steph :D

    WOW great christmas present for sure for the lucky Gal!! X3 I wish I could read blogs everyday and be more involved T__T well you and you BF are so sweet<3 take care Hun<3

  50. @eki thanks ^_^ we need to catch up soon! It's been a while. I know you've been a busy bee with the move & the business! Hope to chat soon!

  51. girl i'm loving those eyes of yours! I've been thinking of going for a search to own the Shadowy quad since I know you like it.

    Is it weird that everytime I see the Space Needle I think about you?!? I was watching the show "House Hunters" and this guy is looking for a place at Downtown Seattle and they showed the Space Needle lol! I was like "Oh that's where Steph lives!" lol! Yeah I know it's weird lol!

  52. You have gorgeous face Steph! :) and yes, that's so generous of you to give away a speedy bag! Such a nice gift -- and I'm sure whoever is the lucky girl, will have a very merry christmas! hahah! :)

  53. Just wanted to say that your puppies are adorable! Six months?! Wow!

    I have two puppies of my own too! Two little miniature schnauzers and boy do they grow up fast. My two puppies are going to be one year old soon! They grow up so fast! I remember when we brought them home, they were so tiny and now they're so big and fat hahahah!!!

    ^_^ Good luck on your contest! And LOVE the interior to the building. I love historical looking interiors. They're just beautiful. ;D Dress up as Belle for Halloween and take pictures ;D!!!

  54. That building looks so . . . . Historic?
    Lol, in a good way!!
    I really like it.
    And the eye shadow looks FABULIOUS on you!
    Although from what I have seen on this blog so far there isn't a thing you can wear that wouldn't look amazing on you.
    have a good day!

  55. Love how you do your smokey eyes! It's dramatic enough to stand out during the day but muted enough so it isn't over the top, gorgeous.

    Is the headquarters for DSK Jewelry? The interior of the building looks so classy!

    Happy belated to Timmy and Wally!

    And btw, such a generous giveaway! I will be sure to follow all the blogs and tweet your giveaway! Cant wait to find out winner!

  56. Your puppies are simply adorable :].

  57. I love your both your blogs and have been following for some time now. I love reading about your makeup reviews, life, jewelry designs, and fashion buys.

    Your super sweet for holding such a large giveaway.

    P.S. Heheh I love love your watch, I have a similar one to yours except mine is crystals in the inside for MARC's first name.

  58. Steph, I just bought a Jazzed lipstick from someone on live journal and I can't wait to get it! I have you to thank for my frenzy trying to find it...it looks so awesome on you! I hope to get some moroccan or macadamia oil for my hair soon, too. :)

  59. heyyy im sorta late but i shall keep up by reading all your previous posts :)
    i didnt know you had a personal blog!!!! >.<
    i love watching your timmy+walle videos :)

  60. *oops sorry i spelt wally's name wrong
    my bad x

  61. Your eyes look amazing! Moroccan Oil is awesome!!! :) I love it!

    And what a awesome prize! WOW O_O

    I'd love to enter!!

  62. just had to share your awesome giveaway with others, here is my posting of your contest.


  63. I love the eye look! You should do makeup tutorials Stephanie :)

    && your eyelashes are so gorgeously long! *jealous*

  64. You shouldn't pick your lashes out! Just as bad as biting nails. :P They do however look great. And you can't even tell your eyebrows needed to be done...pssshshhh...girl please ^.^

  65. Your puppies are so adorable! I'm such a sucker for cute puppies but I don't think I could take care of my own :( I'll drool over yours for now. haha

  66. Exciting giveaway! I followed Minh's blog, you sister's blog, both of your blogs, and I'm an old customer of yours! I guess I just have to tell the rest of my sisters about this fab giveaway!

    <33 Rena

  67. Steph! You are so absolutely gorgeous. I think I forgot to mention that I can see that your puppies are growing and they are too adorable! I want to hug them now. LOL.

  68. Great giveaway! Seriously!! How do you top that? Anyway, I mentioned your giveaway in my blog. It might sound a little funny. I love all your jewelry and make up!

  69. Wow such a generous giveaway. I love LV! Now following everyone on your list, and I am now following you on twitter.
    I plan on following your blog everyday, and posting a comment everyday.

  70. I would DIE for your view at home!!! That would be sooo awesome!!!

    On another note, can I just say how jealous I am of your eyelash extensions??? Um, yea.

    I LOVE the Moroccan oil in my hair! It's made SUCH a difference!!!

    Thanks hun!

  71. The make up is great (;

    I work in Westlake. Would love to meet you one day!

  72. Omgshh!! The giveaway is awesome!! I gotta tell you I love your makeup and I envy that new view of yours ;)

  73. The Shadowy Lady e/s quad is mine now. Hehe! I will try and recreate this EOTD with the winged eyeliners. I think i'll FAIL!

    What an amazing giveaway! You two are just too generous!!

  74. wow that place looks amazing! good luck on the new office.
    Also great giveaway. really generous.

  75. Not sure if I mentioned this already but if you go to LV stores in Paris it's less expensive. You get your VAT taxes back at the airport. I got my first LV there (retails at 1000.00 USD) I got about 150 euros back. So I got a little over 200 bucks back at the airport!!

  76. cannot wait for Dec 3 to roll around haha I am so anxious for the giveaway haha even if I dont win, I love the rush.

  77. Wow great giveaway! And you're eyes are stunning!

  78. Oooh and I forgot to say that I am totally in love with your dogs!!! ♥
    I'm a big animal lover myself and I also have 2 dogs :D.

  79. I love your EOTD. And I definitely thought you were wearing false lashes until I saw the caption about eyelash extensions.

    What camera do you use? I try taking pics of my eyeshadow but my camera doesn't do a good job :/ (I'm sorry if you answered this question before..I'm about to go explore the rest of your blog!)

  80. wow what a great place to live! =) i've been to seattle but it was only for a short while to board my cruise a few years back.

  81. Thanks for hosting such a generous contest <3

  82. I love what you are contact lenses. And your kids are adorable. I love animals
    This competition is great. I've always dreamed of having a Louis Vuitton bag, but unfortunately I have enough money to buy one. So participate in this contest is a fantastic illusion. would be proud to win. But anyway I think the winner will be lucky. I wish luck to all.

  83. I want to thank you so much for being generous enough to host this giveaway! I wanted you to know that I love the products that you make, they're gorgeous girl! Although, I have a minimal chance of winning, I still want to give my thanks. Wishing you, "Happy Holidays," from the Bay Area. May you have a prosperous new year !

  84. you are honestly SO generous for this giveaway!


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