July 1, 2011

EOTD #2: Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoise Shell Eyeshadow Palette

Check out my new framez & one inch thick lenses. 8)
Nail polish is OPI "Pink-ing of You."
I used Espresso as my eyeliner! It's a gorgeous shade for a softer lined eyes look.
Amber in the inner corners, Tiger's Eye on the lids, and Copper Cocoa mixed with a hint of Espresso for the crease (then blended out).

Tiger's Eye is my favorite from the bottom layer of shadows from the Bobbi Brown Tortoiseshell Bronze Palette. Espresso is a close second because of it's rich beautiful dark color. Amber is more glittery and sheer (it's there, but barely there, subtle kind of shimmer glitter shadow). They kind of drive me nuts because they're so hard to see!

I did bust out MAC's Naked Pigment to use as my highlight and to blend out the Cooper Cocao/Expresso shadows.

Eyes: Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Bronze (4 bottom layer shadows), MAC Zoom Lash Mascara, MUFE Aqua Eyes Black.
Lips: YSL #1 Rouge Volupte, MUFE 1C Lipliner
Cheeks: Cargo Matte Bronze, Paul & Joe Bambi Blush (Coral-pink), MAC Golden Nectar Highlight Powder.

I think falsies (false lashes) will really complete the look. I just haven't been able to find the pair I want to wear and just gave up. lol

My new Chanel glasses arrived a few weeks back but I haven't really been wearing them during the day. I had to go back to Lenscrafters two weeks ago to get them adjusted.
They have an interesting quilted pattern in the sparkly grey frames.
They fit so much better than my previous Tory Burch pair. I also like that these are "Made in Italy." The TB's were made in China for the same price. Not that it really matters.. lol, but it is a mind trick!

I love the bow details on the side of the frames. I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses with the same bows in white. :)
My prescription is (-7.0, -7.0) and these frames don't make my thick lenses look crazy. lol
The worst is being a "four-eyed" girl with unflattering thick lenses (unless that's the look you were going for lol). I do still want a pair of Ray Bans. They're just so casual and fun.
Time for some doggie pics!
I shaved the dogs about a week and a half ago, lol they look so funny!
I even shaved Wally's tail because he gets so dirty when we go to the dog park. he goes into the lake sometimes to fetch his tennis ball.
The boys have taken over my couch cushion for good!
Last but not least, Nickel Tran!
Nickel napping in his luxurious Costco Kirkland Signature doggie bed lol.

In random sale news...

I can believe these went on sale! What a good deal for those in the market for a classic nude pair of CL's. It's SO hard to snag a pair of Louboutins on sale at Barneys.com. I've ordered 2 pairs in the past..and a few days later they'd e-mail saying my size was out of stock. It's a really sad e-mail to get! lol Anyone who shops Barney's sales knows what I'm talking about!

Have a great Friday night everyone!
Minh and I are starting Beastly. It looks like the modern day version of Beauty & The Beast except more dramatic and scary!!


  1. your new glasses look amazing on you! :) i also love the makeup. you look gorgeous dear! =D

    the doggie pictures are ever so cute. =)

  2. Thanks @sugar sugar! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey steph! Great look! My prescription is almost the same as yours -6.5 - 5.75, and I get an ultra high index grind to get thin lenses. It really helps with the thickness.

    Thanks for the FOTD!

  4. That's such a nice look!! :D and love the glasses! YAY for chanel glasses!! mine's chanel too ^_^ so chic looking!! :D your puppies are so cute :D I want to have puppies once i get a house :) their apartment rent is just so expensive >__<

  5. That's such a nice look!! :D and love the glasses! YAY for chanel glasses!! mine's chanel too ^_^ so chic looking!! :D your puppies are so cute :D I want to have puppies once i get a house :) their apartment rent is just so expensive >__<

  6. Cute look and glasses! I love your skin. It looks so flawless.


  7. The glasses look fab on you! very sexy-librarian :)

  8. Sexy pic! I love it :D Those contacts look really good on you, Steph. They make your eyes sparkle. : )

    Beastly was a pretty good movie! I don't really rmb it anymore since I saw it when it came out, but I think I teared up a bit!

    And just a suggestion for your blog here - your background image makes it really hard to read the purple font in your posts! I have to highlight the text to be able to read it. : )

  9. Loving the look... I adore that palette - I'll have to pick it up.

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  11. for some reason you look a lot younger and your face is a lot slimmer... looking beautiful

  12. Lovely look and I ADORE the glasses!

  13. You are looking quite like the office bombshell ;) Gorgeous! Also loving the design of the glasses, it looks so nice on you! Btw what circle lenses are you wearing?

  14. we dont have them where i live > <
    anyways followed your cool blog

    visit me ?


  15. Steph!!! Don't you look fabulous! <3 with and without your glasses! :)

  16. I love that polish!

    && I have those pumps, my fav :)


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