June 30, 2011

EOTD: Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoise Shell Eyeshadow Palette

Hello again!
I decided to use the top four colors from the palette for today's look.
For those who comment saying I have flawless skin...nah!

I applied Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner (here), MAC Prep & Prime under my foundation. The Pores No More is freaking awesome. Clinique has a version too that I used to use. It just fills in the pores (it doesn't clog your pores) so your makeup applies very evenly and smooth. It also helps with even out your skin with blemishes and all. I also enhanced the exposure and lightly airbrushed my blemishes with a few magical clicks.

I didn't put on any falsies because I couldn't find my Ardell Wispies! lol
It's been driving me nuts. Why am I such an unorganized person?
All makeup looks are better with long lashes or falsies..
It adds 10 beauty points in my book! jk, I like the look.

Photo without any editing or color enhancement. I think my face makeup routine with the Dr. Brandt Pore No More Pore Refiner really gives good photos. lol

*I don't have perfect skin (blemish bump on the right cheek today), and the people I know can vouch for that (go ahead and comment Goolia) lol! My sister and I have our good and bad skin weeks, and months. We both had acne during our mid teen years, but we both saw our family doctor and got that taken care of lol. I actually have several freckles on my nose, but you can't see them when I wear makeup. My Mom and sister both have freckles. They're Asians with freckles like Lucy Lui! I just do a good job hiding imperfections with beauty products (that's what they were created for right?). Good lighting is always #1 for taking great FOTD, or EOTD photos. An amazing camera helps a lot too (I used my Canon 60D). Make Up For Ever HD Powder also does an amazing job at making your skin photogenic. I hope that was helpful!*

I'm currently browsing through the Ulta newsletter/magazine and it looks like Benefit has a product called The POREfessional Pro Balm. Described as silky, translucent primer, Pores..now you see'em now you don't. Has anyone tried it?

Good makeup, good lighting, good camera = beauty blog heaven!

These shadows are all so metallic they just blend into one another without much added effort.
Minh and I got our eyebrows "did" yesterday. I bought a new threading membership for the eyebrows and lips. $65 for 6 visits in 6 months. Not bad. Minh, on the other hand did not purchase a membership. lol

Banana just blends into my skin, it's pretty much my skin color in an eyeshadow, a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in fact.

You can see the Banana eyeshadow on the inner corner in the photo above. ^_^ Olive probably will look really pretty on it's own. The best (most pigmented) shadow of the 4 is definitely Bronze. The palette's name is also Bronze..no wonder it's good. lol Gotta live up to it's name, right?
Would I recommend this palette? Probably not since it's nothing unique apart from the packaging.

I am curious about Sand...but I'll google until I find a review on it. : )

Face: MUFE 5 Palette Concealer (the one with the green), Chanel Mat Lumiere & Pro Lumiere, MUFE HD Powder to set the foundation.
Lips: Barely Bold lipliner by MAC, Tom Ford Blush Nude lipstick
Eyes: Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette in Bronze (Top 4 shadows), MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara, MUFE Aqua Liner in Black.
Dueba Diamond Series Grey Circle Lenses
Cheeks: Cargo Matte Bronze Bronzer, Chanel Pink Explosion Blush, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Duo Medium Dark Highlight Powder.

I will use the bottom 4 eyeshadows from the palette in tomorrow's FOTD.

Thanks for visiting everyone! I appreciate the blog love. #BLOGLOVE!


  1. This is so pretty, I love how your eyes look in this post. The shimmer is really nice


  2. beautiful!! i love what you did with the colors! and NO, you don't even need falsies, your lashes are sooo nice as they are!

  3. @Giang you know us girls love our falsies! lol ;)

    @Tiffany I've been taking Biotin vitamins. But I also used a lot of face products! Prep & Prime by MAC, and Dr. Brandt Pores No More. lol

  4. it looks great on you!!! but yeah it does look similar to a lot of other neutral palettes. Your skin is so smooth & amazing!!!! what's the secret? ^_^

  5. @ShinyPrettyThings Dr. Brandt has this pores no more cream (apply under makeup), it's silicon based I think. Plus, MUFE HD powder always reflects light amazingly :) I've also been taking Borba skin supplements. Will blog about that in a week or two. :)

  6. very pretty!! and i gotta try dr, brandts pore no more..

  7. Steph, you look so cute! & your skin looks amazing :)

    I have the Benefit Porefessional.. it feels really nice on my skin! But I've only used it once or twice, because I don't wear much makeup day to day. Can't really say too much about it, but I'll try it out again sometime soon.. otherwise it will just sit there as always.. haha. I will get back to you!

  8. @fifi I definitely recommend Dr. Brandt Pore No More products!

  9. Gorgous! You and I are about the same foundation shade, so I am really excited about getting the Bronze palette next week!

    BTW - it's OK not to photoshop - I don't!

  10. you're so pretty Steph!!! I always love the looks you do! that lip color looks amazing on u!

    btw, I just got my Pink Friday l/s from the mail today!!! I can't wait to try it out... just wanted to say thank u & thanks for the sucker too!! =)

  11. Hmm! I am curious about the No More Pores now! I have yet to find a primer I am satisfied with. I shall go check it out :D

    I actually got the Sand Palette at IMATS since they were having 40% off! I haven't tried it yet though XD

  12. Lookin gorgeous! I love the neutral eye and your contacts too! Have a great weekend ♥♥

  13. Nice look!


  14. i love the eye makeup that you did dear! ;) i'm also very disorganized mwuahahahaha! high five!

  15. So pretty! I love your glasses, too. The bow at the side is such a cute touch.

  16. This is a gorgeous and very classy look. I love it!

  17. these palettes are so gorgeous--same concept as say, the naked palette..but with that lovely tortoise shell packaging! i don't know what is taking me so long--it's been a hard decision to go with either the bronze or the sand collection. on one hand, i like that the sand collection has so many matte options..but the bronze one has prettier shades!

    and the glasses--lovely! the bows on the side are so cute :) how did i miss that lenscrafters carries chanel? i need to pick up another pair of frames, so i may just pop in and see what they have!


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