August 21, 2011

EOTD: Hana 30 Day Iceye Brown Circle Lenses, MUFE Falsies, and Majolica Majorca Eyeshadows

The mystery gift I received were these awesome Japanese hair velcro's!
The hair velcro is one of the best inventions ever! It keeps your bangs and baby hairs out of your face so you can easily do your makeup or wash your face. : )
It doesn't make your hair frizzy when you take it off either.

My very first animal lens case. :) Yes!!
My 12 year old cousin Thien was over when I opened my package and he was so amused by the colored contacts. I don't think he's really ever seen circle lenses before. lol He'd watch me change my contacts like I was an alien! He didn't care very much for the green pair I was wearing earlier in the week, but he does approve of these brown lenses. : )
He also told me that my feet needed to be moisturized. He was right..they were pretty ashy. lol
I loved having him around because he had so much positive energy! He made me laugh everyday with his sense of humor. :D
Unlike the traditional circle lens vials, these 30 disposable lenses come in a little packet.
I accidentally opened the wrong side of one of the packet and a bunch of contact solution splashed all over my face at full speed. lol My little cousin laughed so hard at my mistake. :D

Circle lenses keep getting better and better. I really like the detail in the lens, it really helps "blend" your natural eyes color in with the contacts.


1. Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette BR799 (refer to my post here)

I used the 3 lightest colors on my lids, and the dark brown on the lower lash line. I told you they were shimmery. :)
2. Make Up For Ever Falsies: My first time wearing MUFE lashes! I can't say I love the style or the quality of the falsies, but I do love how light they feel on. They're the lightest pair of falsies I've ever worn! However, I don't like how you can see the band when you close your eyes.

3. Giorgio Armani #3 Eyebrow Pencil: I've only used this once and I am really liking it so far! I learned about this pencil from Raeview. Thanks Rae for the recommendation!

4. Make Up For Ever Black Gel Eyeliner: It dries out faster than MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, but I really like the product. :) It stays on all day without any problems. No smearing, no smudges..I'm happy!

5. Hana 30 Day Iceye Brown Circle Lenses: These 14mm (size) are by far the most comfortable circle lenses I've ever tried! The color is what I would call a red brown (red is what they call brown dogs..random fact. My parents have a red dachshund (hot dog doggie) which means she's a brown These lenses remind me of Heidi (my parents dog)! They enhance the color of brown eyes if you already have brown eyes and really brighten up your eyes (in a non-creepy alien-y way which is always a plus). I really like that they're more transparent than other lenses I've tried. They're also 30 day disposable, and are about half the price of regular circle lenses ($11.90/pair). They truly are your everyday circle lenses because they're so comfortable! I think they are a bit thinner than other circle lenses too. They have several other colors and styles and I hope to collect them all! My personal favorites are brown, black, and grey lenses. You can find this style of circle lenses at PinkyParadise, they provided me this pair to share with you. :)

Also check out my friend Chelsea's Youtube review of the Hana lenses!

PinkyParadise has been kind enough to create a coupon code for my readers!

Coupon Code: DSK

By entering this coupon code:

1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.

3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.

4. The code has no expired dates :D

I really like the cute animal lens case! This one is my very first and I'm so happy to finally own one! I hope to collect them all one day forrealz! My mystery gift was the hair velcro's which I absolutely LOVE. I've had them before but I gave them away to my Mom, and Grandma. They like them too. :)

I will also be giveaway a pair of lenses (of your choice) from PinkyParadise soon. ^_^
Thank you PinkyParadise for this opportunity for me and my readers!

A Kind Note Before You Try Circle Lenses:
You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lens. It is your responsibilities to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses (which is provided in the website). The rule of thumb for your eye safety is, if you experience any discomfort, please remove the lens immediately.

My prescription is (-6.50, -6.50) now and I really dislike wearing my glasses because the lenses are so thick! I do love my new Chanel frames, but I still feel really blahh when I wear glasses because I just don't like my prescription. I'm really glad they have a disposable circle lens option now. :D

6. Cargo Lash Activator Black Mascara: I dislike this mascara because it runs if you tear up or wipe your eye. I do however love it's applicator because it's bristles are made of rubber. It also dries really fast. : (
These lenses came with my MUFE Dany's Essential Kit, and I finally decided to give them a try.
I think MUFE lashes are pretty pricey as far as falsies go.
They're synthetic hairs, and I really can't say I love the style of these falsies.
But they don't look bad on. They're more natural on (apart from..umm being fake). LOL
It comes with lash glue, but I skipped on that and used my favorite DUO Dark-Tone lash glue.
If you live near a Fred Meyer grocery store, you are in luck because they have the best prices on DUO products and they often have Buy 1, Get 1 50% off deals. : )
I like Adrell lashes better than these, but I'm glad they came with my makeup kit so I could give them a try. : )
I trimmed a little bit off to better fit and flatter my eye shape.

I like the look! I can't wait to try the Hana lenses in black.

Here's a close up of the Hana Iceye Brown lenses and the MUFE falsies.
Have a relaxing Sunday everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


  1. Those lenses are so pretty! I keep seeing them around. That was so nice of them to make a code for you!! =D Haha and you cousin sounds so cute. Love your EOTD, hun.

  2. Your eye makeup is always so amazing, Steph! This will sound weird but I'm so envious of the volume and length of your lower lashes lol. I have such sparse, wispy.. things. Even mascara can't help me!

    I'm intrigued by those lenses. I definitely prefer brown lenses (circle or not) as they look more natural. I need to update my prescription so I can get new lenses and glasses!

  3. @D.Sadie They're really great lenses! I really want to get the darker pair so I can compare them to these brown ones. :) I was super excited to get my very own coupon code! lol :D

    @Renee Thanks! I think these are the most natural out of all the circle lenses I've tried. There's no crazy black rings around the eyes, or any halo effects lol. I like brown too because it doesn't look out of the ordinary. I realized a lot of people stare at me (and always ask me about my eyes) at the cash register because of my contacts. lol awkward..

  4. Amazing eyes! Don't worry - my prescription is almost as bad as yours, and I have to pay £££ to get the ultra high index grind on my eyeglass lenses so they don't look like bottles!

  5. @JC LOL I feel you!! I've been thinking more and more about getting Lasik. It would be so cool to wake up in the morning with perfect vision!

  6. Ooo can you do a tutorial on how you did your eye make-up and then throw in how to put on falsies? I swear I cannot put them on no matter how hard I try! LOL

  7. Hey Steph, the lenses blend very nicely into your natural eye color. I want one of those animal contact cases. So cute. Thanks for the code.

  8. Steph, you are so amazing with makeup. I'm surprised you didn't channel it into a career.

  9. Wow your eyes are so gorgeous! They are lovely natural but the lenses really make them pop - and that velcro thing is such a good idea, I use a headband and it always leaves frizzies afterwards :(

  10. @ReDoMyShoe Aww thank you Joey! It means a lot. :)

    @Katherine You should definitely give the hair velcros a try if you come across them! They cost about $1-$2 at most Japanese markets. They're super neat!

  11. Oh my, I was on their site once I saw eki's blog post on those 30 day lenses and now I'm seeing a review by you with them on! I have to get a pair! Plus the freebie is good! I've been wanting one of those velcro things for ages..I should place an order..I was supposed to get that pair plus the pink ones..Same as the ones eki got :) i'm excited! plus those falsies look really nice on you :)

  12. Pretty! I love this look! Those contacts make you have a baby doll look..I want a pair now... :)

  13. will u be ordering from them soon?? i thought it was a US company! standard shipping can take up to 2 weeks while i tried checking have a coupon code! i'll use that! haha

    aww thanks about commenting on my brows..i don't have perfect eyebrows, if you'll see my video..that's why i need makeup to make them look better! i prefer them looking a bit "thick". i follow my real eyebrow hair but i tend to make the outline a bit higher than usual to give that thicker look..if you know what i mean..haha coz my real eyebrow hair is really sparse and...uneven!

  14. steph those lenses are so pretty on you!! hehe i think the little animal lens container is so adorbs!!

    steph what foundation do you use?? your skin is SO crazy flawless!!! it looks like you're airbrushed!

  15. @Lisa I almost love the animal lens case more than the lenses! haha

    I've been using a MAC concealer, and YSL Tient Resist Foundation (it smells like cantaloupe and flowers..) lol. It looks airbrushed because I used the airbrush took on Picnik to edit my photo! lol

  16. Your eyes are beautiful!! Love seeing your make up & new additions. :)

    And your 12 yr old cousin sounds adorable! lol

  17. @my favorite pink ^_^ My lil cousin is super sweet! I miss him a lot. <3


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