February 27, 2012

Hair: HANA Pro 1" Flat Iron, EOTD, Invisalign!

Hey everyone! I have a flat iron review, hair update, and EOTD to share with you today. :)
This is THE happiest Flat Iron packaging ever! I received the HANA Pro 1" Flat Iron from Misikko several months ago (November to be exact!), and I'm ready to share it with my beauty bloggers, also known as you girls! ;)

If you're in the market for the Best Hair Straightener, the HANA line of Flat Irons is a good candidate. Let me explain and tell you why!
I love all the gentle touches of kindness that Missiko.com offers all their customers. Let me tell you, the people at Missiko know the ways to a girl's heart. #truth!
I keep the round barrel brush gift in my car. It's the perfect size to fit on the side panel of my car door. :D I was just using it earlier today in the car while bf drives, of course!
I love all the personalized extras they include in their packaging. I'm pretty sure everyone gets different "extra's" so it's always a fun surprise. :) I like the sleep mask, it's very Mia Thermopolis, The Princess Diaries! Btw, that is my favorite Disney movie with real actors of all time! I think I will name my future daughter Amelia so I can call her Princess Mia! If not my daughter, then my future girl dog. =^_^=
They definitely win the awards for "packaging that instantly makes you smile."
A small bottle of HANA Shine Shield was included with my order. A little bit goes a long way with glossing products! Thanks Missiko!
I received nail files in my package! That was a really nice surprise. :)
I will share one with each of bf's sisters because sharing is caring. You also can never have enough hand sanitizer! lol I keep this one in my car too.
It's just makes my day looking at the photo of my beauty box of goodies.
The package for the Hana flat iron is also very high end in my opinion!
The flat iron is packaged in a nice leather pouch in a very nice tin case.
I really like the leather pouch for the iron, it looks very high end.
This flat iron is safe on damp hair, but I don't normally flat iron my hair until it's almost to completely dry. I usually lightly blow dry my hair, add some Macadamia oil (or like product) before I styling with my flat iron.

They also included a HANA sleeve for my iron. This is probably the most pampered flat iron I own. It has so many storage accessories!
The plates are ceramic, tourmaline.

The beautiful blue ceramic plates, and black casing reminds me of a pair of YSL pumps! lol
I'm a big fan of the blue plates as well as the transparent blue on/off switch with temperature control.
See, see, see! My KQC Flat Iron, on the other hand is black with red plates reminding me of Louboutin pumps. lol Maybe, I just spend too much time day dreaming about artistic designer shoes. I always look at YSL pumps at the mall, and wonder who can actually walk in them?! Adrienne from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seemed to struggle walking to her neighbors house in her YSL's. lol I guess they're just the "sit and look pretty" kind of shoe. ;)
But yeah, enough about shoes! Back to the HANA Flat Iron!
It's a gorgeous flat iron, and I would recommend it to everyone!

My Twitter friend Melanie ordered the same flat iron I have and loves it too!
I would have to agree, it's a great iron.
The customer service is probably the best I've come across on the web.

There's just something about that the transparent sapphire blue control switch that really catches my eye.

The design for this iron is the best; it's just aesthetically pleasing. *two thumbs up*
The adjustable heat setting has a range of 140 degrees - 450 degrees F

The cord is a generous 8 feet and salon swivels!

You can find this very iron at Missiko.com, they specialize in salon grate Flat Irons and Hair Dryers. I'm looking to get a new hair dryer soon; I will let you know when I do!

I timed myself and I can flat iron my whole head of wavy frizz in a few solid minutes. I just don't have that much hair. Plus, it's very thin hair so the heat from the iron is super effective.
I like my flat iron at the highest temperature because it makes straightening super fast. I'm sure that's probably not good for my hair, but it works! I also don't style my hair everyday. I've been into the high messy pony tail lazy person look these days. I'm still struggling with unpacking. I think Minh and I find random reasons to not unpack. We're always going out and about these days. If only I could put my doggies Nickel, Timmy, and Wally to work. They're home all day! I also want to train them to put their toys away after a day of fun in the living room. I think they need a toy basket.

Time for some pictures of my hair!
Before hair dye with curls (I curled my hair with an 1" curling iron by Hot Tools and brushed out the curls for a more fluffy look).
This is my natural black hair color. I spent a few years growing out my hair without dying it until a couple months ago when I had my hair done.
The new ombre hair color. I kept my natural black hair, and my hairstylist bleached sections of the bottom half of my hair before she dyed it toffee brown. She also gave me a few face framing highlights which I really like.
My hair is finally long!! Thanks Biotin, and Vitamin E. :)
Biotin really strengthens my nails and hair. I'm almost finished with my Costco size bottle of Biotin vitamins!
Any "claw" clip will do when section off your hair. You can use a hair tie too, but the clips make taking out the sections/layers of hair much faster.
I like to brush out my hair, and then section it off when straightening my hair.
I enjoy starting with the bottom layer first and then incorporate the next section with the straight hair and so on.
Almost finished! Last few pieces to go!
Ever since I went ombre, the ends of my hair aren't any less frizzy. I know bleaching my hair would dry it a little bit, but now it's driving me a little nuts. If I don't groom (style) my hair, I pretty much look like a hobo. Normally, I like the hobo look (ask my lil sis), but Minh's not a big fan of my new hair color effect, and neither am I! I guess I just didn't pick the right hair color. The toffee brown color is fading so it's more brassy (hair no no!) but I don't want to dye it again so soon. An idea popped in my head, and I started researching hair tints! I know they're not as harsh on my hair as dye.
I discovered TouchBack Plus, it's a Leave-In Color Conditioner for your hair. It's a great alternative to bleach and hair dye.
I got the shade "Dark Brown" because I want to tone down the brassy-ness of my faded hair dye.
The hair conditioner comes out as a dark foam, you just rub it between your hands and apply it to your damp to dry hair. It smells amazing! It's a very light fragrance and I can't stop smelling my hair. lol I style my hair after I use the tint. I like this product because it does what it says, it even helps tame the frizz of my natural waves.
There's no harsh chemicals, no ammonia, peroxide or sulfates. (Exactly what I was going for!)
"TouchBack Plus Color Conditioner ($29.95): This unique, patented Micro Foam treatment colors and conditions natural, and color-treated hair anytime, anywhere."
It's available in 8 shades: Rich Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Auburn, and Dark Auburn.
They also have shampoos and conditioners that help achieve your new temporary hair color/tint between your hair dye appointments.

I really recommend this if you're like me, and don't want to dye your hair again just yet.
I really like that I just need to apply the conditioner to the bottom half of my head of hair to get a new "ombre" hair color. The product doesn't weight down my hair, but it gives me the "I put effort into brushing and styling my hair today" look. Groomed hair > Wild hair. lol
When I do dye my hair again, I'm thinking about going red, or a really dark blue violet. :)
The thought of fuchsia did cross my mind, but it would probably be too much maintenance and..
..probably not very office appropriate! It makes me miss the freedom of college life!
Two other hair products I love are the Macadamia Oil (very similar to Moroccan Oil), and GHD hairspray! I used to stalk the shelves at Ulta for Macadamia Oil hair products, they're very popular. They smell amazing, and I will share my favorites from their line in a future post. :)
The GHD hairspray has been very good to me! I picked it up on sale at Cosmo Prof with Vannie. I love shopping professional beauty supply stores! I don't get to go often so when I do, I stock up! I even picked up Paul Mitchell doggie shampoos and conditioners for my 3 dogs. :D

Make faces for the camera!
I'm extremely happy with Lashem, Maximum Lash, L'Oreal Lash Serum!!
I believe in lash serums! I would love to try Latisse one day. I haven't had any side effects, no eye color change, no darkening of the eye lids.
I love my lashes. :) I haven't worn falsies in months.
EOTD: Naked2 Palette! I love it!
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara, Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner
Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil

On another note! I'm excited to get Invisalign!
I had braces as a kid (9 years old) until I was a teenager, but you know..what teen wears their retainers? Teens don't realize how much braces actually cost their parents! lol
I have a few teeth that have moved, and rotated over the years and I'm so happy to get them corrected! The orthodontist told me I have a minor cross bite because I didn't wear my retainers, but it's completely fixable. I'll share my experience with you as soon as I get my trays. :) I had impressions done on my very first visit.

And now back to our flat iron topic. lol
The follow photos are stock photos,

I love that they include the heat pad! It's so clever, now I won't be paranoid to melt anything in my bathroom.
Again, look how pretty!!

The HANA 1" Pro Flat Iron was featured in two popular magazines, Marie Claire and Redbook. The flat iron also comes with a 2 year warranty. Warranties are great!!

Where to buy?
Missiko also offers other fabulous brands of flat irons, such as the Chi Flat Irons for competitive prices. Again, their customer service is amazing and they're definitely a great online retailer.

You can check out my review on my Chi Iron, the GHD Iron, KQC Iron in one of my previous posts if you would like!

What blow dryer are you using? I'm currently using a basic Conair hair blow dryer from Target because my pink Hello Kitty hair dryer died on me a few years ago (it was my favorite!). I really want to try a high end blow dryer.
HANAair Professional Hair Dryer
Price: $334.99
Currently on sale for, $194.99

I did read some really great reviews about this hair dryer. If you have this hair dryer, would you recommend it?

Thanks for visiting my blog everyone! I hope you have a super fantastic day. I will talk with you all soon. I also need to finger out how to get the new blogspot comment system! Rumor has it, you can now readily reply to your comments by clicking the "reply" button. It sounds like a great invention to me! TTYL!

Also, I love watching It's a Brad, Brad World on Bravo! I love his bow ties. :)

P.S. I went to the Seattle Humane Society today, and they just got in a bunch of rescued Chihuahua's! If you're from the area and are looking for a pet, stop by the shelter to meet your new bff. :)


  1. I got this flat iron too! I love the extra touches they added in it. Love the customer service!

  2. @Eugenia I think everyone would agree! They're hands down one of the best. :D I'm thinking about getting the blow dryer from them. :)

  3. wowwww your hair is so long now!!! i love the ombre on you =]

    your hair is so glossy & shiny. great flat iron!!

  4. Wow thank you for the incredibly in depth review - it seems Misokko always gives so many great goodies. Your hair looks fantastic!

  5. your lashes!! i'm so jealous! D: haha PS tell me how invisalign is... i need some since my teeth are shifting back from not wearing my retainers since HS :(

  6. I bought the same flat iron last year and I love it! I was surprised with the amount of goodies they tucked into the box.

  7. I am in the market for a new straightener so I will definitely check out the HANA Pro 1". I currently have a cheap 1" Tool Science straightener. Also I look forward to hearing about Invisalign. I've been considering it!

  8. @Sarah Do you use Groupon? You should check them for deals. I got my Invisalign for a really good deal! :) I definitely recommend the HANA 1". Let me know if you get it and/or Invisalign!

  9. I try to check out Groupon every day. I'll have to keep an eye out for an Invisalign deal. I'll keep you updated!!

  10. I've missed your big updates!! I'm on the market for a new straightener, so thanks for the recommendation! It sounds great and it looks so luxurious for being a flat iron. & your hair looks so pretty straightened out! The ombre highlights sound like a bit of a pain to keep up with, but it looks good in the pics!

    I had braces before too! My teeth are still relatively in their right positions - I wear my retainer once every 2 months and it hurts a lot LOL .. no pain no gain. I'll probably have to end up doing invisalign in the future!

  11. I love the pops of blue, both on your HANA iron and the YSL shoes. I also wanna get ombre done for spring, just need to figure out if I'm brave enough to do it at home or if I should go to the salon.

  12. steph you are so pretty :) you make me smile :)!

  13. I bought one after reading this. :) Can't wait to use it!

  14. @Ngoc I hope you'll love it! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. :)


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