March 6, 2012

OPI "Kiss Me On My Tulips"

OPI "Kiss Me On My Tulips" from the Holland Collection is a feisty magenta pink with blue undertones. It reminds me a lot of Nicole by OPI "All Kendall-ed Up" (see my swatch here!) from the Kardashian Kolor Collection. I do like "Kiss Me On My Tulips" just a tiny bit more! This polish unique pink polish applies bright pink, but slowly darkens to a gorgeous magenta as it dries. Overall, this color has my Summer stamp of approval!

I went almond! I'm still getting used to my new shape, and I'm working my way to claws!
You may just see some edgy "claws" when I share my Nicki Minaj swatches. :)
The "couture claw" nail trend has become quite popular recently! You can see them on Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Katy Perry to name a few famous gals. This trend is not for everyone! My friend Marisa tells me she's going to chop my fingers off. LOL

It's definitely a very unique nail art trend though!
Did you pick up any nail polishes from the Holland Collection by OPI?
If so, share them below!


  1. This is so pretty! I just picked up a 'Thanks a Windmillion', 'Gouda Gouda Two Shoes' and 'Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?' from the Holland Collection, I really want to pick up the bright orange as well!

  2. I LOVE it!!! Diggin' the new shape too!!!!

  3. The claw nails are intense! I can't do anything like that since I have a job in a conservative, professional environment, but it looks great on your long nails!

    I didn't end up picking this shade out from the Holland collection cause it's so close to many of my other polishes. It sure is pretty though!

  4. @Annie Thanks a Windmillion" is gorgeous! I love that one! :)

    The bright orange is definitely going to be a Summer show stopper. :D I can't wait to wear that one!

    @L Thank you!! <3 I love that nail blog you showed me too!

    @Andrea Did you get any from the Holland Collection? :)

  5. omgosh this pink is SOO SO PRETTY!! it's like the perfect barbie pink!!!

  6. @Lisa Now that you mention it, it does remind me of Barbie pink!

  7. oh my, the shape of ya nails can really transform according to how u cut it! amazing!

    xoxo elle


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