November 14, 2012

Lacquerous, the Netflix of Luxury Nail Polish?!

Lacquerous is the first membership based luxury nail polish sharing club that entered the beauty market yesterday November 13, 2012. It's been deemed the "Netflix for Nails." 
I have a handful of Chanel polish, and May is one of my favorites. If I had the chance to swatch and wear more Chanel nail polish, I would!

From my understanding,
You sign up for Lacquerous for $18/month, get 3 luxury nail polishes to use/swatch, and then mailed it back in a pre-paid envelope for the next subscriber/customer. At first, you think to yourself, What? Sharing? But after a few minutes, I thought about how it's really no different than picking out a nail polish to use at a nail salon. All nail polish contains Ethyl Acetate. No bacteria, fungus or otherwise can live in nail polish. I pretty much grew up in a nail salon, and each bottle of polish lasts a pretty long time before it's used up. One bottle of polish can probably service well over 50 clients in it's lifetime!
The brands they offer include:

(I also included the retail prices of the polishes for you.)

Chanel $26
Dior $23
Tom Ford Beauty $30
MAC $17.50
Deborah Lippmann $18-$20
NARS $18
Butter London $14
OPI Designer Series $12.50

How often do we finish a bottle of nail polish, right? For $18, you could almost own 1 luxury bottle of polish, OR you now have the option of spending $18 on Lacquerous to try 3 high end nail lacquers bottles each month. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely a fun new way to think about nail polish for the nail polish enthusiasts. ^_^

Remember, Tom Ford Beauty polish retails for $30. Thirty bucks! I only have 1 bottle and that's because I got lucky enough to buy it from a blog sale for twenty something dollars.

I learned about Lacquerous earlier today and thought it would be a fun topic to share with you and hear what your thoughts are on this new idea. There was a TIME article about Lacquerous that I read and retweeted on my Twitter. You can read it here.

I heard it's starting off as an invitation only service, and from reading the TIME article, Lacuqerous already has 2,500 people on waiting lists on their first day.

I contacted Lacquerous to get more information earlier today after reading their website (which is very well done in my opinion) and I got a reply with their official press release, below:

 “Netflix for Nails” Brings Luxury Lacquer Brands to Your Front Door: Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior, and More

(November 13, 2012 | New York, NY): Move over Netflix lovers – there’s a more glamorous evening waiting in your mailbox…. and it will literally paint the town red! Beauty junkies will go nuts over Lacquerous, a “Netflix for nails” type service - where personally chosen designer nail polish hues are delivered right to your doorstep. When you’re done, swap out old shades for new shades!

Lacquerous (, a new beauty start-up launching today, November 12, 2012 is expected to bring some buzz to the billion-dollar plus nail market. The online subscription service offers members a choice of three premium nail polish shades from brands like Chanel, Butter London, Tom Ford, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, MAC for just $18 a month.

Lacquerous bills its members monthly – three shades for $18 - and membership is free. Once your membership is activated, log in at, pick your shades and within 2-3 days they’ll arrive. You have 30 days to try and wear the luxury lacquer before shipping them back and requesting your next batch. Lacquerous offers beauty lovers an opportunity to stay in season and on top of the latest fashion trends. Lacquerous is starting out with a collection of nine brands and 70 unique shades but plans to expand over the next few months.

According to The NPD Group, a market research firm based in NYC, prestige make-up sales at US department stores grew 8% in the first half of 2012 to $1.8 billion while unit sales were up 4% to $74 million. The biggest winner, producing the largest growth, was nail color increasing a whopping 70%, as reported recently by WWD and Fashionista. In fact, the nail industry has seen a steady growth over the recession with nail polish beating out lipsticks as the top-selling item.

“Women want to try these high-end nail lacquers and there’s no way to do that without spending $23-$30 bottle. Lacquerous allows members to keep up with seasonal runway trends, try luxury beauty brands and not break the bank”, says co-founder and marketing executive Ashlene Nand. Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion and fashion tech start-up consultant, continued, “It’s a successful business model that we’ve seen before with handbags, clothing and of course movies. We hope that the beauty industry and its consumers will embrace it and have fun!”

Now, my questions for you!!

Do you think $18/month is a good deal for a luxury nail polish sharing service?
As a beauty nail blogger, I feel it would be worth it for me just to be able to swatch the high end nail polish for my nail blog "portfolio."I also like the idea of Lacquerous because it prevents hoarding...
I have well over 300 bottles of nail polish right now in my house. You can only wear so many colors in a day. lol I guess you can say this subscription service is a minimalist's dream..that is if they're into nail polish. :)

You can also get a manicure for under $18 and get a fresh coat of shared average nail polish that will only last 1 week. I guess it really depends on what your nail budget looks like, right?

How often do you change your nail polish?
I change my weekly, and sometimes every other day if I'm swatching polishes for my blog.

I really want to hear what you think! Please leave me a comment letting me know what you think! I've been dying all day to get home to talk/blog about this with you!

Tell me!

It's currently an awesome topic of debates, check out this tumblr post from Lacquerous.


  1. that's actually pretty ingenious! that actually makes a lot of sense.. i don't really EVER finish my nail polishes (oddly enough the ONLY nail polishes I EVER finish are my chanel ones.. but i've only ever had like 3 or 4 chanel polishes and they were all bought with either GC or they were gifts haha) but this concept actually does make a lot of sense because once i've used a color i tend not to use it for awhile anyways.

    1. Exactly! I like that we would be able to try more high end polishes with little financial commitment to them and then go buy our favorites. There are so many times I buy a luxury polish and don't love love it. I'm most excited about being able to wear more Tom Ford Beauty polishes!! :)

  2. Interesting concept! I don't know if I would actually do it though just because I like to own my nail polish so that I can wear them whenever I want.

    1. Fast fashion, fast nail polish! I understand what you mean by owning the polishes. I think this service would allow us to try more high end, luxury brand polishes and then go buy our favorites! :)

  3. WOW! This is such a cool concept.. I love it, Netflix for Nails. LOL! :)

    Come by to enter to win a $100 Shopbop Giftcard!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Read the Terms of Service. You are agreeing to pay full price for any polish you DON'T receive (yes, you read that right). You are also agreeing to pay unspecified penalties for any polishes they feel are returned in 'poor' condition (no definition of exactly what that is), r if you use 'too much' (again, no description of exactly what that means), and anything that is returned late, even if it was misplaced by the PO, not you. You will not be notified of these charges before they are made, and you won't be able to fight them because you agreed to them when you agreed to the TOS. You'd have to be out of your mind to agree to those terms.

  5. ah steph I am so glad you are enjoying blogging again! You are seriously one of my favorite bloggers and even being in law school when I have any free time you are one of the only blogs I will go too (I hardly ever go on blogger anymore; the homepage isn't even on my macs "top sites" anymore :l Glad you are well and can't wait for more posts! I hope you blog more about fashion/accessories too because you have such good style! I LOVE those h&m heels--there are going to be SO many good collaborations this holiday season; too bad i don't have time to check them out :( sigh! hahah

  6. @sharon lei It's definitely a novel idea!

    @Sandi I'm curious to read the future reviews to see what subscribers and customers think about Lacquerous. I'm sure if customers start getting charged for x,y,z, we will definitely hear about it through reviews. Time will tell if it's a hit or miss!

    @Pearls&Politics You are so sweet! I'll try to add more fashion/accessories posts here. I'm working on developing my style. I always day when I'm older I'll be this way or that way..and now that I'm 25..there's no more excuses! haha

    I'm glad to have met you in this blogosphere. :) I hope all is well with you! I haven't checked out the H&M callabo yet, only the Downtown Seattle H&M is carrying it. I hope to sometime before Thanksgiving!

  7. Gross! Why would you share nail polish?

    1. Women shared regular non designer nail polish at the nail salon all the time if you think about it. I'm not sure how successful Lacquerous will be, but I thought it was an interesting new service! I would try it myself. :)


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