November 14, 2012

Dog Blog: Pawalla

Meet Pawalla!

The boys' first Pawalla box is filled with some pretty awesome products. 
Pawalla is a monthly subscription service gift box, but they also offer Pawalla Shop where you can buy the products you like for your pets. They take it to the next step! :)

The food, treats, and supplements in this box were hand-picked by Pawalla's Pet Nutritionist, Dr. Susan Lauten, based on the life stage and breed of your dog. I really like the personalized, custom boxes for my boys. Thank you Team Pawalla!
  I'm really impressed with this box, it has that high end look and feel. It reminds me of a beautiful gift basket you would get around the holidays. The box also comes with a little letter from Team Pawalla on one side, and information on every product in your box.
 Cat lovers be excited because they offer a box for cats! Pawalla is also a $26/month (shipping included) gift box subscription service for both dogs and cats. If you sign up for the annual membership it's only $21/month.
psst! Use the coupon code DSK20 to get 20% off your first month's Pawalla box!
I really wish we had a cat so I could see what their box looks like inside! The packaging is super cute for both cat & dog. I love all the added touches to make the box feel warm, and happy!
 The box is so neat and organized! It has that fancy holiday gift box feel to it. :)
 Food, treats, and toys! What more could a pup ask for?
 Wally bear inspecting the box for toys.
 You already know what Wally is eying... look like a toy...
 You are a toy!! Let's play!
 Mission accomplished Wally! lol He always goes for the toys first. It's so cute!!
 Trust me, taking these photos weren't easy with 3 curious dogs.
Each box is customized for your dog with wet food, treats, vitamins, essentials, and toys!
-Halo Spot's Choice, Chicken and Chickpea
-Halo Spot's Choice, Turkey and Chickpea
-Papa Bow Wow Buffalo Bully Stick
-Complete natural nutrition - Pill Buddy - Chicken
by Nature Mixed Berry flavor biscuits
Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover
PETLOU's Cute Friends Plush Toy (Monkey!)
PETLOU's Assorted Sports Ball (Soccer!)
KONG is a well-known brand of premium pet products. I only buy their dog beds because the quality is outstanding. They're destroy proof! :) I was hoping to get a KONG toy in our box, but I wasn't disappointed in the two PETLOU toys we got in our November box.

 I've never seen the Mixed Berry Flavor dog biscuits before! The bag was 24 oz! These aren't sample treats, they're full size.
 It's nice that they included something for pet parents. The Pet Stain & Odor Remover trial tablets.
You add the tablet to a 23oz spray bottle to clean up doggy messes and to remove odor.

 You don't even know how many tennis balls are stuck under our couch every week. lol I have to use a long shoe horn to get them out.
 Wally's tear ducts are clearing up slowly. I was able to snag the last bottle of Angel Eyes at Petco in Factoria. It's $24.99 for a bottle, but it really does work. You just sprinkle some of the powder over their dog food everyday.
 Look at that stance! lol
 Wally approved! He actually plays with his toys by throwing them around. Timmy on the other hands plays with his toys to destroy and de-stuff them!

Minh and I really like the Pawalla box and think it's worth the money. I know many other Pawalla subscribers agree. I've been reading their Twitter feed and they got a lot of great feedback.

 Joy for Cats & Dogs
Monthly deliveries of New Tastes, Treats, Toys, and JOY!

I asked Team Pawalla for a coupon code for my readers and they delivered!
Use the coupon code DSK20 to get 20% off your first month's Pawalla box!


  1. Great post Steph! Your Wally bear is adorable!! haha.. I love how he was inspecting the box and pulled out the toy. So smart! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. Your dog Wally is adorable! What kind of dog is he?

    1. Thank you! Wally is 1/4 Chihuahua 3/4 Maltese, so he's a Malchi!


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