November 11, 2012

Dog Blog: PetsLoveToys!

 The dog's PetsLoveToys box arrived earlier this week and here are some photos of their "unboxing!"
Matchy, matchy Nickel matches the November box c/o! :) His construction worker orange hoodie is from American Apparel. Nickel is also wearing a blue collar too. Nickel absolutely love his hoodie, he loves wearing clothes in general. It's great quality and looks freaking good on him! The cut of the hoodie is perfect for his size as well. He's wearing a Small. I plan on investing in one for Timmy and Wally for some adorbs holiday photos. If you have a dog to shop for this holiday, I highly recommend the American Apparel dog hoodies. See it modeled in blue on Kimchi, LC's dog here! Kimchi is the reason I picked up the hoodie for Nickel. I saw Jenna Marble's dogs, Kermit and Marbles wearing them too. :) See their picture on her Instagram here.
        Nickel's like, "Hey Wally & Timmy come over and check this out!"

Nickel is our older dog, he's 7 years old. He actually belongs to Minh's youngest sister, but she can't have dogs at her place so we've fostered him for the past few years. ^_^
 I picked the toy box especially for Wally because he loves to play with toy balls.
 We got 3 Chuck It! balls in our box! We actually already have the green ball. : )
These are premium dog toys. The biggest ball in the box retails for $9.99 alone. It was a nice surprise to see a few treats thrown in the toy box too. The small treats in the box were great, they loved their cod sticks. They finished it in 5 minutes!
 Lavender & Mint shampoo & conditioner sample. I currently have the Paul Mitchell for dogs oatmeal shampoo for the dogs and it just doesn't smell good. I'm glad to be able to try something different when I give the dogs a bath!  The issue with having long hair doggies it that they get dingle berries every once in a while 0_o. lol I always have to make sure they're well groomed, or shaved their behinds! Friends with long haired doggies can probably

 Nickel watching Wally sniffing out the box of toys and treats. :)
The logo stickers really make the box. There's actually a giant sticker on the outside of the box. It's the little details that make something special. They definitely don't go unnoticed!
 We absolutely love the big soft ball for Wally especially for indoor fetch. I think I'm going to go pick up a few more because they're just too fun and look great. Kevin Rose's dog Toaster also has the same ball!! Yesterday, I saw it on his Instagram and got super excited! Minh just rolls his eyes. lol 
 It's so fun to see how the dogs react to their new boxes. Timmy is more curious and starts smelling everything a little bit at at time, while Wally just starts pulling out toys. lol
 My Timmy is so sweet. He's the most obedient dog I know.
 He's definitely more interested in the treats from the box. He's also my little piggy.
 Did I mention he loves to pose for the camera? Every since he was 8 weeks old. The breeder even told us he loves having his picture taken. It's almost like he knows he needs to be still.

 My little doggie model.

 Look at his little furry white chest!
 I reached out to PetsLoveToys and they wanted to offer my readers a promo code for $5 off their first box!
Promo Code: DSK$5OFF 
The dog boxes start at $19.95 per month.
The unique feature of's box is that you can pick the type of box to match your dog's needs in the monthly showroom. After signing up, and filling out brief information about your pet, you can visit your personalized showroom on the 25th of every month to select toys, treats, or chews!

 They offer options for PremiumToys, Treats & Chews, and Toys & Treats boxes. Essentially, you get an idea of what you get in your monthly box. It's nice to know you're guaranteed toys if you want toys, or treats if you want treats. A big plus for me is the brands they include in their boxes.
Overall, I am very impressed with the PetsLoveToys box. It's a great value for the great name brand toys we received in our toy box. Those toys aren't cheap at the Pet stores! Dog mom's and dad's understand, right? :D

Next month, I'm going to pick a Treats & Chews box to make it fair since Timmy loves his chews.

Some dogs prefer treats over toys, like Timmy. While his brother could care less about treats and goes right for the toys! I really like the spoil your pet monthly concept. :) I love my dogs!
Spoil your pets with the click of a mouse!


  1. ooh, i think i'll check this out! right now i'm subscribed to barkbox! but this looks intriguing as you can pick a box!

  2. steph your little fur babies are soooooooooooooooo soo so cute!!! and yes TOTES understand about the dingle berries muhahaha!! we have to keep them shaved too hahaha.

    aww wish i were in the US this looks AMAZING!!

  3. @eri Aren't these pet subscription boxes awesome?! Especially the ones for dogs because we can never have enough treats & toys! lol I don't think I'm currently subscribed to anything for myself, but the boys have a couple different boxes already! :)

    @Lisa Thank you Lisa!! Your fur babies are pretty darn cute too! ^_^
    I'm glad we can relate on the topic of dingle berries. lol It's so funny to see their freshly shaved hind quarters. So stinkin' cute!!


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