December 21, 2012

Beauty: Starlooks December StarBox

There was a little beauty subscriber buzz over Starlooks December Starbox.

 I get so upset living in Seattle sometimes, it's so hard to get good photos in before the clouds cover the sky. We literally had a 15 minute window of blue skies today. I can see why successful bloggers/Youtubers all move to California! lol

 The surprise in the December box was a Starlooks Eyeshadow Palette valued at $99 considering the monthly subscription is only $15.

Check out my review on the November Starbox HERE.
The monthly Starboxes feature Starlooks brand cosmetics and makeup tools.
The creator of Starlooks Starbox is a makeup artist named Marci Star.

Starlooks has over 2,100 fans on their Facebook. Check out their FB wall to see fun, color makeup looks.

I used to be all about the colorful art of makeup when I was in my late teenage years. I'm 25 now and I still have a lot of love for makeup artistry. I'm not as bold with my makeup looks as I used to be, but it's still fun to play with makeup from time to time. : )
The Starbox is a great way for anyone who has an interesting in makeup and wants to start a collection without breaking the bank. Each month you get a few different makeup products and tools for $15. [That's the price of one MAC eyeshadow pot.] The quality of Starlooks products in my opinion are good for the value. They're not tested on animals (cruelty free).

Starlooks isn't offer any more giveaway boxes this month due to the holidays. If you want me to contact Marci in January for a reader giveaway, leave a comment below! : )

I'll post an Eyes of the Day look with this palette and update this post. ^_^


  1. The eye shadow palette is awesome - what a great deal, and cheap way to try out a ton of new colors. Happy holidays!

    1. It a great affordable option for fun colorful shadows. :)

  2. you are killing me with the boxes. LOL I am going to have to try this one as well

    1. There are so many great boxes out there! I've been trying my best to post as many December boxes as I can before December ends. lol

      I have a few more awesome one lined up. I can't wait to share! I'm trying my best to work with the companies to offer everyone a giveaway too. ^_^

    2. Well keep me posted on which ones I should absolutely try!

    3. If you had a dog, I would suggest! lol But I think they are starting cat boxes in January. :)

      I really LOVE My Cotton Bunny too! It's such a cute idea and for only $13.75/month.

  3. What did you think of the eye colors? and this box?


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