December 21, 2012

Dog Blog: PetsLoveToys December Box!

Our favorite dog box arrived!
"Do I smell toys?!"
It's always a good day when we get to unbox a package from!

 The Walz got really nice haircut this week from the PetSmart Grooming Salon.
He got a bath, haircut, and his little teeth brushed. Courtney, Wally's groomer said he was a really good boy! *proud parent* You can really see Wally's Chihuahua side when his fur is shorter. He has longer legs than a regular Maltese, plus you can see his tan spots!
 You know we can all count on Wally to identify the most fun item from the box. : )
 His little legs look so perfect and proper! I don't think he's had a better haircut before. Momma is happy!
 Timmy, of course..sniffs out the treats for us.
Timmy & Wally "sharing" their box.
 Wally pose! He's so good at looking at the camera for photos. I guess they're just used to it since I've documented their puppyhood with a camera since they came home. : )
 I think Timmy was about to approach the box so Wally gave him the glare.
Anything good Wally?
Out of all the dog gift boxes, we really like the box the best. : )
They have the toys and the treats that my dogs just love!
 I'm still trying to figure out where to stick our PetLoveToys stickers! Any ideas?
I choose you Moose!
 Action shot!

 Wally loves his new Kong Moose! Nickel does's so odd. We've never seen Nickel so attached to a toy. He played fetch for the first time tonight! It was a Christmas miracle!! I'm not even kidding, after 6 years of not playing fetch - he decided he wanted to play tonight with the moose toy!
 I now know my dogs love the Kong Cozie toys!
 You have to break the toys in by digging at them with your two front paws as demonstrated. ;)
I love Kong products for dogs. They're one of the best just like Chuck It products from our November PLT box HERE.
 Wally, look over here!
 Best friends: Wally & Moose!
 Thank you PetsLoveToys! We love our boxes, and can't wait to get our next box!
 December's box came with Kong brand doggie toys.  
If you have a dog and want to keep him or her busy, the Kong is a necessity! I was really excited to get a Kong in this box because they're one of the more expensive dog toys on the market.
 We also got a Booda Bone rope toy that will be gifted to another doggie. It's a bit big for the boys and I know they won't play with it. This has our friend's dog Charlie's name all over it!

 In one of my previous dog blogs, I mentioned the little area on the stairs where Wally always waits for me if I'm upstairs. 

 Keep scrolling to see what he's looking up at, lol.
I know, I know..cruel joke!

 He was so determined, he was like gimme, gimme, gimme!!
We absolutely adore our friends at
The founder is a really cool guy too. : ) 
I hope our PLT giveaway winner Heather and her dogs Simon and Rascal love their December box too!
Box: PetLoveToys
Price: Starting at $19.95/month 
Level of awesomeness: Extremely awesome! 

$5 off Coupon Code: DSK$5OFF

Love his little rounded feet!


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