December 10, 2012

Dog Blog: Pawalla Holiday Giveaway for My Pet Parents!!! [Ended]

Pet parents this one is for you!! It's my favorite time of year again! This holiday season Pawalla is giving me the opportunity to giveaway 3 Pawalla Gift Boxes to my pet parent readers!!! They said it was a way to show their appreciation for my help and support towards getting the word out about Pawalla.

To: My Pet Parent Readers
From: DSK Steph, Timmy, Wally, & Nickel 

3 Pawalla Gift Boxes!

I hope this holiday, all pet parents will be able to gift their furkids with a customized Pawalla Gift Box. ^_^
I have 3 boxes to gift 3 pet pet parents so I do have a coupon code for everyone else for $6 off a subscription. This promotion is running through the rest of December.

$6 off coupon code: PAWHOLIDAY
 Pawalla Gift Box Giveaway!
[I get to make up the rules so this will be easy! This giveaway is open to every Mommy and Daddy's of dogs and cats! Ends on December 15th at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.] [Ended]

Winners: Colette/Dooboo (claimed!), Meghan/Keegan (claimed!), Haley/Lucky (claimed!)
Meet Keegan! One of the Pawalla gift box winners!

Please do the follow to participate in the Pawalla Gift Box Giveaway:
"Like" the Pawalla Facebook Page
[I absolutely love seeing each and everyone one of their FB posts in my newsfeed! If you're an animal lover, their posts will make your day, everyday.]

"Like" my DSK Steph (DSK Jewelry) Facebook Page
[It's a Facebook page fusion of my DSK Steph blog & DSK Jewelry blog]

Leave a comment and tell me your name, and the name of your dog(s) or cat(s), and what breed if you know it

E-mail me at DSKBeauty[at]gmail[dot]com a photo or two of your furbabies!

Here are some photos of what we got in our first November Pawalla Box.
You can read my full Pawalla blog post HERE.

 My dogs know it when a box arrives for them. Wally can't wait to pick out and play with his new toys in each box!
Goodies from Timmy, Wally, and Nickel's November Pawalla Box.
 Pawalla just announced their Weekly Giveaway on Facebook, so be sure to check that out for another chance to win your pet a Pawalla Box!


If you aren't one of my 3 pet parents winner of the Pawalla Gift Box and still want to gift your furbabies with a Pawalla Gift Box, use the coupon code below that's good for the rest of December.

$6 off coupon code: PAWHOLIDAY 
20% off coupon code: DSK20
Pawalla and I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season! I just learned Monday, December 10th is Cyber Monday 2?! There just has to be a sale to celebrate at DSK Jewelry or on the DSK Jewelry blog!

I hope a lot of pet parents enter! : )

Meghan and Keegan sent me some pictures of Keegan's Pawalla box! 

  Meghan writes: 

"Hi Steph!--
This is Meghan and I was one of the winners of the pawalla box giveaway.. I just came across a couple of pictures I took of Keegan when the box came and realized I never sent them to you! Thank you again for the generous gesture :) Keegan knew when the box was delivered that it was for him (pawing it and chewing at the corners right away). I was home when it came but now I'm back at college... my mom assures me he's still enjoying the toy/treats! Hope all is well with you and your pooches!!


  1. My Name: Joanne Gonsalves
    Pet Name: RiffRaff (cat)
    Breed: Savannah

    He's a year old and very spoiled! lol ^_^

  2. How fun!! I hope I win...
    My Name: Stephanie Kurtz
    Pets Name: Toby (cat)
    Breed: Short hair domestic

    1. Hey Stephanie! Love the photos you took of Toby! He reminds me of my Tobey back home. =^_^=

    2. Coupon PAWHOLIDAY did not work :(

    3. Thanks for letting me know Stephanie! I'll check with Pawalla to see why the code isn't working!

  3. hi steph!

    im colette from from the Chicago and my puppy's name is Dooboo ( tofu in Korean haha) and she's the cutest maltipoo :) she's 8months and is literally my first child.. love her to death.

    I've been following you and ur jewelry blog for some time and i love all ur posts but i esp. enjoyed your pet related posts. i love wally!!!

    1. Hi Colette! Your name is beautiful! Dooboo is such a cute name. :) I completely know how you feel about her! Thank you for saying hi! I'm really glad you like my pet posts!

  4. Hi Steph!! Your dogs are so cute!!

    My name is Katherine and my dog's name is Shorty. I believe he is some kind of mix between a Labrador Retriever and maybe a Corgi. Walking down the street of course everyone thinks they know what he's mixed with. His little stubby legs and long torso reminds me of a Corgi but he has a Lab face and fur.

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

    1. Hi Katherine! Hey Shorty!! What an adorable & clever name for your dog!

      Everyone always guesses Timmy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! lol I'm always explaining to new people that Timmy & Wally are brothers from the same litter and they're Malchi, Maltese Chihuahua mixes. lol People never believe me!

  5. Hi Steph! My name is Julie and I have a English Bull Terrier. She is about 10 months now and her name is Lady. My fiance and I never had pets growing up so she is our first puppy! :) I wish she had a companion though. :/ Kinda like how Wally has Timmy and Nickel. Hopefully in the near future we can get another dog. I love your blog post on your dogs, they are so cute! Love looking at your photos of them picking through their monthly boxes. :D

    1. Hi Julie! I've always wanted to name a girl dog Lady after the Disney's Lady! ^_^ I think she would enjoy a playmate when she's still young! :)

      Thank you for the kinds words about my dog posts! I love writing them and sharing them with you!

  6. Awww great giveaway Steph!! Of course I'll enter! ;)

    Name: Sheila
    Pet Name: Kobi
    Breed: Shiba Inu

    Good luck to everyone!

    xo - Sheila

    1. Yay! :) I have a giveaway post coming up too!

  7. I think out of all the monthly subscription boxes I've seen, the pet ones are DEFINITELY the most fun! There is something so exciting about spoiling your loved ones, am I right!? My roommate has 2 yorkies but she jokes around that they might as well be my own dogs because I'm the one taking care of them 24/7 and always buying them treats haha they even sleep in my room! :) They're two teacup yorkies named Charlie and Sophie. They just had puppies too and don't worry, I WILL spam you with their pictures! :)

    1. I love knowing some of my readers love dogs. :)

  8. Hi Steph! I've been a fan of your jewelry and beauty posts for several years but I've been loving all the dog related ones since you got your little cuties :)

    My name is Meghan and my family's dog's name is Keegan. He's some kind of labrador mix, we adopted him through labs4rescue... we think he's about 3-4 years old. He's too spoiled to begin with, but would love to receive a pawalla box!

    1. Thanks for joining the giveaway Meghan! ^_^ I hope you and Keegan has a great Christmas!

  9. Hi! My name is Haley. My dog's name is Lucky, she's a 6 year old little Chihuahua. :)

    1. Thank you for joining the giveaway Haley! Our family's Chihuahua is about 6 years old too. :)

  10. I liked Pawalla and DSK Steph (DSK Jewelry) on Facebook (nlbourassa). I have 3 cats - Boots, Bruin and Odin. Boots (male) & Bruin (female) are litter mates, and are 1.5 years old. Odin is my old man cat, we believe around 15, who joined our family this past summer. I know all 3 of them would love to win a Pawalla box!

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Thank you for joining the giveaway! Two of my dogs are litter mates and I think it's so wonderful Boots and Bruin got to stay together. :)


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