February 25, 2013

Dog Blog: Pawalla Mini!

Pawalla Mini is a limited time only box, you receive full-size premium products in a smaller, sleeker package for just $12/month (Free shipping!)! Limited time offer for the first 200 subscribers. The best part, it's available for both dogs & cats!
We're all familiar with the awesome full size Pawalla box ($26/mo), if you haven't seen my review, check it out here. :)

 My perfect little model Wally and his new Pawalla Mini Box!

The Pawalla Mini is a smaller box that contains a treat, a toy, and a surprise item starting at $12 a month. I love the idea of the Mini!
Let's show everyone what's inside our Pawalla Mini February 2013 box!
 We received one toy called the Lock n' Play.

 Happy Jasmine Shining Spray! (I love these for the boys!) What a great value too, it's normally $16.
 Full size treats! We got Wigzi Tasties in Roasted Duck, and some Grizzly Nutreats Wild Salmon treats to fill the boy's doggie treat jars!

 Timmy & Wally actually share 3 treat jars! We always have a great stock of yummy doggy treats in case we have any dog friends over. :)

 I do not pay or bribe Wally to stand picture perfect. He seems to know the routine whenever he gets a new treat box. lol
 Thanks for sitting pretty Walz! The Pawalla boxes always come with helpful letter describing what's in your dog's box. :D
 Timmy wasn't in the photo mood today, but he sure did want to try those Wild Salmon Treats!
 My mommy likes to take a lot of photos of me.
 We love Pawalla, and it's so great they now offer the Pawalla Mini. :)
We highly recommend it! Good things do come in small packages.

Check out Wally's Youtube review! (Warning: My dog voice!)


  1. How adorable is your pup!!! This is awesome, it's like Birchbox for dogs :D

  2. Hi Steph!!!! =) Wally has the most craziest puppy eyes ever! ^_^ Adorable!

    1. I can't ever resists his puppy dog eyes. lol


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