March 26, 2013

Girl Talk: HelloFlo

The average woman has her period more than 350 times in her life. HelloFlo can handle everything but the cramps. ;)

  HelloFlo is a subscription service that delivers a customized care pack of all the feminine necessities at the right time every month. Their goal is simple: eliminate any surprises or emergency trips to the drugstore and provide a bit of cheer when it's most needed.
 Your monthly goodies arrive in a discreet white cube box. Once you open up your box you will be greeted with a nice note card from HelloFlo and sky blue tissue paper. :)
I really like the HelloFlo sticker on the tissue paper, it's a really nice touch that makes the packaging that much more special.
 You have the option to sign up for different plans depending on your cycle. I picked the Medium Flo plan. :)

I really like their promise to their customers.

Our Promise to you.
"We will send you exactly what you expect every month. We'll ship your package five days before you tell us your period is due so you're prepared. We will include extra treats to put a smile on your face. Our boxes will always be discreet enough to ship to your office or dorm. No one will know what's inside unless you tell them. And we will listen to your feedback and act on it whenever we can. You matter to us."
 The handmade fabric box is included to hold your supplies. I received a light green box with white polka dots. It reminds me of an adorable cartoon dinosaur egg!

 Included were Tampax Pearl tampons, Always pads and liners. Nothing but the best!
If you subscribe to HellFlo, they'll make sure you'll receive package with replenishments each month.
 The treats in this month's box included Pocky Sticks, a favorite in Japan. They'll definitely take care of any chocolate cravings. I really do get chocolate cravings around that time of the month. :D It's funny because I don't really reach for chocolate outside of those few days. lol
The human mind and body works in interesting ways.

The other treats were 3 adorable packets of Haribo gummi bears! Who doesn't love these? They're THE BEST gummi bears on the market in my opinion. ;)
 The Pocky and Haribo gummi bears really add to the package. Thank you HelloFlo for offering such awesome treats!
 I've said this many times before, I think these girly monthly subscription services are the best. They lift your spirit and make life less awkward at the grocery store. ;) They're especially great for college students as well!
 I'm so glad to have discovered HellFlo. :)
Life is full of surprises. Your period doesn't have to be.

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  1. wow... how many subscription box do you join?
    i only join 2 (well in my country we have only 2 so far), and even my friends think that it is too much. :-D

    1. I'm only subscribed to a few. Many of the subscription box services offer me press boxes to review and share with my readers here on the blog. :)

    2. ahh I see... Keep the review coming Steph! It is nice to know that there are so many kind of subscription box in US.
      Who knows it might ring a bell for business idea ^_^

    3. I know! I think the subscription boxes are a great idea. It can be applied to so many things we want and need in life!

  2. Wow!! Interesting! is it $16 a month?
    I buy boxes and boxes of my TP from Costco for so cheap, this seems a little pricy.
    But thanks for sharing, its good to know :)


    1. They have a $14, $16, and $18 option. In the price, you're paying for the convenience of having not worry about going out to buy supplies. It's kind of nice to have a special delivery each month. :) Costco is one of my favorite stores!!

  3. omgosh this is so ingenious!! i love that they include snacks.. and i'm SO like you i never ever eat chocolate except when "my friend" visits and i'm bee-lining it to godiva haha!


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