May 8, 2013

ColorMeMonthly Clear Skies Ahead

 Color Me Monthly April: Clear Skies Ahead

I introduced you to ColorMeMonthly last month with their March's Adorned purple.
Break free from the clouds! Clear Skies Ahead

I think it's really special the nail of each polish is etched into the glass bottle. It give the CMM a very high end feel. I haven't seen this done by any other nail polish brands. It's very unique!
Clear Skies Ahead is a milky pastel light sky blue. The formula is great just like last month's Adorned. I think ColorMeMonthly is a wonderful nail subscription box for those who want a special beauty treat each month. The best part, it's only $7/month. :)

Who doesn't like getting a surprise color each month, right?


  1. This is a beautiful color! I like the idea of this subscription box, mainly because I love nail polish. I'm trying to cut back on buying nail polish, so this would be a nice alternative. Do you have to pay for shipping? If so, do you know how much...I couldn't find it anywhere on their site. Thanks.

  2. so pretty steph! idk if it's because i use to work for tiffany's but this reminds me of robin egg color hehe!

    1. lol I always think of you when I go by Tiffany's now! Do you miss working for them? It seems like such a dream company to work for!

  3. Million dollar listing NY is back on!!! I just watched the episode and it reminded me of you LOL How BREATHTAKING was the view on the apt that sold for $7.25m!? I actually 'wow'd out loud! That is the life!

    1. I know!! I enjoyed watching the new episode so much!! :) lol I love the dynamic between Ryan & Fredrik lol. They're hilarious!

      I hope we can enjoy that lifestyle one day! lol *fingers crossed!*

      Have you made any fun purchases lately? My next Chanel purchase is going to be a pair of flats. But who knows when that purchase will happen! I'm thinking about getting the beige & black pair!

  4. lol I love their dynamic too! You know when the new guy's clients, the couple, agreed right then and there to purchase the place for $3.7 and the guy is all excited and tells the owners... who are like, "Nevermind we want $3.8!". I was floored!!!! Who does that!?!?? Greedy fools lol

    I purchased a Prada Saffiano double zip tote, the largest one that still has the shoulder strap! Its the one thats $1810. I'm not thrilled about it to be honest, haha. It's such a structured bag.. Other than that, just a Burberry scarf for mother's day.. and Tory Burch flats - the ones with the bows. Nothing too exciting!

    And you MUST GET THE FLATS! I absolutely love the beige and black pair!! They're so classic! I hope you share with us the pictures when you do!! I miss your shopping posts! You were such a good enabler haha :)

    1. I think having the agent represent both sides is a bad idea because they have the "inside" scoop on both parties!

      The Prada tote is so classic and classy! :)

      I haven't been shopping very much to be honest! I was thinking about selling a few of my LV bags, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures. I'm going to be letting go of my LV Galliera GM, what do you think I should price it at? I barely use it! It's the one my aunt brought back from France a few years ago.

      I realized I like collecting and saving money more than things!

  5. The Galliera is a beautiful bag but if its not something you use, then might as well!

    Has your Galliera patina'd at all? You had the Damier Azur right? It retailed for around $1870 before it was discontinued so you should get around $1300 for it, even more depending on the condition of it. I know you prefer to sell things through your blogsale blog but since its such a high value item, you will probably have better luck on Ebay or Bonanza. I personally like Bonanza more because there are no time limits at all. Plus, I feel like people are willing to pay more on Bonanza? But because there are no time limits, it can take a while. I actually prefer that though because it lets me hold on to the items longer but I can feel better about it since I at least listed them for sale, haha.

    Hoarding but being proactive about it lol


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