December 23, 2013

Boxtera Review: Best BBQ Banana Chips Ever!!!

 These are the HOLY GRAIL of Banana Chips! They're BBQ flavor and absolutely delicious. I shared these with two of my colleagues and we pretty much finished the whole bag! They're THAT good. Thank you so much Boxtera for these incredibly delicious BBQ Banana Chips! Who knew banana and BBQ would make the perfect pair?
 Sesame Kabukim Bites are really good! They're crunchy and have a beautiful sesame smell. They're very satisfying and there's plenty to share!
 Pub Mix is self explanatory, it's the yummy crunchy and salty snack mix that will help you feel happy before lunch time!
 Hibicus Flowerettes are a sweet chewy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. :) Plus, now you  know what a dried Hibicus flowers looks like!
 These Tangerine Slices are so good! Forget Sour Patch kids. lol These have the most fragrant tangerine scent and they're the perfect amount of sourness.
 Share the Snack-Love! $19.95 per month
Use the code SNACKTOSHARE and review $5 off your first box. The offer expires 12/25/13 so hurry and order. ;)
 Boxtera is an incredibly delicious subscription box. The concept has changed since receiving my first box. The new box appears to be more similar to NatureBox, which was also another great food subscription box. You can see my first Boxtera box review here and my NatuerBox review here.
Both boxes are great and I highly recommend them!
 I love how they include a post card with all the healthy snacks. It's so clever how there's a Bitter, Sweet, Savory, Salty and Sour snacks. The perfect balance for a snack box!
Boxtera has always been one of my favorite subscription boxes. It's practical and it's delicious! These make the best snacks to bring to work. I keep them all in the office in my desk. I share them with my colleagues and everyone loves them! My favorite by far is the Banana BBQ Chips! They're tasty, crunch, and sooo flavorful! They definitely satisfy any chip cravings!

Boxtera Discovery Box Snacks $19.95
"Each month, your box will include 5 full-size hand-picked snacks. We take pride in delivering the healthiest, most delicious and nutritious snacks for you. You can trust that our product will be guilt-free, so that you can feel great about what you're eating."

-No high fructose corn syrup
-No trans fat
-No artificial sweeteners
-No artificial flavors
-No artificial colors

Thank you for checking out my Boxtera December Discover Box review! I'll catch you all later. Happy holidays!! - Steph


  1. @Cindy It was all soooo good! I love the Tangerine sour slices too. :) Snacking on it right now. lol

  2. Banana and BBQ?! I never would have thought of that! Indefinitely need to try some!

  3. OMGG!! that sounds so good i'm obsessed w/ banana chips and i've been looking for an alternative to actual potato chips.. especially since it's the new years lololol!! going to have to check out this brand thanks steph!!


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